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Chapter Six

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Chapter 6-

(Rachel’s point of view)

Saturday night was finally here. Many students were buzzing excitedly about Ashlyn’s party the day before at school, so Rachel was also ready for some fun. Rachel dressed carefully in a pair of black skinnies and a red top, she looked in the mirror and said, “Ok, this looks fine.” She ran downstairs and grabbed her car keys and her purse, then got in her car and drove over to Brenda’s house.

Once she was outside, she honked the horn. After about fifteen seconds, Brenda came out of her house wearing blue straight-leg jeans and a brown/gold top. “Hey, looking good.” Rachel commented as Brenda climbed into her car. “Thanks, I’m lovin’ the shirt.” Brenda said, pointed to Rachel’s shirt.

Rachel turned up the radio as Cobra Starship’s CD played and they drove to Ashlyn’s house. “Wow, is this it?” Brenda asked as they pulled up to a big mansion packed with teens.

“Uhh, looks like it. It’s the only house that’s practically bouncing from how loud the DJ is playing music.” Rachel said, getting out of the car after Brenda. She put the alarm on her car and they walked inside the huge party house. “See anyone you know?” Rachel asked Brenda.

“Umm, nope none at all.”

“I’ll bet half of these kids don’t even go to our school.” Rachel stated. They casually walked through the huge crowd, looking for their friends. Soon, Rachel felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned and found a smiling Spencer looking at her.

“Hey Spencer…looking sharp!” She said, admiring his black jeans and black dress shirt. “Thanks, you look really nice too.” he said. Brenda said, “Ahem!” Spencer chuckled and said, “You look nice too Brenda.” Brenda smirked and said, “I was kidding, is Jon here yet?”

Spencer nodded and pointed to someone behind her. Brenda turned and Jon said, “What’s up? Miss me?” Brenda rolled her eyes and began talking to him.

Rachel laughed and focused her attention back on Spencer. “Have those others losers gotten here yet?” Spencer knew that she meant Brendon, Ryan, and Lilly. He said, “Brendon is over there talking to Emily,” Rachel saw Brendon talking, or more like flirting, with a girl recognized as Emily Baker from her Chemistry class.

“-and as for Ryan and Lilly, who knows. I saw them here just like ten minutes ago but they disappeared.” Spencer finished.

“Ooh, I wonder where they could have gotten to.” Rachel said sarcastically. They stood in an awkward silence for a few seconds until Spencer asked, “Wanna dance?” Rachel smiled and took his hand, “I thought you’d never ask.” She led him to the middle of the dance floor. Cobra Starship blasted from the speakers as they danced to the beat of the hyper dance music. Rachel was having so much fun, This night couldn’t get any better.


(Spencer’s point of view)

As the night grew darker, the party grew wilder. A few kids had managed to get a hold of beer, so about half of the teens at the party were drunk and still drinking more.

Jon and Brenda had danced to a few songs, but now they were sitting on a couch, continually whispering things into each other’s ears and laughing. Brendon was now dancing with Emily. And it turned out, Lilly and Ryan were outside in the backyard…doing god knows what. (?) Now they were standing by the kitchen talking with a group of friends.

As for Spencer and Rachel, they stayed on the dance floor the entire time, except for a few drink breaks. Spencer couldn’t stop smiling as he led Rachel through song after song. Even though they wished they could, they eventually stopped and went over to the drink table. “Dude, we’ve been on that floor for like, three hours!” Rachel exclaimed, opening her Coke can. “Yeah, but I’m having so much fun right now.” Spencer said.

‘I’m having so much fun too, it’s been awhile since I last did.”

Spencer nodded in agreement, taking a drink of his soda. Rachel watched everyone having fun, and he couldn’t resist taking a look at her. Her forehead had small spots of sweat from dancing so much, and her shirt hugged her waist and complemented her curves perfectly. Rachel’s side ponytail was slightly messy, but still looked nice, and her cheeks were rosy.

Rachel caught him looking at her and asked, “What’s wrong? Do I have something on me?” Spencer quickly shook his head and said, “Oh no, you look fine.” Very fine, indeed, he added in his head. Rachel smiled.

A few moments later, a pretty blonde girl walked past the pair. Once she was behind Rachel, she turned and shot Spencer a flirty smile and winked at him. Rachel turned around and saw the girl smirk at her and Rachel rolled her eyes. “Whore.” she muttered under her breath. Spencer heard her even though she did not realize it and he said, “Wanna go somewhere more private?”

Rachel said, “Sure.” and they both walked out to the backyard. The backyard was deserted and dark from where they stood by the left wall of the house. Spencer checked his watch. 11:12 PM. It was still early. Rachel said, “Wow, I didn’t realize how hot it was in there.”

