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Forty Nine

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In which Mikey decides that Anna is worth losing his dignity over...kind of...ish

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An: Transl;ations of all Italian is at the bottom of the page

Chapter Forty Nine

”Mikey’s watching a programme, and so we will begin without him.” Elena, although she was short, radiated authority. “Come, come, come.” Anna smiled slightly walking into the kitchen. “So, first wash your hands. Then the lessons will begin.” Elena beamed.
Anna nodded, turning on the tap.

I really liked Elena. She was really interesting, and nice. I know that nice can be such a stupid word, but I really mean it. She was pleasant to be around, and she was polite and kind. I think nice sums it up perfectly.

“And he was so bello,” Elena sighed. “Oh you should have met him.”
Anna smiled dreamily, her hands covered in flour and dough. “Your true love.”
“In Italian?” Elena queried, beaming at the young girl’s expression.
“Il…vostro am…amore allineare?” Anna hazarded.
“Si,” the older woman beamed. “You learn fast.”
Anna blushed, but smiled secretly.
“So, wash your hands and go and see Michael,” Elena commanded. “I’ll finish up here.”

I was learning fast. I was shocked. I’d learnt French in England, but I really sucked at it. I thundered up the stairs to Mieky’s room, to find him writing.

“What’re you writing?” Anna asked, as she walked in.
Mikey hurriedly closed the book and pushed it behind him. “Nothing.”
Anna grinned, advancing towards him. “Michael Way, do you keep a diary?”
“No,” he replied firmly. “I just scribble some stuff…”
“You read mine,” she reminded him, slowly coming closer to him.
“No,” he told her. “You are not reading it.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Are you writing stuff you shouldn’t be?”
“No!” he protested, but he blushed, completely counteracting his statement.
“So,” she began, as she sat down next to him. “Which girl is it?”
“Who said it was girl?” Mikey joked.
“Yeah, ‘cause you’re so gay,” She said derisively. And then she lunged for the notebook. He blocked her, but her momentum carried him back wards and her forwards, so that she was lying on top of him, their faces inches away, so close that she could feel his breath coming in ragged gasps. She pushed herself away from him, blushing remembering that it was less than twelve hours since they’d been in that position before.

I don’t know what it was about Mikey. It was if I couldn’t keep away from him…

“You alright?” Mikey checked, as she lay on her back, staring at his ceiling.
“Si,” she replied, “ma… ma desidero che potrei trovare un amore allineare.”
“Realmente?” Mikey frowned. “ma siete soltanto quattordici. Wait, we were talking Italian.”
Anna nodded. “Si.”
“Parlera Italiano?” Mikey asked.
Anna shrugged. “Un poco. Impararo.”
“Cool,” Mikey grinned. While he was distracted, Anna reached for the notebook. “Uh, no,” he told her, grabbing her wrists. “Anna, vuoi-“
“Michael! Joanna! Come down here!” It was Elena

Dinner was ready, hence us being called.

They ate at the table, Italian flowing between Elena and Mikey. Anna was lost. Her Italian wasn’t that good. But the pasta was good. Extremely good. Suddenly, Elena laughed, ruffled Mikey’s hair, and said,” e ona idiota me e mi nipote,” she smiled. Mikey shrugged and then saw Anna’s blank expression.
“She said that I was an idiot but I was her grandson,” he explained.
“Anna smiled. “She got that right.”

I left after dinner. I needed to get home. See if Mom was back.

Mikey stood at the door. “Today was cool.”
Anna nodded, smiling, but shivering slightly. “Yeah. Si.”
He smiled sadly. “Anna…”
“yeah?” she asked brightly.
“Faccia uscire il ragazzo,” he said earnestly. “ Vuoi stare ragazza? Per favore.”
Then Elena came to the door, and looked over Mikey’s shoulder. “No violara il cuore.” She then disappeared back into the house.
Anna raised an eyebrow. “In English please,” she replied.
Mikey shook his head. “It’s okay. I’ll see you on Monday.”
She smiled, and hugged him. “See you Monday.” And then she was gone, walking down the streets.
He watched her go, and only when she was nearly out of sight did he whisper, “Sarò il vostro amore allineare.”



Ciao- hello/goodbye
Si- yes
Bello- Handsome
il vostro amore allineare –Your true love
ma… ma desidero che potrei trovare un amore allineare- but…but I wish I could find a true love.
Realmente- really
ma siete soltanto quattordici- But you’re only 14
Parlera Italiano?- You speak Italian?
Un poco. Impararo- a little. I’m learning.
Faccia uscire il ragazzo- Dump the boyfriend
Vuoi stare ragazza? - Will you be my girl?
Per favore- Please
No violara il cuore.- Don’t break his heart
Sarò il vostro amore allineare- I’ll be your true love

AN: Sorry, about all the Itlian but I needed it to be the way it was. Hope you guys liked. There will be a tally of the team's in the next chapter.
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