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Chapter One

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Best friends since they were kids, Rachel and Spencer find love in each other, but not everyone is happy for them. What happens when a jealous ex tried to break them up?

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Chapter 1-

Rachel Andrea Johnson was your typical girl, yet different in a few ways.

Unlike many of the frilly-clad freaks at her school, Rachel loved to wear jeans and a cute t-shirt to her classes. Her passion was writing, she did it whenever she had time; at lunch, during class, after class, at home. Her favorite colors were black and blue; punk, alternative, rock, screamo, metal…any band or song in those categories she automatically loved; and she was a total complete book addict. Her favorites were Harry Potter, she was obsessed and not afraid to admit it.

Her advice to anyone: don’t mess with her friends, her interests, her family, yada yada yada. She will totally kick your ass if your insult anything that was important to her. Don’t believe it? Just ask Erin Baker, the girl that had insulted her best friend Brenda, calling her a ‘total nerdy-bitch who thinks she’s better than everyone just because she has high grades’. After Rachel was done with her, Erin never said a word to them again.

Rachel has lots of friends, but her best, true-blue, forever friends were Brenda, Brendon, Ryan, Jon, Spencer, and Lillian.

Ryan, Brenda, and Rachel had known each other since they were in kindergarten, they had met Jon when he moved to their neighborhood in first grade. Spencer had come to become friends with them when he had stopped a boy making fun of Rachel in second grade. Lillian had moved from New Jersey to their home in Nevada when they were in third grade, and Brendon had joined their crew when Spencer had met him in the neighborhood and introduced him to his friends.

From then on, the seven friends had come to be known as the ‘Seven Amigos’ by their friends at school, since they always hung out with each other. No one had ever seen one ‘amigo’ without another, they always sat together at lunch and talked to each other about everything. They gave each other great advice, comforted each other when times were tough, and made fun of each other for laughs.

But, after their junior year of high school was over and they began their senior year, Rachel began to feel differently about her friends, mainly, Spencer. She had always felt comfortable hanging around him, they were very attached to each other. But, Rachel was beginning to like Spencer as more than a friend. After all, since they were best friends, they had a lot in common and they agreed about most things and Rachel couldn’t help but feel a sort of connection with him. She didn’t want to admit to anyone that she was crushing, so she just kept it to herself, everyday the infatuation growing bigger and bigger.
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