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2: Does My Prescence Matter To You?

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RyRo invites BDen.

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So, basically that's it. He left me for poupularity.

So, that explains why I stand alone, trusting no one. Cause I already trusted someone that I knew for almost my whole life, and it ends up broken, me, my heart, and our friendship.

As I said, I'm halfway through ninth grade, and well, I manged to be friends with the guy, I don't trust him that much, but it's for the sake of at least having one person.

But the thing is, he's poupular too. But not like Ryan and the rest, he's not a sell out. I don't hang out with him all the time, but its hard for me because there are times when he pulls me in with his group of [popular] friends, and I'm forced to face Ryan....

... and unfortunately today is one of those days. Another day of facing that stupid prick, another day of humiliating myself.

He sits me beside him in the cafeteria. Damn it. I mean, I love lunch, I get one hour straight for a break. But times like this I wish it was only five minutes.

"Hey Brendon," Spencer starts. Most of them are nice to me, well, at least when I'm there. Except for Ryan and William of course. "so, what's your next class?"

"Guitar" I murmur, so I'm not even sure if he understood.

"Damn, you're stuck with him for an hour? pssh. I'll pray for you." William told Ryan, while staring at me with a raised eyebrow. Brent elbowed him to shut it, and I just smirk to myself and nod.

"Yeah I know, I have to sit in a room with TWIG LEGS in it." I said as I raised an eyebrow, do my signature smirk, and stand up and go to my locker.

"Chyeah, see ya in class, sticks."

I don't exactly know why I did that. I never insulted back, and-- I stop thinking when someone threw a can of coke at my head. And it wasn't opened yet. Oh joy, a FULL can of drinks hitting my head.

I just turn around to realize Ryan did that. I just raise my eyebrow again and walk off.


At Guitar class, Ryan decides to sit beside me. wrong move I think to myself. I already got come backs and insults made up in my head.

He looks at me, smiles, and... wait, smiles? And its a genuine smile, not a famouse Ryan Ross smirk.... and shit.. thats hot.. and oh god, no i'm over him and.. god.

"So I have this party coming up.."

He breaks up my thoughts and I wondered where this was going.

"Look, about the can earlier, it wasn't me. Okay, it was William. And I just wanted to invite you to my party."

Yes, a Ryan Ross party. His house is hela big, I can still remember. I told him to throw a party before, but refused since he didn't want fake friends cause of his wealth. Yeah, riiiiight.

"This Saturday, 7 pm. Hope you'll come" He smiled once more and I was confused, as if... well, it was hard to explain, but shit. What's up with this boy?
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