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Chapter Two

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Chapter 2-

“Hey Brendon, hurry up will you!” Joe yelled to Brendon, who was still pulling stuff out of his overly-stuffed locked and cramming it into his book bag. “Dude, chill. I’m coming!” Brendon answered, closing his locker door.

“It’s about time, come on we’re gonna be late!” Ryan exclaimed, and Brendon asked, “Remind me again why are we going to the venue this early when the concert starts at 5:00?”

“Because, it’s not just a concert, Bren, it’s freakin’ 30 Seconds to freakin’ Mars!” Rachel cried as the seven friends walked down the hallway. “And, what does that matter, we’ll still get to go.” Brendon said, making Rachel sigh in frustration and slap his shoulder. “Dude, it’s general admission! If we want to be in the front, we have to get there early!”

“She just wants to see them do sound check that’s why.” Lillian said. “Yeah, she wants to see her hottie Jared Leto!” Brenda put in, making all of the guys laugh and Rachel said, “So, just because I want to see the lead singer of my favorite band doesn’t mean that’s the only reason.”

“And that other reason is?” Spencer asked. “I like music!” Rachel exclaimed, then she put in, “and I’ve never seen a band do sound check before!”

The seven friends made their way outside and all piled into Rachel’s car and Jon’s car. Ryan, Brenda, Brendon, and Lillian all choose to go with Jon, so that left Spencer and Rachel in her car. Spencer slid into the passenger’s seat and Rachel into the driver’s seat.

“Her Rach, look what I have!” Spencer said, reaching into his backpack and pulling out a CD. “Shut up!” she shouted as she read the label, which read ‘Three Days Grace: One-X’. “Put it in, dude!’ she said, motioning to the CD player as she put her car in drive. Spencer slid the CD in the player and the music began playing.

Rachel’s car pulled out of the school parking lot, with Jon’s car following them. “Gosh, it’s about time we got out of that place! Thank the good lord for Fridays!” she exclaimed, Spencer said, “Heck yeah! Mrs. Perez couldn’t stop bugging me about that stupid essay about the American Revolution, I’m glad to be out of there and away from her and her mole.”

Rachel laughed as they pulled up to a stop light. “Wait, Spence you check if I put my duffel in the backseat?”

Spencer turned and rummaged through the back seat for a second before confirming, “Yeah, it’s right here.” holding up a black duffel for Rachel to see. “Did you bring yours?” she asked, Spencer nodded and pulled out a t-shirt from his backpack. “Duh, I’m not wearing this to the concert.” he said, pointing to his school uniform, a white polo shirt with khaki pants. Rachel had the exact same outfit, she hated the fact that her school required that they wear uniforms.

Rachel looked at the shirt in his hand and said, “Oh, I love that shirt!” She looked at the gold tree branches in the middle of the black shirt, admiring the design. “I also brought my black Converse, what about you?”

Rachel nodded as she began driving again, “Yeah, me too. I hate my DC shoes now, they are starting to get tight on me. Plus, Amber has the same shoes, so like hell am I going to wear what she’s wearing.”

“Haha, still hate her I see.” Spencer noticed. “Uhh, YEAH! I will never forgive her for what she did to you.”

Spencer had been going out with Amber during their sophomore year, Amber ended up dumping him, admitting that she w as sonly using him to make her ex jealous. Spencer was bummed, and Rachel couldn’t believe that Amber would do something like that to her best friend, so one day during lunch, Rachel had sneaked some ketchup, knowing that Amber was like, deathly allergic. Amber had swelled up and turned as red as, well, as a tomato. She had to be rushed to the hospital and Rachel and Spencer had smiles on their faces the whole day.

“Yeah, good times.” he said, laughing along with Rachel.

They drove for about twenty more minutes, singing along to Three Days Grace and laughing about the pranks they had played on Brendon, who wasn’t exactly the smartest person in the world. “-his face was PRICELESS!” Spencer exclaimed, making Rachel burst out in hysterical laughter once again.

“Oh, look we’re here!” Rachel said as they drove closer to the venue, where the concert was to be held. They parked and got out, waiting for their friends to arrive. Once everyone was there, they all walked up to the front door, where a middle-aged man was standing, collecting tickets from the very few people who had choose to come for sound check.

They went inside to the lobby and looked around for the bathroom, where they planned to change into their concert clothes. “Ok, boys on the right, girls on the left.” Ryan said, looking at the signs. “We’ll meet you guys out here in a few.”

“Alright.” Lilly said, and they went inside the gleaming bathroom. “I call the last stall!” Brenda said,
Running to the last stall, opening the door, and walking in with her bag in hand. The girls changed into their clothes and put away their uniforms in their bags. Rachel came out wearing black skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt with her black Converse. Lilly was putting on eyeliner and Brenda tied her hair into a ponytail. “Do I look ok?” Lilly asked Rachel, doing a full turn so Rachel can see the whole of her outfit.

