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Category: AFI - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Horror,Romance - Published: 2008-05-25 - Updated: 2008-05-25 - 218 words

Deep in the woods where the moonlight barely penetrates the canopy, there was a moseleum dead in the center. Vines kept it closed from any unwanted visiters, making it a great Vampire hide-away.

I sat inside, away from all to think. The silence bestilled me, shivers running through my body like icy glaciers. My mind never strayed far from Crystal and why she hasn't left when the exit is open for her to escape when she pleases, why has she stayed when she has no need to?

More importantly, when is Jared going to find her? He'll do anything to keep her within his reigns, what will he do? She loves him with all her heart, but I'm her best friend.. Who would she sacrifice and who will she save?

These problems are going to keep occuring in forms of questions until things work themselves out, I'm just afraid of the outcome..

Suddenly a sharp pain fragmented itself within Jade, hovering, vibrating within him; something was wrong.

"...Crystal..." He forsed himself up and fled back to merky darkness of the cave, leaving behind only the crows.

A/N: I've found a place like that, It's heaven. :) It's so peaceful, but so hard to get to during the school year. Hope you like whats happening!! Review Review Review!!! :D
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