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Chapter Three

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Chapter 3-

“…and so, that is why we do not chew gum in class, Mr. Smith.” their History teacher finished off his lecture about chewing gum in class, having seen Spencer with a wad of gum in his mouth during the class.

“But, some dentists say that gum is good for your teeth, shouldn’t we take care of our teeth?” Rachel asked. Their teacher looked at her with annoyance, “Rachel, this isn’t Dental school, this is History class, just drop it.”

Rachel and Spencer sniggered silently after having costed about ¾ of their class time arguing with their teacher about chewing gum, in which both Spencer and Rachel have made good points, which made their teacher get even more and more frustrated.

“But, I’m just pointing out that we should do whatever we can to take care of our teeth! And we should also exercise our jaws, right? I mean, if our jaw is strong, we can’t chew. If we can’t chew, we can’t eat, so it‘s really important because if we can‘t eat, lunch time is basically useless..”

“Rachel! Enough!” Just then, the bell rang signaling the end of class. The teacher sighed, “I guess we’ll have to do the test tomorrow, so thank your friends Rachel and Spencer for wasting your class time.”

As they walked out, a few random people said thanks to the two friends, Spencer said, “Haha, someday you could be a lawyer Rach.”

Rachel laughed, “I doubt anyone is going to want me to defend gum chewers, though.”

As they walked to their next class, one of their friends named Ashlyn walked up to them and handed each of them an invitation, “Hey Spencer, hey Rachel, here’s an invite to my party this Saturday!”

Rachel opened her invitation and said, “Thanks Ashlyn!” Ashlyn smiled and walked away, most likely to hand out more invitations. “Looks like we officially have plans this Saturday,” Spencer stated, reading his invitation.

“This outta be cool, everyone says Ashlyn’s parties are super-fun.” Rachel said, storing her invitation in her binder.


The day continued to be unusually pleasant for Rachel. Brendon, Ryan, Jon, Lilly, and Brenda had ended up being invited to Ashlyn’s party, so they all decided to go together as a group. They sat at their usual table at lunch in the usual order (Jon, Brenda, Lilly, Brendon, Ryan, Rachel, Spencer) and started the conversation.

“Hey Bren, did you get that History homework?”

Brenda answered, “Yeah, it sounds interesting. Actually, I’ve been doing some light reading on the Texas Rangers myself,” she took out a what looked like a ten pound book from her tote and showed it to Jon, “It says that they were almost constantly at war with the Comanche Indians, and that the revolver guns that the Rangers designed were the ones that helped them survive the raids.”

Jon stared at her blankly, “I heard nothing more after ‘I’ve been doing some light reading’. Brenda, is reading like, your only hobby? I mean, don’t you like to go out and skateboard, or to the mall and hang at Hot Topic for no reason, or eat chocolate ‘till you puke?”

Brenda said, “Ok, well if you’re going to insult my reading habits I guess you’ll have to go find someone else to write your essay,” she began to put away her book when Brendon reached out for it and read the title. “Oh my god! I’ve been looking everywhere for this! I’ve been dying to read this, I-” he stopped when he caught sight of his friends faces, which were a mixture of amusement and shock.

Brendon’s cheeks turned red and he put down the book, saying, “Uhh, I mean…cool book.” Everyone laughed, Ryan said, “You’re not fooling anyone Brendon I’m-A-History-Geek Urie.”

Jon took the book and handed it to Brenda, saying, “Uhh, Ok I’m sorry I insulted your best friend. Will you help me write my essay?”

Spencer said, “Help you? Don’t mean ‘Will you still write my whole essay?’ All you do is sit around and listen to your iPod, pretending to write your essay.”

Jon shrugged, “And that’s why Brenda here is my bestest buddy!” he said, putting his arm around her shoulder and hugging her. “Haha, you‘re my bestest buddy too Jon.” she said sarcastically.

“Brenda and Jon, sitting in a tree…” Brendon sang, making the whole group go “Oooo,” at Jon and Brenda. Brenda simply said, “Ok you guys are so nasty, I am no lesbian!”

Jon looked at her with a shocked face, “And what exactly is that supposed to mean?”

Spencer said, “Here Jon, let me explain in a way you will understand,” he leaned in toward Jon and said loud and clear, “You,” he pointed to Jon’s chest, “is a girl. You, like girls.”

Jon said, “Spencer, I’m not retarded, I know what she meant!”

“You face doesn’t look like it.” Ryan and Lilly began to laugh hysterically, which made all heads to turn to them. “What’s so funny, you two?” Rachel asked suspiciously.

Lilly turned red and said, “Oh nothing, nothing at all.”

“Bullshit, what is so funny? You and Ryan are laughing, obviously something’s making your two laugh!” Rachel demanded, and Ryan, equally red, said, “Ohh, umm we were just laughing at the fact that Brendon’s fly is undone.”

Brendon cried, “What!?” and checked it. Rachel looked at the two of them, both as red as a tomato, and knew that Brendon’s fly wasn’t making them laugh. But, like the good friend she was, she decided not to bug them about it anymore.

(Spencer’s point of view)

Spencer caught sight of Rachel’s brown eyes while they both laughed at Brenda insulting Jon. He felt a small tickle in his stomach, he knew he was crushing big time. Half of him wanted to tell her how he felt, but the other half wanted to take the secret to the grave.

He knew very well that they had a lot in common, and they loved being around each other and talking about the most random subjects. Although, she wasn’t exactly the same little girl with braids and blue ribbons in her hair like she was in the fourth grade. Now, her dark brown hair fell gracefully on her shoulders, she had developed curves, and she was, well…beautiful. Spencer tried hard not to have his mouth hanging wide open every time her saw her, and that was pretty tough considering the fact that they hung out a lot.

He did not want to seem stupid and tell her his feelings, but the problem wouldn’t stop nagging him. Ugh, should I? Or should I not? Rachel turned to Spencer and saw he thoughtful-looking face. “You ok, Spence?” she asked, looking him straight in the eye. Spencer put on a fake face and said,
“Yeah, I was just thinking ‘bout something.” He prayed that the excuse would convince her, and to his luck, she smiled and said, “Oh, ok.” then turned back to her other friends.

Relief flooded his body, and Spencer knew that he could not hide his thoughts forever. The party. I’ll tell her at the party. He decided that having other people around them while that talked would make it less awkward.

“Yoo-hoo, Mr. Smith? You ok in there?” Brenda asked, waving a hand in front of his face. Spencer took his hand and stuck it inside Lilly’s pudding cup. Rachel chuckled and said, “Good one, Spencer.” Lilly said, “Ok, I am so not eating that anymore.” She shoved it away from her and Brendon shrugged and took it. He licked his hand and stuck his finger back into the cup, scooping up more chocolate pudding, and put it into his mouth.

“Brendon, there’s such thing as a spoon, ya know?” Brenda said, looking disgusted. Brendon looked at her and said, “My hand is already dirty, why waste a clean spoon.”

Jon leaned in to Brenda’s ear and whispered, He still hasn’t gotten past that stage of his childhood yet.” Brenda nodded in agreement and joined in with the rest of the group, who were all laughing and talking as Brendon finished his pudding.
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