“Yeah you look like a pretty-in-punk wannabe.”

“Awesome!” she exclaimed. Rachel chuckled as she also applied some eyeliner.

When they were satisfied, they walked out and found the guys already dressed and ready to go. “Hey, you guys look great!” Spencer exclaimed, his eyes on Rachel as she walked towards them. “Why thank you!” she said, smiling towards him.

“Here guys, give me your stuff, I’ll go put them in the car.” Rachel offered. Ryan said, “Ok.” and tossed the bag at her, followed by Brendon, Jon, Brenda, and Lilly. “Oh, that is just wonderful.” she said sarcastically, trying to balance all of the bags in her arms. Spencer chuckled and said, “Here, let me help you.” Spencer took Jon, Brendon, and Lilly’s bags and Rachel held Ryan and Brenda’s bags, along with her own.

“Spencer is the only nice one around here.” Rachel said to the rest of the group, who just stood and laughed. Brendon said, “Hurry up you two we’ll meet you guys back here.”

Spencer and Rachel walked out of the venue and back to the parking lot. Rachel opened her car and put all of the bags in the backseat, Spencer did the same. “Wow, how much stuff does Brendon have in here?” he said as he lugged the huge duffel into the car. “Let’s find out.” Rachel said, carefully unzipping the bag.

Rachel looked inside and gasped, “Oh my god! He had condoms in here!”

“What!?” Spencer exclaimed, shocked. “Just kidding.” she said, laughing at his reaction. “Wow, what’d you do that for?” Spencer asked, smiling. “I wanted to see what you would do, is all.” Rachel answered. “All he has in here are his clothes, his..eww his gym clothes, and his History textbook.”

“Why would he carry his textbook around?”

“I’m guessing it what he reads when he’s not being retarded.” Rachel said, pointing to a red bookmark sticking of the book.

“Haha, I am so going to make fun of him.” Spencer said, laughing. Rachel closed the car door and locked them. She and Spencer walked back to the venue, using their ticket stubs to get back in.

Once they had met up with the rest of the group, the PA system came on and a man’s voice came out of the speakers. “Attention, to all ticket holders for the 5:00 30 Seconds to Mars concert, sound check will begin in a few minutes, please make your way to the seating area. Thank you.”

“Lets go guys!” Lilly said excitedly as they quickly walked to the stage area, where Rachel and Brenda almost passed out at the sight of the band, dressed in sleeveless shirts and jeans. “Oh snap, there’s Jared!” Rachel pointed excitedly to the lead singer. “And there’s Shannon!” Brenda said about the drummer, who was getting seated behind his drum set.

“All you girls care about is how they look.” Jon said, also watching the band getting ready. “Isn’t the important thing that they play great music?”

Rachel looked at him, “Both qualities are important to a band, Jon. Hotnessand music quality= 30 Seconds to Mars.”

Jon rolled his eyes and said, “Come on, there’s already some people up front.”


A few hours later…

Come break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you
Look in my eyes
You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you

“I LOVE YOU JARED!” Rachel shouted as the concert became louder and wilder. “Can you stop saying that!” Ryan shouted to her from across Brenda. “It’s called love, Ry, deal.” she replied loudly.

“The concert was going extremely well, since the Seven Amigos got there, the crowd became even more packed and they were positively squished against each other. To Rachel’s luck, she was shoulder-to-shoulder with Spencer, who was standing very close to her because of the lack of room.

“Everybody now!” Jared said into the microphone, beckoning the audience to join in.

I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside.
Finally found myself
Fighting for a chance.
I know now

“This I who I really am!” Rachel and Spencer sang with everyone else.


“That was the fuckin’ best concert ever!” Brendon exclaimed as they walked out of the venue. “Aren’t you glad that I made you come early?” Rachel asked. Brendon turned and nodded, “Yeah, and that’s cuz your tight like that.” Rachel laughed, “I am, aren’t I?”

“You know, I’m surprised you ladies haven’t started going on about how hot 30 Seconds to Mars was, I’m impressed.” Ryan said, tripping on a rock. Everyone laughed, “Oh yeah, that reminds me… “Wasn’t Shannon just sexy behind the drums, Rachel?” Lilly asked, as smile playing on her face as Rachel answered, “Oh, heck yeah! Talk about HOT!”

“Ok, ok, cut it out, Jon’s getting nauseous.” Ryan said, Jon began making fake vomit noises. “Poor Jon, can’t handle girls talking about boys being good-looking.”

“Haha, LOL.” Jon said, opening the door to his car.

Everyone piled into their corresponding car and set off, back home. Spencer and Rachel were stuck in Rachel’s car again, and they used the time to reminisce about the concert. The radio blasted the song ‘Situations’ by Escape the Fate as they talked. Spencer managed to make Rachel burst out in laughter when he described the various types of people they saw, such as a hippie who ‘probably thought he was gangter since he was wearing a peace sign gold necklace’.

