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This Is Not Part Of The Story,Just Need To Tell You Guys Some Things,WhoEver Is Readind This.

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Okay,This Is Not Part Of The Story!

Its Just I May Not Post Chapters For A While Becasue I'm Gonna Stop Writing
For A While,Theres Lots Going On At The Moment And Your Probaly Wondering
'What Possibaly Is Going Wrong With A 11 Year Old Girl?' But Yes Lots Actally.

Theres My Health Problems,Just Life ItSelf N Theres Fucked Up Shite There.

Just Wanted To Tell You Guys Becasue I Won't Be Writing For A While InCase
You Thought I Died,Which Actally I Could Cuz I Might Have Apendics Problems
And They Could Explode And Kill Me! Like You Wanted To No Lol.

Sorry Guys=(

I Don't Actally No When I'll Start Posting Again,Hopefully Soon I'll Try!


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