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3 Words To Choke On.

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Crash. Bang. "Ahh!" EDITED.

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Grace's P.O.V
I felt a cold breeze surround me, so I flickered open my eyes and saw that I was in a room simalar to the one I was in yesterday, stone walls, stone ground but only it had a double bed, a double wardrobe, a basket below the bed and a...a T.V? Strange, so I lifted myself out of bed and shivered as my feet touched the cold ground and walked out the door.I walked through an arch way.

I heard voices so I peered around the corner and saw four of the guys sitting around a table eating breakfast. "Hey sleepy head" said Mikey, "hi" I muffled out inbetween a yawn. "Breakfast?" Asked Bob "umm what's on the menu?"

"All we have left is ham and toast" Bob told me while looking at the grill.

"Ah no thanks, I'm vegetarian" I smiled.

"Woohoo high five me man!" Frank Said "I'm veggie too!"

Crash. Bang. "Ahh!". "Gerard!" Ray Shouted,"ugg" came Gerard's voice from one of the five arch ways again, what's up with him?

Mikey's P.O.V
"Gerard!" shouted Ray and Gerard moaned again. I ran through the arch way towards his room along with Ray and there he was laying on the ground with his face buried in his knees. Ray shot me a worried look, "Gee, what's wrong?" I asked
"Are you okay dude?" Asked Ray. I gave Ray a nod and he left, "Gee, man what's wrong?" I asked again. He looked up at me with scared eyes, "I'm sorry Mikes, I'm so sorry" he just barely whispered "Sorry for what Gee?"

"For everything I put you through, I'm so sorry" my brother said.

"'s not your fault, you know that, come on lets go get some breakfast, huh?"

"No Mikes what, what if he comes after me or worse us!" He shouted and I backed away a little "I'm sorry Mikey, it is just these dreams..."

"It will be okay shh, now lets go" I whispered.

Gerard's P.O.V
Whoa. What a bad dream I had. Again.I wish they would all go away,Its been like this ever since that day.

"Dad! Dad, please stop it!" I heard Mikey scream.
"He is no son of mine, that dirty faggot!" He shouted "look at him crying, pathetic!" He spat in my face. He kicked me in the head and then threw me hard against the wall, I couldn't take this pain anymore.
"Dad please stop it, it's not his fault!" I hear Mikey my little brother choke inbetween sobs, I could barely see, but I saw him raise his hand to Mikey and I lost It "Mikey run now and don't stop!" I screamed like my life depended on it "Gee!" Mikey called back.

"Mikey just go!" and that's when it all ended as my head collided with the bloody floor again, all I could see was blackness as I fell unconscious.

But that was four years ago, now I'm nineteen and Mikey is fifteen now, he was only eleven back then. "Gerard, man" I heard a familar voice "Gerard-E-Poo, wake up dude" I swatted Ray's Hand away that he was waving in my face, God he can be irrating.
"We thought we lost you there for a minute" He chuckled while shoving a piece of toast into that big pie hole he has. "Brekkie, Gee?" asked Bob, When did he become the chef?

"Umm, ya know I'm not two-years-old, so don't call me Gerard-E-Poo and yes Bob I do want breakfast" I Said emphasizing the word breakfast. "Well gosh, someone's on their period, who stuck a cat in your knickers? Frank said laughing at his own words.

Grace's P.O.V
I looked over at Frank sniggering about something and Gerard, Well he doesn't look like a very happy chappy. "Umm Mikey, I don't mean to intrude but what happened to Gerard the s'morning?"
"Well" Mikey started, moving closer so only I could hear "The thing is Gerard has these nightmares sometimes".

"About what exactaly?" I asked getting quite intrested.
"Well I don't know if I should be telling you this but Gee has bad dreams about...about our dad because, well he use to, to beat Gerard".

"Oh my God, why?" Poor Gerard I thought "Because he found out Gerard was bi and well my dad wasn't screaming proud about Gay and Bisexual Rights"

Ray's P.O.V
Well there we go again Gerard had another dream, I feel sorry for him sometimes, just got out of that life and now is stuck in this one. By this one I mean we're vampires did I mention? Anyways that's the problem, We hate it, most of the time and now that Grace is here, I mean what was Bob thinking when he brought her here? He just said he was going out and we all know what that means. Not 'I'm going out to bring back a human girl'. She is a nice girl and all but what are we going to do with her? Jesus so many questions, so little answers, yes so little answers.
"So" I look over at Mikey and Grace talking. "Bob, Gerard guys huh just wondering, what the hell Bob! What were you thinking bringing her here?!"

"Whoa Ray, man don't shout" says Gerard. "Look Ray, I had a feeling, something dragged me to her house, then when I saw her, I knew I had to bring her here, I'm not sure why, but I know I just had to".

"Aww come on Bob,cut out the sappy shit. You know you shouldn't off brought her here, if someone finds out there's a human down here! Why couldn't you just leave her when you could?"

"I Donno, I just couldn't, I didn't" When has Bob ever been like this I thought to myself "Aww our little Robert likes someone" Gerard Teased
"Aww come on guys stop being so immature" Bob said.

"Aww Bobby's blushing" Gerard continued to tease Bob.
"Okay Guys, joke over now what are we going to do about her, Grace?" I ask seriously.

"I donno 'bout Bob here but I say we tell her" Gerard finally has s smile on his face "Gee, You sure? How about you Bob?"

"Umm yeah, but what if she thinks we're crazy, 'Cause she is underground and still she isn't wondering why a strange guy just brought her down here, wait she is the crazy one! I'd be kicking and screaming to get out!" Bob whispered loudly.

"Yeah I know that's pretty strange, Ray we gotta ask Mikey and Frank too" Gerard looked at me, "Yeah Gerard you're right Frank, Mikey get over here!"

Grace's P.O.V
I Look over at the guys again, whoa that was sudden, who knew Ray had such a big voice? I wonder what they're talking about? They keep looking over at me. Wait they're comming over. "Grace" Bob started sounding like my mother.
"This is a ranodom question but how do you feel about vampires?" He looked nervous.

"Umm cool I guess, They're awesome I've always wanted to be one, why?" That was a strange question.
"Because, well" this doesn't sound so good.

"Awk Jesus Bob, just spit it out" Frank Said.
"We Ar-Are Vampires" Bob choked. Ha Ha they're very funny. "Whoa you really had me going there, no really what were you gonna say?" Vampires Ha!

"No Grace, we're serious, why the hell do you think you're underground?" This time Mikey spoke and wow he was right, what the hell am I crazy? "Whoa really? Awesome!" was all I could studder out, what is gonna happen now?

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