Just then, Spencer’s phone rang. “Hello?” he said into the receiver. Rachel was slowing down to a stop sign when he said, “Yeah…alright.” Spencer hung up and said to Rachel, “It was Brendon, he asked if we wanted to go over to Ryan’s house since his parents are out of town. Wanna go?”

Rachel said, “Heck yeah! How many times do we get the chance to get a house to ourselves with no adults?”

“Cool, I just have to call my mom.” Spencer said, dialing some numbers on his cellphone. “Aww, wittle Spencer gotta call his mommy?” Rachel asked in a baby voice.

“Shut up thumb sucker.” Spencer said, smirking as he watched her expression when he called her by her old nickname. “You know what?” Rachel asked.

“What, whatcha gonna do?” Rachel raised her index finger, then put it down. “I got nothing.”

“Haha, loser.” Spencer said. Rachel rolled her eyes and pressed the gas when the light turned green. “Hey mom…yeah the concert’s over.” he said, “Just wanted to let you know I’m going to be a bit late. Why? I’m gonna catch a movie with the guys.”

“What a liar.” Rachel said, a smirk on her lips as she drove toward Ryan’s house, which was only about three blocks from her own house. Spencer looked at her and mouthed the word, ‘Shut-up’, then continued talking.

“Yeah, I’ll be back by 11:00..ok, bye.” He closed his cellphone and said, “All clear.”

“Awesome, and just in time.” She said, pulling into Ryan’s driveway.


“Jon, stop!” Brenda cried as Jon picked her up and threatened to throw her into the pool in Ryan’s backyard. “Take back what you said!” Jon demanded.

“No way, I only speak the truth, dude. Now put me down.”

“Throw her in, Jon!” Brendon exclaimed, looking at Jon standing at the pool’s edge with Brenda in his arms. “Shut up Brendon!” she yelled, looking at the water with fear.

“Do it, or you’ll be sorry!” Jon taunted, stepping no more than a centimeter closer to the water. Suddenly, Jon felt two hands push him forward and both he and Brenda plummeted into the water. Ryan and Spencer did a high five and said, “Yes!” Rachel came up behind them and said, “You two are so mean!”

Jon and Brenda swam up to the surface of the water and Brenda yelled, “What the hell! Who did that?”

Ryan and Spencer raised their hands, both red in the face from laughing and Ryan said, “It was an accident!” Brenda said, “What’s gonna be an accident is what I’m gonna do to your faces!”

Ryan walked up to the water’s edge and said, “You have to catch us fir- AAH!” Ryan feel face first into the water, and Spencer, who had pushed him in, laughed and said, “Oh snap, my bad!”

“Nope, my bad!” Rachel said, pushing Spencer into the water as well. “Woo-hoo! Pool party!” Brendon yelled, and jumped into the water, making a huge wave, nailing everyone in the face.

Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, Jon, and Brenda were all in the pool, Rachel and Lilly were the only ones who stood perfectly dry on the cement the surrounded the pool. “Everyone having fun?” Lilly asked her wet friends, who were still wading in the pool.

“I am, that’s for sure.” Rachel answered, smiling at her friends. Spencer raised his eyebrows evilly and asked, “Oh, you are, are you?” He climbed out of the pool and walked toward Rachel. Her eyes widened, Rachel took a step back with each step Spencer took toward her. “Spencer?” she asked anxiously.

“Hey, you asked for it. Pushing me in the water, it’s on now sister!” He began running toward her and chased her all over the yard. “Spencer, don’t!” she yelled. Finally, he caught he around the waist and carried her to the pool’s edge.

“Please Spencer!!” she shouted, but he paid no attention and jumped in, still carrying her. “AAH!” she screamed as her body plunged into the semi-cold water. Once she resurfaced, she faced Spencer and said, “You’re horrible!”

He shrugged and smiled, “Hey, you pushed me!” Rachel almost fainted at his smile, but maintained her composure and said, “But still, I’m a girl!”

“Oh, and he’s not?” Brendon asked. “Shut up, Brendon, Mr. History Geek!”

Brendon turned red and shut up instantly. “All we need now to complete our little party is Miss. Lilly.” Ryan said, looking at Lilly. “Oh, no!” she said, shaking her head. “Oh yes! Come on Bren, help me catch her!” Ryan said, getting out of the pool.

“No!” Lilly screamed, trying to run away from Ryan and Brendon, but, obviously, they caught her and threw her in along with the rest of them. “No, Ryan!” she cried as Ryan jumped in with her in his arms.

They heard a man’s voice shout, “Hey kids, cut it out!” and they turned to face a middle aged man looking at them over the fence. “Sorry Mr. Fisher! We’ll shut up!” Ryan answered him, making the others start trying t stifle the huge gulps of laughter that were threatening to escape them. The man eyed them one more time before leaving.

The Seven Amigos stared at each other. “That was interesting.” Brendon said, the whole group began laughing hard, especially Rachel and Spencer.
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