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One Night Stand Off

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"There were many people on the dance floor swaying to the latest techno beat, but only one stood out. It was a girl with long blonde hair and dark highlights. She had a denim skirt on and a fitte...

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Chapter One

I entered the club with Pete, Joe, and Andy on that Friday night. It was my birthday. I was officially 21 and they had all insist I go out. It had been hectic the past few months with putting out our album and everything. It's not that I regretted it. Let's just say a lot of things had changed. Things that I thought would never change.

"Patrick," Pete said ushering me over to the bar. "Here drink this," he said indicating to a glass in front of me.

"Pete, you know I don't drink," I said pushing the offer away.

"C'mon you're legal," he said edging me on with his hazel eyes. "You at least have to try." He looked at me brushing aside his dark hair, a habit he tended to do. As much as I wanted to protest I couldn't say no to Pete so I picked up the glass and drank it. A burning sensation went down my throat and I closed my eyes letting it past. Once it was gone I opened my eyes again and I felt better. "Good?" Pete asked shoving another towards me. As I drank more, things began to feel great. I loved the feeling of having everything opened. The music seemed to grow louder as I was drawn to it. There were many people on the dance floor swaying to the latest techno beat, but only one stood out. It was a girl with long blonde hair and dark highlights. She had a denim skirt on and a fitted tank top. The way she moved mesmerized my thoughts. As I was watching her she looked up and her crystal blue eyes caught mine. She didn't stop moving she just stared at me with her dark eye-lined eyes. It was like she was controlling me because I couldn't look away.

I was abruptly brought back when I felt a hand clamp onto my shoulder. "Patrick," Joe said throwing himself on me. "How are you?" Joe's usual fro like hair had deflated in a weeping manner. I could tell he was intoxicated by the strong sense and stagger ness of his balance. I wasn't in the place to preach though because I myself didn't feel so hot.

"I'm good Joe," I answered tearing myself away from him to look back over at the dance floor. I only found disappointment when I didn't see her. I quickly scanned the rest of my viewing area only to find no sign of her.

"C'mon Patrick let's get another drink," Joe said stirring me towards the bar.

"You know I don’t think...," I began as he pulled me forward, but I stopped when I saw her at the bar. "Okay," I said now leading him in her direction. I walked over to the bar and took a spot right next to her. Now that I was so close I could smell her. She smelled of oranges and smoke. At my side Joe had already ordered another drink and was consuming it. I looked back over at her to find she was already looking in my direction.

"Here," she said giving me a glass of something. "It's good for you," she said before taking a long drink of her own glass. I looked down at the goblet in front of me with uneasiness. I thought I had already had enough tonight, but was I really going to refuse what was being offered? I picked up the glass and took a long gulp of the liquid. It burned profusely as it slid down my throat. I coughed a little at the shock and backed up. "That good," she commented and smirked. Then she finished her glass and headed towards the door.

I watched her go feeling foolish. I quickly looked around to see where the rest of the guys were. I couldn't see them anywhere so I followed her out the door. The cold Chicago night air hit me hard. I had forgotten how crisp it was here at nights. I tugged at my beanie on my head making sure it was secure then I walked out the door and stopped at the curb contemplating my next move.

"Looking for me," came her voice from behind me. I whipped around and saw her leaning against the brick wall of the building a lit cigarette in her hand emitting ashes. I guess that explained the smoke smell.

"I just needed some fresh air," I replied with.

"Oh," she said taking one last drag from her cigarette and throwing it to the ground. She then smothered it with her high heels. "Wanna take a walk," she said suddenly.

I lifted my eyes from the spot where the smothered cigarette lay and fell on her crystal blue eyes again. "Okay," I said. We walked in silence in the Chicago night air. I wanted to say something, something that would make her want to know everything about me, something that made her just intrigued with me as I was with her.

"You live in Chicago?" She asked from the silence.

I stole a glance over at her. "Yeah," I said. "But I'm usually away on tour. I'm in a band," I clarified. "Fall Out Boy."

"Cool," she said shortly. It was followed with more silence as we took a turn at the end of the block. "Well," she said stopping after a while. "This is me." She indicated by pointing to the building that was now in front of us. I looked up at the apartment building as my heart sank. I didn't want her to leave. "You wanna come up?" She asked suddenly. I looked at her searching for if what she said was really sincere. I should say no. I don't even know her. Maybe it was the countless glasses of alcohol that answered.


I climbed the steps behind her as we scaled to the second floor. She stopped at the door that read 207 and fumbled with keys. She soon unlocked it and opened it up. She went in and I followed. It was a small place with just enough space for one person. The TV sat next to the door as you walked in with the couch not two feet in front of it. Right behind the couch was the kitchen with a small counter and fridge and sink. Then, to the right opened a hallway, which I imaged led to the bedroom and bathroom.

"You can sit down," she said coming in and throwing her purse to the floor. She walked over to the counter and set her keys down before wrenching off her heels. I nervously went over to the couch and took a seat. It sank beneath me as I adjusted to get comfortable. I felt awkward like I was back in high school again. I couldn't decide where to put my hands so I just crossed them in my lap. She came and sat down next to me. "What did you say your name was?" She asked sitting sideways so she could look right at me.

"I didn't," I answered feeling her gaze but not daring to look. "I'm Patrick."

"Patrick," she repeated. "I'm Maddie." When she said her name it was almost a whisper. I looked at her then catching her gaze. I could smell the scent of orange and smoke again and it gave me chills. She reached towards my head and pulled off my beanie throwing it on the floor. She then adjusted herself so she could lean in towards me. I didn't know what to do so I just stood really still. She was coming closer and closer and all I could do was concentrate on my breathing. Soon her lips collided on mine and my breath caught. I reached behind her head pulling her into me. I guess the booze really had gotten to me because the next thing I knew I was kissing her back feeling her body, her perfect body against mine.

She pulled me off of the couch and towards the little hall I had examined earlier. She slammed me against the wall as she quickly pulled my shirt over my head. As soon as it was disregarded she collided with me again and pulled me into a room. It was dark as she pushed me back onto a bed. I fell down feeling the mattress sink beneath me. She climbed on top of me straddling me. She pulled off her tank top revealing her gorgeous breasts. She then leaned back down for another kiss. Her long hair touched my face as I breathed her in. I had barely time to think as she was pulling off my pants and boxers. I turned around and she was climbing into the covers with me now both of us fully naked.

I made sure to touch every single part of her feeling her curves and humps. She was like a new place I wanted to explore. A new song you wanted to learn every lyric to so you played it over and over. She kissed me next sending chills throughout my body. She then climbed on top of me and allowed me to enter her. I had a quick thought of protection, but that soon left as she began egging me on to pump inside of her. She defiantly wasn't silent as she moaned with pleasure. I gasped as she adjusted herself so I plunged deeper. I could feel my peak rising already and felt the need to hold it. I didn't want it to end, but yet I anticipated the rush.

"Oh God," she gasped throwing her head back. I soon gave as her cries erupted into the room. I felt her walls close around my throbbing member and I sighed. She fell down at my side both of us breathing hard and gasping for breath. I was too tired to feel awkward, too tired to think of something to say next. I was also too tired to get nervous as she wrapped her hands around me and nuzzled into my chess. Her breathing soon grew steady and I knew she had fallen asleep. After a while I too relaxed and fell into her.
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