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Baby Blue

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It's Billy's girlfriend's birthday. BIRTHDAY PRESENTS??!!!! : D

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Billy opened up the apartment door of his girlfriend and pushed inside, arms filled with large paper bags.

“Hello?” He called, setting the bags down on the floor and closing the door behind him. “Rachel!”

“I know!” Came a voice from the next room over. Billy took off his jacket and laid it on the kitchen table. He caught a glance through the glass French doors of his girlfriend Rachel on the phone in her bedroom. “I know! I’m so happy for David.”

She waved to Billy from the bedroom and pointed to the phone, then held up a finger.

“Yes. I’ll be over tomorrow. No, no cake please. But some tea if you have any. Alright! I’ll see
you and David tomorrow. Yup. Pip pip!”

She turned off the phone and sighed, tossing it onto her huge, fluffy bed.

“Haaaapppyy Birttthhhdayyyy!” Billy exclaimed as she moved into the kitchen/living room area. She beamed at him and fell into his open arms.

“I’m so tired of having that said to me,” She said into his chest. Billy chuckled and kissed Rachel on the head. “And everyone’s been asking me what I got, too.”

“I’ve got a few things for you,” Billy said, still holding her. “But you don’t have to open them all now if you don’t want to. There’s just one present.”

“Billy,” Rachel smiled as Billy let go of her and reached down for his big paper bags on the floor, which were filled with boxes of wrapped gifts.

“They’re not all from me,” He added. “Some are from Dom, there’s one from Elijah and one from my Mum.”

He stood upright again, holding out an average sized box wrapped in lavender paper.

“Just this one,” He said, giving her a pleading look. “It’ll be all for now!”

Rachel gave into him and took the present.

“Let’s sit down,” She said, taking his arm and sitting on the couch. She with her legs up on the sofa, close to Billy.

“Wow Billy,” She said, unwrapping the present. “Did you wrap this yourself?”

“Liv helped.” He admitted. Rachel chuckled and pulled the rest of the wrapping paper off, revealing a plain white rectangular box.

“Hmmm…” She said, looking at Billy, who smiled and made a, “go on” gesture to her.

She went back to the box and lifted the top off slowly. Inside was more lavender paper, only tissue paper this time. She lifted open the tissue paper, to reveal a large, Paddington Bear doll. Rachel gasped and lifted it out of the box.

“Billy!” She exclaimed. Billy beamed at her shocked expression. “I can’t believe, I’ve always wanted, Thank you so much darling!”

She moved her head up to kiss him.

“I thought you’d love it, I remember you told me when we first met, ‘Ever since I was a lass, I’ve always wanted a Paddington Bear, but Mum would never have it in the house’.”

“Billy…” Rachel said again, grinning up hopelessly at her boyfriend. “This is so sweet. I’m so happy.”

“I’m glad you are.” He said, still grinning broadly at her.
Rachel looked at the doll, examining it authentic red goulashes and real wool navy pea coat with matching red wool hat. The dear thing even had the “FROM DARKEST PERU” tag on his jacket.

“Now…” Billy said, reaching over and pulling the bags over. Rachel didn’t complain but let him hand her another package.

“This one’s from Dom,” He said, and handing another one, “And Elijah.”

Rachel opened the one from Dominic first. It was pair of small blue Mary Jane shoes from Marc Jacobs. Elijah, a matching blue dress, also from Marc’s.

“Adorable,” Rachel said, smiling after she opened them. Billy handed her another packages. By the end of the hour she had opened up another 2 cute pairs of shoes, a new pair of Coach sunglasses, a bottle of Chanel No.5, and a diamond studded tennis bracelet.

“Such wonderful gifts,” She said about another hour after she had finished her little birthday party with Billy. She was cuddled under his arm, her head smooshed up against his chest.

“Only the best for my darling Rachel,” Billy said slowly, a glass of wine held limply in his free hand. Rachel smiled to herself and sighed.

“Time?” She asked Billy. He looked at his big silver wristwatch.

“Only 11:30,” He said. “And I’ve still got one more present to give you.”

Rachel groaned, she knew what Billy meant by “one more present”.

“But I’m so tired Billy,” She whined into his chest.

“Maybe we should lay down in your bed then,” He suggested. Rachel laughed.

“Yeah, maybe we should.”

“Alright then.”

Rachel sighed again as Billy picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his hips, and he carried her into her bedroom, and tossed her onto her big, fluffy pink bed.
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