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Chapter Four

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Chapter 4-

(Spencer’s point of view)

The next day school was cancelled for a ‘Teacher/Administrative Meeting‘, so of course, no school. Brendon had gone out of town to visit his family in Carson City, Brenda was sick, and Jon was grounded. Neither Lilly or Ryan were answering Spencer’s phone calls, and was getting impatient until Rachel finally answered her phone.

“Hey Rachel! What’s up?” he said casually.

“Not much, freakin’ Lilly won’t answer my calls, though! I tried Ryan, but every time his stupid machine keeps answering!” She mimicked Ryan’s answering machine, “Heyo, this is George to the Ryan Ross. If you’re a cool person who has a life, leave a message. If not, bye-bye!’ Have you heard from Jon or Brenda? ”

Spencer sighed, “Nope. Jon’s grounded, and I guess Lilly’s sick, from what her sister told me.”

“Bummer,” Rachel said, “Now what are we supposed to do today?” Spencer shrugged, “Hey, just because those losers aren’t available, doesn’t mean we still can’t hang out. How about you come over to my house? My parent’s are out of town for work, so we could just chill here?”

Rachel smiled into her phone, “Sure, sounds cool. I’ll be there in a few.” Spencer replied, “Ok, see you then.” They said their goodbyes and hung up. Spencer quickly checked his hair and made sure his clothes weren’t that dorky. A pair of dark jeans with an ACDC t-shirt and his red Converse, nope, not bad. He made sure nothing embarrassing was in sight in his room, because surly Rachel would want to come up here, not that he minded.

About five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Spencer ran downstairs, almost slipping on the rug at the end of the stairs. He opened the door and saw Rachel in her grey hoodie (the hood up) and black jeans standing there. She smiled and said, “Wud it do?” she made the peace sign. Spencer chuckled, “Oh, I’m sorry, I was expecting my best friend Rachel. She hates rap music, no offence.”

Rachel pulled off her hood and said, “Hey, I do not HATE rap music. I just think the lyrics are kinda lame, that’s all.”

“Riiight.” he said sarcastically as he stepped aside to let her in. Rachel slid out of her hoodie, under which she had a grey short sleeve Beatles t-shirt. “Come on, I wanna show you something.” Spencer said, motioning for her to follow him to his room. They walked into Spencer’s room and he walked over to his desk and picked up a CD case.

“Oh my gosh, is that what I think it is?” Rachel said, reaching over for it. The label read, Bless the Fall: Live in New York City, September 2007. “I thought this hasn’t even come out yet!” Rachel said, looking at the cover.

“Yeah, I called in to 96.1 on Sunday and won it early.” Spencer said, watching her examine the box.

“This is so awesome! I love Bless the Fall! Have you watched it yet?”

Spencer asked, “Actually, no I haven‘t. Wanna watch it?” Rachel looked up at him, “Yeah, let’s go!”

Spencer and Rachel went downstairs and Spencer slipped the disc into the DVD player. They sat down side by side on the soft couch and waited for the concert to start. Spencer couldn’t think of a more perfect situation: he and Rachel, alone at his house, sitting side by side watching one of their favorite bands in concert.

Suddenly, they heard a large crowd screaming and yelling, and the band came into view on the stage. “Oh my god, I love them!” Rachel exclaimed as the band began the set with the song, ‘Wait For Tommorow’. “That’s my favorite song!” Spencer said excitedly as the lead singer began to sing the lyrics.

Those nights I can't sleep.
I'm stuck here.
Lost in your dreams.
I'm stuck in here.

Like why can't I get much better?
Like why can't I get much better?

“They need to play my favorite song!” Rachel whined as the singer began screaming into the microphone.

“Haha, look he fell.” Spencer laughed as one of the guitarists tripped over a cord, but managed to keep himself standing. “I guess he was rockin’ out, a little too much!” Spencer said, still watching.

“Don’t insult them, dude. Be respectful.” Rachel said, still watching.

“Oh, I’m sorry I insulted them.” Spencer said sarcastically. The song ended and they continued to play the songs ‘Black Rose Dying’, ‘Rise Up’, and ‘Times like These’ before the familiar chord progression filled his ears and Spencer watched the band play their song, ‘Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad’.

“AAH! That’s it!” Rachel shouted, pointing at the screen, “I LOVE THAT FUCKIN’ SONG!”

“I can tell.” Spencer stated.

You scream don't look, you scream don't touch
What have they done? What have I not?
And every time I think about your voice I
Start to tremble, and my throats aching
And anytime you need a shoulder, I'm right here
You've just gotta find a way.

“Gosh, that song rules.” Rachel said in a sort of dream-like state when the song finished.

“I would know, you were practically trying to imitate the singer’s voice by screaming the lyrics.” Spencer said, chuckling. “Don’t hate just because I’m a better screamo singer than you.” Rachel said.

Spencer looked at her for a second before saying, “You know what, I’m not even going to say anything.”

“You just did.”

Spencer shook his head and said, “Don’t even get me started Rachel.”

Rachel raised her eyebrows, “Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it, huh?” she asked, scooting closer to him. Spencer’s expression of smugness turned into and expression of fear, “You wouldn’t!”

