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Perfection. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

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I used to wonder when that perfect moment would arrive. You know, that moment where the sun hits your hair and glistens into the ever calm sea. Or the moment where we lay there, not talking, but together forever, bonded souls.

Then I realized that perfect rarely exists. We spend our whole lives looking for that non-existant perfect moment. It becomes an obsession.

But to me...perfection isn't perfect. Perfection doesn't last forever and it's departure is bittersweet. I want something to hold onto, to cherish, to laugh at, to remember when times are rough. I don't want something that fills me with useless longing.

So let's you and me go to a bad movie and eat gummy popcorn. Or let's go to the docks and fall in. Let's stare into one another's eyes and sneeze. Let's make memories to cherish, not moments to long for.

If you're looking for perfect, just stop. Go outside. Stop judging books by their cover. Learn. Love.'s never perfect.
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