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Something Happened

by theheadlessauthor 1 review

I want my shirt back. Bleach the stains. Seriously, rust spots are so not my color.

Category: Humor - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror,Humor - Published: 2008-05-23 - Updated: 2008-05-24 - 86 words - Complete

Something happened between us.

I don't really know when it started. I guess maybe it was when I saw you drain the blood out of the Paris Hilton wannabe.

I was cool with that. Didn't like her anyway. Sure, I was shocked that you were 600 some-odd years older than I was. But I adapted, because I thought I loved you. Then you go and flirt with my best friend.

Draining the blood of mortals is fine, but flirting with my best friend? See you later, loser.
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