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You Remind Me Of A Former Love :Prologue:

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Prologue. RyRo and BDen were best friends until Rya becomes popular.

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Ryan Ross. He was my best friend since preschool. The boy I could always trust; a loyal friend.

Once again, Ryan Ross was my best friend. He was the boy I could always trust.

By 6th Grade, we admitted something to eachother. He told me he loved me, and I told him I loved him back, the next few moths we just stayed that way, head over heels over eachother, giving eachother pecks, then making out. We never reached sex though, no. Wedidn't ever think/talk about that. We were just sixth graders being content with kisses and having eachother side by side.

Then came High School.

Once we reached 9th Grade, he was classmates with William Beckett, one of the most popular guys in school. Okay, scrath that, he is the most popular guy in school.

What was worse, he was assigned to be his partner for a whole semester.

And that tiny little glitch, ruined us. He became instantly popular. And our relationship wasn't the only thing he ruined; he ruined me. He kept on telling everyone I was a great guy...

...but I was a fag.

He told everyone, that I was cool, then he found out I was gay. He kept telling everyone that I fancied him, but he wasn't a fag like me, and it creeped him out and he told everyone that he wasn't interested.

Then one day he invited me... wait, let's save that for later. Maybe I should interest you on starting over?
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