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Chapter Forty Eight

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"That’s all I remember. And then I woke up because Nonna threw water at me.” (Author's note: And all I can think is go Elena!)

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Chapter Forty-Eight

When Anna reached home, her father was sitting in the lounge, flicking through the channels. “Hey hon,” he called. “Where’d you disappear to?”
“Town. I had to meet Rick,” she replied, leaving her shoes in the middle of the hall.
“Jo, you maybe you two see each other too much,” her Dad began, as she walked into the room, and crashed down into an old armchair.
“No, it’s okay Dad. We’ve-“
“No Jo, let me speak.” He coughed nervously. “Boys of a certain age, want to do certain things with girls. And I should know, because I was a boy of a certain age once.”
Her face displayed horror. “Dad, it’s cool. I know all this. You don’t-“
“Now, obviously, you won’t want to at the moment-“ At this she blushed, remembering the night before. “And I know your mother sent you to self defence classes before we moved here, but it’s okay to just say no, honey, okay? And if anyone tries to do anything, I’ll go and kill him. All right?”
”I can’t believe you just said all of that,” Anna said slowly, her blush slowly fading away. “But it’s cool Dad. I know. And Rick and I have split up anyway.”
“Oh.” There was a pause as he processed the information. “How was the play?”
“It was fine,” she replied, standing up and walking away. “Just fine.”

My father hadn’t properly talked to me since we arrived in America and now he decides to give me a sex talk? What was he thinking? Maybe I should have told him I was bi. Maybe he’d talk to me more. But anyways…

The phone was ringing. It was an incessant, whiny noise. The phone was ringing. Joanna sighed as she pulled an old back T-shirt over her head. The phone was ringing. She was home with her dad and yet the phone was still ringing. She sighed once more, before struggling to get up, pulling up her ripped jeans. She then tripped over her discarded trainers, hurtled down the stairs, and, having not broken anything, herself included, picked up the phone.
“Hello?” she growled.
“Anna?” It was Mikey. She froze. “Hey, uh, did you get home alright? ‘Cause I don’t remember you leaving, but Nonna said that she saw you or something…” He trailed off, his voice fuzzy as though he’d got the hangover from Hell.
She nodded, forgetting that he couldn’t see her. “Yeah, I’m, fine. Not mutilated or anything.”
“Good.” He paused. “Um, Ann? I can’t remember some of…a lot of…most of last night. Could you fill in some blanks?”
She beamed. He didn’t remember. Wasn’t likely to either. “Yeah sure.”
‘Kay, well, you arrived, and you were crying and then we drank. We drank a lot, right?”
“Yeah,” she agreed.
“Then what?” He sounded maudlin. “That’s all I remember. And then I woke up because Nonna threw water at me.”
“We talked, we got sent to your room, we talked, we fell asleep. When I woke up I realized it’d be a good idea to get home, so I left. Bumped into your Nonna,” she shrugged. It wasn’t lying, it was editing the truth
“Cool,” he sighed and yawned. “Did you know you called her Nonna earlier?”
“I didn’t,” she replied frowning.
“You did,” Mikey countered. “She told me. She also says do you want to come over and she’ll teach you to cook and speak Italian?”
Anna laughed. “Definitely.”

Dad dropped me off at Mikey’s before leaving with the reminder, ‘ Remember what I said!’. I walked up the path that hours earlier I’d ran down.

“Ciao.” Elena beamed at Anna, wiping her hands on her apron. “Come in. Come in. Mikey cannot cook, and so we teach him, hum?”
Anna smiled. “Si,” she replied.
“Buon,” the older woman beamed. “Good. You’re learning already.”
Anna nodded, and stepped inside.



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