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Chapter Forty Seven

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"I told her everything. Every last gruesome yet highly pleasing moment. And then I phoned Rick." And it's only slighty [Y]

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Chapter Forty Seven

Anna stirred under the quilt, and opened her eyes slowly. Judging by the light that was sneaking in from under the blind it was early morning. It was then she realised that some one had an arm round her waist. She rolled over to come face to face with Mikey Way. She bolted upright shocked. Then the hangover kicked in. She groaned, clutching her head in agony.

I didn’t remember anything. I remembered the play and I remembered arriving here. But nothing after that. Then, in glorious Technicolour, parts of memories came flooding back.

“You look a lil’ young,” a dark haired woman drawled, bending down to my eye level. “Espeically to be a friend of Gerard’s. So you’re Anna? The cheerleader? Taken.
Mikey putting his arm round me and me crying onto his top. “It was just a play. Just a stupid play.” I brushed away a few tears. “He had no choice. It was just a play.”
Bottles. Lots and lots of bottles. In the study. And then a really cute collage guy. A really cute guy who was hitting on me. Then the dark haired girl sent him away and got mad at me.
“If I could do anything? I’d do this,” My lips on Mikey’s, my hands pulling him closer.

I cringed remembering the kiss. Oh God, what had I done? I looked down at myself and shrieked. I was only in my underwear. Thankfully it was one of my good sets, but that was beside the point. What had I done?

She slipped out of the bed, being careful not to wake the boy. He hadn't stirred even when she shrieked. The one prevailing thought in her mind was to leave. To run. She hurriedly dressed, with her hangover making it harder than it should have been. If she remembered correctly, and she really hoped she did, there was no one else in the house. Gerard was meant to be in New York with his girlfriend and Mr and Mrs Way were out, not due back till this evening. Hence the house party.

So thankfully I didn’t need to worry about sneaking out, other than not waking Mikey up. I padded down the stairs and grabbed my coat, which was exactly where I’d left it. I rooted through the pockets till I found my compact mirror. I peered into it anxiously, smoothing my hair and wiping away the remnants of my make up. I slipped into my coat then and left the house.
Walking straight into Elena Lee Rush.

“Anna,” she beamed. “How lovely to see you.” Anna froze, unsure of what to do or say. “Is Mikey up yet?” Elena continued. “Do you want to come back in and wait for him?”
“Um, I’m sorry Nonna, but I’ve really got to get home,” Anna replied hurriedly. “I’ll call Mikey.” And then she ran, as fast as she could with her hangover, which wasn’t particularly fast.
“Hmm,” the elderly woman mused. “I wonder if she realised she called me Nonna?”

It wasn’t until I was almost home that the memory came back. Maybe it was the fresh air that did it. I don’t know. But how grateful I am that I remembered.
The kiss was slow at first, but then faster and rougher, as their booze riddled brains kicked into action. Hands going everywhere, tongues in each other’s mouths, and suddenly, somehow they were lying on the bed, one on top of the other, hips grinding. Their tops were now lying on the floor. The boy paused, unsure of what to do, but the girl pulled his mouth back to hers. Next to go were his trousers and her skirt, but it was difficult to tell who’d taken them off.
Then the girl pushed him off her. “We can’t,” she whispered. “It’s wrong.”
“I don’t ca-“ he began, when she cut across him.
“We don’t have protection,” she said breathlessly. “We really can’t.”
He nodded gravely, rolling onto his back, so that he was lying next to her. “Okay.” Neither of them moved for a second.
When they kissed again, it was gentler, less intense. The boy propped himself up on one arm and he stroked her hair. “You do know don’t you?” he asked softly.
“What?” she replied with a catlike yawn.
“What I think,” he answered. “That I think that…that I… that I lo-” He paused. “Anna?”
But it was too late. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was even. He sighed and lay down next to her wrapping an arm around her waist. “You’re amazing,” he whispered.

So I was still a virgin. We hadn’t…you know. But I still had a problem on my hands. And its name began with R and ended in ick.

“Hey sweetie. Did Maria’s Mom drop you off?” It was Anna’s Dad, who came down the stairs to answer the door.
“Step mom,” she replied. “And yeah,” she lied. She had meant to be sleeping at Maria’s last night. So now she had to phone her and beg her not to tell her parents that she wasn’t where she should have been.
“I’m just gonna-“ she gestured to the phone.
“Sure.” Her father yawned. “Oh honey, did your mom say where she was going?”
Her blood froze. Her mom was out again? “No Dad.”
“Okay. Well, I’m gonna go back to bed for about half an hour and then you can tell me all about the play.”
Anna nodded, and when her father had disappeared up the stairs, she dialled Maria’s number.
“Hello. It’s Lucy. If you’re selling something, Mommy says no thank you.”
“Lucy,” Anna smiled. “It’s Anna. Is Maria up?”
“Nuh-uh,” the little girl replied. “But I can wake her up.”
“Yes please Luce,” Anna said.
A few minutes later, Maria growled into the phone, “Yes?”
“Maria. I’m really sorry-“
“Where were you?” Maria suddenly sounded wide-awake. “Did something bad happen? Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” Anna answered hurriedly. “I went to Mikey’s-“
“You went to the house party?” Maria exclaimed. “What happened?”
“Oh, you know, the usual. I got drunk, I got hit on, I kissed Mikey.”
“Woah. Back up there. You kissed Mikey?” Maria asked.
Anna nodded. “Yeah, and we nearly-“
“Did the nasty?” Maria sounded a lot happier about it than she should have done. “But if you only nearly, what did you do?”
“I think you Americans call it making out.” Anna replied.
“Sweet!” Maria yelped. “Tell me everything, does he still do that thing with his tongue where-“

In exchange for her silence on my whereabouts I told her everything. Every last gruesome yet highly pleasing moment. And then I phoned Rick.

“Hey it’s Anna.”
Hey.” Rick sounded … bored and vaguely uncomfortable.
“You okay?” She asked.
“Yeah, but, uh, can we meet?” Rick asked. “We need to talk.”

That’s what I was going to say to him. And it sounded like we weren’t going to be talking about why rap sucked.

“Rick, I just wanna say-“ He cut her off.
“Anna? Can I just talk?” he asked. “’Cause I really don’t wanna drag this out.”
“Uh, okay, I guess,” she shrugged. She had a feeling what he was going to say.
“It’s been great going out with you and you’re a really nice girl, it’s just that I think that we’d be better off as friends, and the last three months have been great but-“
“Are you dumping me?” Joanna asked, with a smile.
“Um…” Rick looked down at his feet.
“No seriously, if you are, then that’s cool, and I totally agree,” Anna told him.
Rick looked up shocked. “You do?”
“Yeah,” she nodded.
“So we’re still friends yeah?” he checked.
She rolled her eyes. “Who else is gonna help me in English?” she teased. “Yes, you idiot. You’re one of my best friends.”
He beamed and hugged her. “One last thing. Scarlet and me…”
“If you wanna ask her out then that’s fine,” she butted in. “Just …don’t flaunt it at lunch.”
He blushed. “You’re amazing,” and he bent down to kiss her cheek.
She laughed. “I know.”

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