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Epilogue and more.

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Chapter 19 Epilogue, but I wrote some more
Hope you might like it, not finished, just posted what I got done.
Me Kinda Narroting to Mikey and Gerard POV
It's the future now. Only Frank, Bob, and Ray know you're secret. They're cool with it. Or at least they don't say it bothers them. They accept you, maybe. Look past the faults to see the good. They see all the good you've done. Gerard and Mikey are the core of the band they made. They see their two adopted children that they've raised together. Image Hannah and Donovan Michael. The kids really don't care that their parents love eachother. Since they're both adopted they would never know the anguish of loving a blood sibling. These kids are brilliant. Image reads more than Mikey, and they've got this insane book club with an eclectic following. Gerard and Donovan are making up this comic book that Image is critiquing.
Gerard and Mikey have vowed themselves to eachother. A small ceremony, just them two exchanging rings and seeling it with a sweet kiss. Now these two guys wake every morning to a senses fill of eachother.
*** Now a little chapterlet thingy I thought up. Hope you guys enjoy.*******
Mikey's POV
I usually fall asleep every night with Gerard's fingers twined with mine. I usually wake up in the morning with Gerard's breath in my ear. Such a sweet sound. I feel his nose buried in my hair trying to inhale me as if his very life depended on it. This night was a little different, a little strange, but doesn't bother me. I love my brother. Strange doesn't bother me.
I woke up this night with Gerard constricting me with his arms. He was pulling me into him. One hand clutched my Adam's apple while the other crept inbetween my legs, and cupped me. The back of my head felt wet. What? Gerard's tongue was prodding the back of my head..
"Mmmmmmmmmm, Mikey, when did you grow a beard?"
He was making out with my hair! He started grinding into me. OH-EM-GEE! He was asleep and dreaming. Dreaming about me with a beard?
"Oh god Mikey, your beard makes me so hot."
His grinds startied getting a little more dry humplike.
"Of course Mikey, we can have a threesome with George Clooney. We can do anything you want."
I must admit Gerard had some good ideas.
"Mikey, help me take your clothes off."
I turned around to face him. This time he made out with my mouth, though still dreaming. People asleep making out with you is different, though none of his kissing skills had disappeared.
His hand started feeling around. What was he looking for? He grabbed my hand. He found what he looking for. He pulled down into his boxers and collided with a hardening dick. He used me to stroke him. I picked up the pace for him.
"Mikey quit playing with my cocka and get your clothes off."
He started tugging at my boxers. I decided he needed awoken. Why not make this dream reality?
"Gerard, wake up," I spoke into his ear.
He didn't wake-up. I bit down on his neck.
Two cream eyelids flutter open.
"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, where George go?"
Okay, that pissed me off a little. My inner black woman came out and I smacked him on the cheek.
"You don't need George, Gerard. I'm all you need." I leaned down and whispered in his ear.
"Mikey where did your beard go?"
"Gerard, you were having a wet dream, that involved George Clooney, and me having a beard. God, your kinky."
"Mikey, I've known you to do some freaky stuff."
I blushed. The quicky in the Wal-Mart bathroom was a one time thing.
"Yes, but none of them involve a beard."
"Well whatever. You woke me up. I need to finish what I started and you're going to help."
"Am I?"
He pushed a large throbbing cock my way.
"Yes, you are," he snarled into my ear, making me shiver in delight.
Eager fingers pulled down shorts. Horny arms flipped me over. Experiance finger entered me. With childish glee he touched my magic spot and watched me squirm under his control. He pulled away abruptly, leaving me empty.
PS from the author: I know what he means. One day hope to write again.
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