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Care to come along for a stroll in the Ruin World?

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No time for goodbye he said
As he faded away
Don't put your life in someone's hands
Their bound to steal it away
Don't hide your mistakes
'Cause they'll find you, burn you
Then he said

If you want to get out alive
Run for your life
If you want to get out alive
Run for your life

Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace

The bed springs poked me in the back. I shifted uncomfortably on the old mattress as I slowly woke up. I turned to my right side, trying to open my eyes as I fought with the last signs of sleep.

An intense pain in my chest made me cry out. I turned back onto my backside where the pain seemed to be less. With great effort, I raised my head and looked at my bare chest. I had an ugly wound in the center, with dried blood surrounding it still. Had I been attacked?

I sat up in bed, looking around me. Where was I? The walls that enclosed me didn't seem familiar at all, nor the bed where I sat in the middle of the dark room. Asingle dim torch hung next to an arch that served as a doorway. I breathed in the air that filled the room. It was musty and smelled of rotten meat. It oddly made me hungry.

I turned to aside and placed my feet on the floor. I sat staring at my feet and where I had placed them for a few seconds before actually standing up. An overwhelming feeling of dizziness hit me, making me fall back onto the bed. My head was killing me. I closed my eyes, taking deep breaths. I had to gain control of myself. I tried to stand up again once more and this time succeeded in not falling back down. The stone floor felt cold against my bare feet. I welcomed the feeling. I heard footsteps coming from far away, and knew they were heading towards me. The footsteps seemed heavy, and from more than one person. Iconcluded that two large men were coming, but how could I know that?

Just as I had known, two ugly looking men took that moment to enter the room. I glared at them as they neared me, wondering who they were and what they wanted.

"Well, well, well. Looks like he's up already," said the first one. He had short black hair that was spiked up, and a mean smirk on his face. I wanted to wipe it away for him with a quick punch to his jaw.

The other guy simply nodded, smirking. He had long brown hair, and I thought it wouldn't do him any harm to wash it. He had a crazy look in his eyes.

Reaching me, they stood watching with their arms crossed across their chests. I looked at their shirts and wondered why I didn't have one on.

The crazy looking guy raised his arm, stretching his hand towards my chest as if to touch my wound. Before he could do so, I grabbed him quickly by the wrist, and twisted his arm backwards, rendering him helpless. I glared at him, daring him to do something about it. He tried to pull his arm back, but couldn't and glared back at me.

In that moment another man entered the room. It was getting a little too crowded for my taste, but this last man held a sort of aura around him. He was different.

"I see you've met again Anthony and Ruthio," said the man, taking slow strides over to us.

I narrowed my eyes at him. Again?

"Why don't you let go of Anthony so we can all continue with the day."

Giving a quick glance at the man, and a last glare at the so called Anthony, I let him go. He pulled his arm back angrily, rubbing the red mark my strong grip had left on him.

"Let's take awalk, shall we?" he asked me. Looking at him uncertainly, I walked over to the door where he now stood, agreeing, in that way, to take him up on his offer. So, we walked.

He walked with his hands behind his back, with a pleasant smile on his face. Although I didn't know him, I liked him at once, and knew I could trust him. For some reason, he made me feel more comfortable in the weird place. We walked around the seemingly huge building, as others with evil smirks passed us by. Each of them bowed their head slightly at the sight of this tall man. He must be someone important, I thought. I felt privileged to be able to take a stroll with him.

"Who are you?"I asked cautiously, hoping not to offend him. I must have been the only one there that didn't know who he was.

He laughed good naturedly, leaving me at ease. "I forgot to present myself to you again, my lad. For a moment there, I had forgotten you have no memories at all. I'm Mauritius."

I had lost my memory? Since he had told me his name, I thought it was proper for me to tell him mine. "I'm... I'm..." I frowned as I realized I had no idea what my name was. Istopped in my tracks, bringing a hand to my throbbing head. Who was I?

Mauritius stopped walking, also. "You're Scorpio. That's your name, it's who you are. The power thieves have stolen your memories of your past life... and your powers." His smile had disappeared.

"My... powers?"

"Oh yes, boy. You had powers. Very strong ones, I might add. That's why they wanted you so badly. They wanted your powers so they could be stronger... and that's what has happened."

I looked at him questiongly.

"I know this is hard to take in all at once, boy it's important you do so. The sooner the better."

"What powers...?"I asked.

"Magical powers. You had a very advanced level of telekinesis. You could also teleport anyone anywhere in the world you had been before, and had limited precognitive abilities. Using your telekinetic powers, you could summon other powers, such as a barrier against objects and magic alike. You were very special." Turning to continue walking, he said, "You still are, of course. We just need to get your powers back. Your memories are irretrievable, I'm afraid."

We passed alongside a huge room with walls made entirely of thick glass. Inside were acouple of men fighting each other; it looked like they were training themselves. From a side of the room, another man was yelling at one of them, criticizing his poor speed.

"These people... aren't normal, are they? I... I think I'm like them," I said, a bit sadly.

"They are all very special, like you. They have all been robbed of their memories, and the ones that had powers were robbed of those too."

My mouth opened wide. "All of them?"

He nodded."They've been down here so long now that it seems as if this were their real home. But it's not, and it saddens me..."

Out of a corner of my eye, I watched him lower his head as if to hide his face. "Are you one of us, too?"

He smiled slightly. "I am one of you in spirit, but my memories and powers are intact. I'm the only power-holding being that isn't after stealing more powers. The others... well, it's their obsession. They want more and more power; they can't control themselves, it seems. They attack anyone with powers except those in their group. I'm here to help the Ruins."

As we continued to walk and talk, I watched the people in the glass room. A girl with long red hair entered the room with a scornful look on her face. Before long, she had sent both men flying against the glass room. Her force was apparently enormous. She saw me watching and narrowed her eyes at me. I didn't break my gaze.

"Ruins?" I asked, with my eyes still on the fire-haired girl.

"That's what you're called; all of you. People without souls. People that roam the earth aimlessly without memories and powerless." Stopping and turning towards me, he said, "I'm here to give you all an aim."

I tore my eyes from the girl and focused on him, waiting for him to continue.

"No soul...?" I asked. My eyes instantly dropped down to the ugly wound in the center of my chest. Mauritius nodded, confirming my suspicions.

"Revenge, my dear Scorpio. The only thing left for you all is revenge. Revenge upon those that have stolen your memories, your powers... your very life."

Anger filled my gut. "How can I get my powers back?"

"Death. It's the only way. By killing the person who took your powers, you will recuperate them."

I nodded. Ididn't have any problems with that. The bastard that stole my powers deserved nothing better than a horrible death, after all. "Who stole mine?"

"I'm sorry to say you will have it more difficult than most others, for your powers were stolen by non other than the leader of the power-holders."

I narrowed my eyes, my hands were angry fists waiting to be put to use. "What's his name?"

"Gerard," he stated simply, "his name is Gerard. Kill him, and you're powers will come back to you."

Say goodbye to my powers, Gerard, I thought menacingly to myself ... and your life.

Awww, not only is Frank half-dead, but now Frankie wants to kill Gerard... entirely. Hahaha-cough-

So. I know this chapter is short, but I had to end it here so it would cause a stronger impact, you know?

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