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Shopping Spree!

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Silly Frankie, shoppings for girls.

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Here's the next chapter. Hope you guys are enjoying it.

Gerard's POV

I took Frank back to my apartment after we had checked out of the hospital. We only had to come back once a week to check on the fluid levels in Frank’s brain. The car ride was completely silent as Frank thought over everything that I had told him. He had taken it well, all things considered, but he hadn’t uttered a word. We pulled up in front of my apartment and I got out of the car. Frank didn’t move, so I went around to his door and scooped him out of his seat. He giggled softly against my shoulder, which made my face break out into a smile. I carried him up the stairs, bridal style, and into my small apartment. I threw him on the couch, then I sat beside him, waiting for him to speak.

“Gerard,” he whispered. “I’m scared.”

“I know,” was all I could say. “I am too.” Frank pushed himself up off the couch, his lips seeking mine. They met in a collision that took my breath away. This was unlike any kiss I had ever experienced before, all our worries and hopes were expressed through the passion generated by our lips. Frank’s tongue slipped into my mouth and I granted him entrance eagerly. He pushed me back down onto the couch, gaining the dominate position. As our tongues tangled I felt something fall onto my face. I pushed away and saw that it was Frankie’s tears. They ran down his face as he attempted to control his haggard breathing.

“I don’t want to lose you,” he sobbed. Every tear he wiped away was replaced by two more.

“You won’t,” I promised. “I’ll be here for you every step of the way.” I kissed his tears away and smiled.

“Let’s go do something fun,” I suggested. “You haven’t been out in ages.”

Frank perked up instantly.

“Shopping?” he asked hopefully. I nodded in answer and Frank jumped up in excitement.

“Shopping spree!” he exclaimed and ran out to my car. We had barely stopped in the parking lot of the mall when Frank jumped out and ran in and out every store in about ten minutes. We ended up buying him a brand new outfit. He got grey skinny jeans, red shoes, a tight black iron maiden t-shirt, and a white and black stripped zip up hoodie. Frank made me buy a new pair of jeans as well, he said all of mine were full of holes, and I can’t deny it. We left the mall hours later with Frank clutching his bag of treasures.

“Thanks so much Gerard,” Frank gushed. “I forgot how much fun shopping was.” I shook my head in mock disapproval.

“Silly Frankie, shopping’s for girls,” I giggled.

“Nuh-uh!” he pouted as we climbed into my car.

“Frankie’s a girl!” I teased him.

“Stop that!” Frank yelled as he tackled me. I pushed him off easily and he sat in his seat with his arms crossed. Then he turned to me slowly and unfolded his arms.

“Gerard,” he began, “today I felt normal. Thanks again.”

Aww, it's so cute. Reviews are welcome, and appreciated.
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