“I would!” she cried, tackling him down into the floor and beginning to tickle his most sensitive spot, his left side. “Rachel, Rachel STOP!” he yelled, trying to get away from her reach, but it was no use. She was straddling him and tickle his most sensitive spots. “Rachel!” he cried, his face turned red from laughing.

After about ten seconds, she decided he’d had enough torture and she climbed off of him and let him catch his breath. “You are so mean to me, Rachel.” Spencer said, breathing heavily.

“Get used to it buddy.” Rachel said, dismissively. Spencer sat up and began tapping his chin as if thinking, “Now I have to think of a way to get you back for that.”

Rachel said, “Whatever it is, it’s gonna suck, I know it.”

After a minute of thinking, he asked, “Ok, which do you prefer. Eating the old bologna sandwich that’s been sitting under my bed for a month or dissecting that frog that’s outside in the backyard?”

Rachel said, “Umm, I pick….neither. How about that?”

Spencer sighed loudly, “Be that way then, I’m sorry I’m not as big of an evil mastermind as you.”

“Yes!” Rachel said in a corny Napoleon Dynamite impression. They proceeded to get up, and as they did, Rachel’s shoe got caught on the leg of a chair. She lost her balance and she fell onto Spencer and they both landed on the sofa, Rachel lying on Spencer’s chest. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Rachel cried, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Spencer chuckled, “No Rachel, I’m fine, calm down.” Rachel looked into Spencer’s eyes, and some voice inside Spencer’s head said, Hurry! Go for it!

Without really thinking about it, he leaned forward and kissed her softly. Surprised by his gesture, she pulled away, her cheeks growing red. Spencer suddenly felt guilty and said, “Oh, sorry.”

He expected her to get off of him and tell him off for kissing her, but instead, she leaned toward his face and kissed him again, this time a bit deeper than before. Her hands were digging into the sofa on either side of them and he, feeling a bit shy, simply placed his softly on her waist. It wasn’t what he had planned, in fact it was miles away from what he had planned, but he wasn’t about to ruin it.

They stayed like that for about another two minutes before Rachel finally pulled away. Spencer gave her a crooked smile and she smiled back, leaning in again.


(Rachel’s point of view)

“C’mon, answer!” Rachel practically screamed into the phone. When all she got was Brenda’s answering machine, she groaned in frustration. Spencer, he best friend, had kissed her and she had kissed him back…and liked it. She had left his house feeling a bit awkward, so she desperately needed some girl-to-girl advice.

Thinking she had nothing to lose, she tried Lilly’s number again. It rang four times before Lilly actually answered. “Hello?” Lilly asked.

Rachel sighed, “Well, it’s about time you answered Lillian! What the hell are you doing?”

Lilly said, “Oh not much.” In the background, she heard a deep voice, probably a male voice, chuckling. “Who’s that?” she asked. Lilly paused, then stammered, “Uhh, no one! No one, I’m just here all alone by myself-” she was cut off and all Rachel heard was some muffled voices and Lilly came back on.

“Are you sure? It doesn’t sound like you’re alone?”

Lilly’s voice sounded nervous, “Rachel, have I ever lied to you?” Rachel said, “Uhh, yeah.”

Lilly began to say something, but Rachel cut her off. “We’ll talk about that later. I have to tell you something HUGE!”

Lilly forgot what she had to say and asked, “Who? What? Where?”

Rachel breathed in and answered, “Me and Spencer. Making out. His house.”

Lilly screamed, and then other voice said, “Whoa! What did she just say?” Rachel recognized the voice and asked, “Ryan?” The other voice said, “Uhh, yeah?”

“Lilly! Why didn’t you tell me that Ryan was there!?” Rachel exclaimed. Lilly dismissed Rachel’s question and frantically asked, “I’ll tell you later. Oh my gosh, Rachel! You and Spencer!?”

“Damn, I didn’t even know you two were going out! Now you are making out at his house!”

Rachel sighed, “If you two would stop freaking out I can give you details!”

Lilly quickly shushed Ryan and said to Rachel, “Ok, spill! NOW!”

“Well, NOBODY would answer my calls, and Spencer was the only one who did. I went over to his house and we were watching the Bless The Fall concert DVD and-”

“He had the Live in New York DVD!?” Ryan asked, “No way!”

“George! I’m trying to talk here!” Rachel exclaimed. Ryan quickly said, “Oh, sorry. Continue. And for the record, my name is Ryan.”

“Anyway, we were watching the DVD and Spencer insulted the guitar player. So, being the diehard Bless the Fall fan that I am, I took revenge and tackled him and tickled his left side.” Lilly chuckled, “That is just sad. His left side is like, super sensitive.”

“Well, why do you think I picked it?” Lilly shook her head and said, “Never mind, go on.”

Rachel continued, “And then we both got up and my foot got stuck on a chair and I sorta fell on him.” Lilly and Ryan both began to laugh hysterically and Rachel cried, “It’s not funny!”

Their laughed died down and Rachel kept talking. “Yeah, well I fell on him and he fell onto the couch. I said I was sorry and he kissed me, just like that.” Ryan egged her on, “And?”

“I pulled away.” Lilly groaned, “Aww, way to ruin it Ray!”

“Then I kissed him back and…well…I liked it, a lot.”
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