“Yeah, there are like, maybe one-hundred kids in there.” Spencer said, “It feels better out here.” Rachel nodded in agreement. “Ashlyn set a record tonight with this party.“ she commented. Even though her face looked totally unnerved, she was fighting an internal struggle. I don’t wanna tell him yet, but I should…right? Ugh!

Rachel faced Spencer and said, “Umm, Spencer? Can I tell you something?” Spencer replied, “Yeah, anything.” She sighed and said, “Well, there’s this thing and I’m not sure how you’re going to react. But, I like you.”

Although she expected him to be all awkward, he smiled and said, “I like you too.” Rachel raised her eyebrows, “Really?” Spencer nodded. “Yeah, for the longest time now.”

Rachel felt herself blush, the guy she liked also liked her back. She took a step closer to him, “Then I guess it won’t be a mistake when I do this.” She kissed him on his soft lips and he kissed her back. Her arms went around his neck and he rested his hands on her waist in blissful oblivion.

Rachel backed up into the wall and he was leaning into her as they kissed. His tongue traced her lower lip, as if begging to be let in. She opened her mouth and the kisses became harder and faster. All of the cares in the world disappeared, the only thing in Rachel’s mind was the boy kissing her up against the wall. Spencer’s lips parted hers and began up her jaw and down her neck, she knew he was loving this. Slowly, his hands crept up her shirt, not going past her belly button. His touch made goosebumps form on her body, but she didn’t care.

(Spencer’s point of view)

Spencer didn’t know what to make of this, all that mattered was that he was with the girl of his dreams. It seemed so natural, he didn’t want to stop. His lips went down to her neck and he heard her groan softly. She pulled him closer to him until his body was completely against hers.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, he thought to himself. They would have continue this if it wasn’t for a loud noise coming from inside the house that sounded like a loud bang and shouts. The noise continued and they reluctantly split apart from each other, although they did not step away from each other.

“What the hell was that sound?” Rachel asked softly. Spencer listened to the sound, which seemed to grow louder each second. “I don’t know, but whatever it is…it’s not important right now.” he said with an evil grin. Rachel only smiled back and re-attached her lips to his.

“Spencer! Rachel!” they heard voices shouting their names in the distance. Ugh, not now! Spencer thought as he continued kissing Rachel.

“Spencer! Rachel! Where are you guys?” the voices Spencer knew belonged to Lilly, Brendon, and Ryan came closer. Rachel pulled away from Spencer and said, “There are so many bad words I want to say to them right now.” Spencer relinquished her hold on her and they proceeded to walk over to their friends.

“Ok, ok shut up already! We’re here!” Spencer said to them as they got nearer. “Oh my gosh, you missed it!” Brendon exclaimed. “What happened?” Rachel and Spencer said at the same time.

“Dude, this guy that lived across the street came over and threatened to call the police for all of the noise, so someone punched him and they got into a huge fight!”

“No way! How’d it settle?” Rachel asked, feeling both anxious and amused at the same time.

“The police came and stopped it, but they’re inside the house right now. Lots of people were drunk and high, the guys got arrested! They‘re clearing the place out right now.” Ryan finished. “We should probably get out of here, like now.”

“Where are Brenda and Jon?” Rachel asked. “They are out front waiting for us while we came looking for you two.” They heard a few deep, stern voices in the distance within the house.

“Well, you found us, let’s go.” Spencer said, and they all walked out front and saw dozens of teens scrambling into cars and a few walking dizzily down the street. Rachel pulled out her car keys and turned off the alarm from her car.

They saw Jon‘s car parked beside Rachel’s, Jon and Brenda sitting up front looking slightly nervous. “Let’s go guys!” Jon shouted to them. Brendon went to Jon’s car while Ryan and Lilly joined Spencer and Rachel in Rachel’s car, Ryan and Lilly in the back, Spencer and Rachel in the front.

Trying to avoid being hit by other party goers, Rachel successfully drove behind Jon into the next more peaceful street. “That was fun.” Ryan exclaimed. “Yeah, I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming.” Spencer agreed.

“Well, all of Ashlyn’s parties end up like that and supposedly its what makes her parties cool.” Rachel stated, turning on the radio. “But yeah, it was pretty exciting.”

“I can just imagine the gossip at school,” Ryan said, “PARTY GOES DOWN, POPULARITY HITS THE ROOF.”

They all laughed and suddenly, Spencer received a text from Brendon.


Spencer repeated to message to his friends, “ Brendon says, ‘No Home Yet! Barely 11:30’.”

Rachel said, “Well, the night’s still young, let’s make the most of it.” She caught Spencer’s eye and smiled at him. “I second that.” Ryan agreed. “Third.” Lilly joined in.

“Me four.” Spencer said, making Rachel giggle slightly. He quickly texted Brendon.

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