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Chapter Five

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Chapter 5-

(Spencer’s point of view)

The next day, Spencer drove to school in his car and the entire way there, his mind was wrapped around the moment when he and Rachel had kissed. He loved the way her lips felt on his, it felt so…right. He was sure Rachel had also liked it, why else had she kissed him back?

The only thing that bugged him was what if the kisses they shared affected their friendship? Rachel meant everything to him, and if him liking her made things awkward, everything would be ruined. He mentally scolded himself for even making a move. God, why did I do that? Today, I’ll bet Rachel won’t even talk to me. What if she told someone else? What would they think? Spencer had never really cared that much about what he did, or who knew about it. Things had changed.

He parked his car and quickly grabbed his bag from the back seat. Slowly, he walked up to the huge building, only a few other students were walking toward the building as he was. He opened the door and walked into the student-filled hall. He walked up the stairs and almost tripped while he climbed the last step. Ryan just happened to be standing right in front of the stairwell at the drinking fountain.

He caught sight of Spencer and smirked. “What’s up?” Spencer said, “Not much. I almost died like two seconds ago.”

“You’re clumsy ‘cause you’re falling in love!” Ryan sang. Spencer’s cheeks turned slightly red and he said, “What are you talking about?”

“Oh nothing. Just you and Rachel doin’ a little something’ something’ at your house.”

“How the hell did you find out about that?”

“I was spying through your window.” Spencer looked at Ryan incredulously and Ryan burst out, “I’m kidding! Gosh, why in the world would I want to spy on you?”

“You still didn’t answer my question! How d’you find out?” Ryan had no time to answer because Rachel and Brendon walked up to them. “Hey home-skillz what it do?” Brendon asked all gangster-like.

Ryan laughed, “Don’t even, Bren.” Spencer looked over at Rachel. She was watching Brendon and Ryan joke around, but focused on Spencer as soon as she felt him looking at her. She smiled faintly and he smiled back, wishing he could sweep her off her feet and kiss her again.

The four friends walked to class. Ryan had Spanish 1st period, and Brendon had Chemistry, so that left Spencer and Rachel walking toward their English class together. An awkward silence surrounded them, both of them afraid to say something. “So, um, how’s it going?” Spencer asked an a pathetic attempt to break the ice. Rachel ignored his comment and said, “Did that kiss mean anything to you?”

Spencer asked, “What do you mean?” Rachel sighed, “Well, did it change anything between us?”

“I hope not.” he stated simply, “because I like the way we are right now. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it.” Rachel raised her eyebrows, “Yeah, well I liked it too. Very much.” Spencer felt the color rise in his cheeks as they entered the classroom.

They took their seats and for the whole period, Spencer couldn’t resist taking small glances at Rachel while they worked.


“Your homework for tonight is to answer the questions on your worksheets.” their teacher said as the students rushed out of his classroom and headed to lunch.

Spencer walked out, zipping up his messenger bag as he did. “Hey person! Wait up!” Lilly exclaimed as she tried to keep up with his fast pace. “What’s up with you?” she asked, noticing Spencer’s attitude.

“Nothing. Nothing at all, just going to lunch.” he said. Lilly rolled her eyes and said, “Look, if you’re nervous about the whole kiss thing with Rachel, don’t be. Just because you like her doesn’t mean you should be all weird and uncomfortable when you’re hanging with her.”

Spencer stopped and looked at her. “What? You know too?”

Lilly nodded, “Yes, and as your best friend, I’m just want everything to be ok with you.” Spencer thought for a bit. Lilly was his best friend, and when it came to stuff like this, she was very good at giving advice. He sighed, there was no reason not to trust her. “I just don’t want our friendship to be ruined all because of a stupid crush.”

Lilly said, “Spencer! A crush is not stupid!”

“It’s a stupid way to lose friends, especially a friend that you have known since 3rd grade and have had a crush on since the very day we met.”

Lilly put a hand on his shoulder comfortingly, “Cheer up dude. I promise, she’s not gonna be mad at you for liking her. Infact-” she paused slightly. “-she told me she likes you.” Spencer was caught off guard for a moment and said, “She does?”

Lilly nodded, “I am not supposed to tell you this, but she’s had a crush since, like, forever. If she finds out I told you she’s gonna kick my ass, so please don’t say anything.”

“I won’t, thanks Lilly.” He hugged her and they walked over to where they met their friends for lunch. Spencer felt a sort of weird happiness inside him the whole lunch period and the rest of the day, whenever he thought about Rachel, he got this stupid grin of his face, but he didn’t care.
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