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1:You Remind Me Of A Former Love

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I'm now currently in halfway through in 9th Grade, and a lot has happened since Ryan and William have been paired, but let me start my little story from the first day of High School, where me and Ryan went to school together, as usual.

We went in the school and unto our lockers. We got our things and walked to our next class. Reaching room 203-58, where my English class was I separated from him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

The whole English period I was thinking about Ryan, an what was my plans for that afternoon. I just heard the bell ring, and I stood up and eagerly went out to look for Ryan.

Then, he told me all about History.

He told me he was partners with William, and he was actually a great, reall, funny guy. He just kept on talking about him the whole break time.

To be honet, this was making me jealous.

So I asked him.

"Do you like him?" and I believe there was a little skeptism in my voice.

"Oh, Bren," He started, then smiled. "You know I love you more and no, I dont like or love him" He kissed my cheek and smiled once more.

"Cool." I said, acting as if I didn't really care.

"Okay, oh yeah.. I need to go with him during lunch for our project. Is that okay with you?"

I nodded and smiled. Then I told him I had to go to my next class.

Lunch time I saw him and William.... and the rest of the group. I thought it was for a project? Why is he with all of them?

Then I told myself that I was just overreacting, and maybe William wanted to be with his friends still, so i brushed off the thought and and went on to get lunch. I looked at Ryan, who was looking back at me, and smiled and waved. I could swear he saw me, but he completely ignored me and looked away.

After school, I went to my locker to get some things for homework, and Ryan was there, well, of course he would, he always waited for me.

As I walked over to me locker I smiled and leaned in for a kiss, which he backed away from. This puzzled me. I asked him why, then he told me he didn't want to hang out with me, then left.

I stood there, staring at where he was, as I felt tears falling down my face.

He left me.
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