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(Spoilers for the second movie)What would happen if Susan was allowed to stay in Narnia?(rated for lime) Caspian x Susan

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"Rise, kings and queens of Narnia." spoke Aslan. Caspian remained kneeling. "All of them." he clarified, chuckling at the stunned look on Caspian's face."I do not think I am ready..." The boy trailed off as the lion grinned wider yet. "It is for exactly that reason that you are." The lion replied, and turned to the red dwarf that had just emerged. Susan nearly laughed out loud at the look of amazement upon the prince's - king's face.

(I'm going to skip through the whole Reepicheep scene)

Assembled in the court, Caspian delivered his speech. "Any of you who wish to stay in Narnia, may. But if you desire, we can return you to the land of your forefathers." he finished. "It has been many generations since we were in Telmar." blurted a confused villager. Aslan explained the true origin of the Telmarines, and opened up the doorway between the two worlds. The bravest volunteered to go, and Aslan blessed them. "Since you spoke up first, your lives shall be good." The villagers disappeared through the tree, starting up a riot. One fool cried "How do we know we are not being sent to our deaths?!".

Reepicheep immediately offered his men and himself to go through as an example, but was cut off by Peter. "We'll go." he stated simply. Handing his sword to Caspian, he ignored the shouts of protest from his siblings. "I will take care of it until you get back." promised Caspian, but it was unneeded. "We aren't coming back," and looked at Caspian's fallen expression. "Not Susan and I, at least."

As Susan approached Caspian, Aslan cautiously gauged her reaction. He had been so busy, he had not seen the way her feelings had been progressing. Did I make a mistake? He wondered. He watched as Susan tried to make light of the situation, failing miserably. Literally. he could see her heart breaking as she kissed him softly on the lips, the was pulled into a tight hug.

(This is where it gets AU)

Aslan scolded himself silently for not noticing how close the two had grown. As Susan neared him, he whispered in her ear "I will not force you to leave what you love so dearly." And with that, Susan knew that she had to say goodbye to her brothers and sister. Pulling away from their teary embraces and melancholy words, she smiled at Caspian. At that moment, all was right with the world.

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