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Chapter 1

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1st chapter! Just an intro to the main character really. Fairly long. Panic's in the next chapter! R&R!!

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[A/N. Hey guys! New story! I've written about 28 pages on Word and i'm wondering if i should continue! Panic will be in the next chapter fersure. Read & Review! Otherwise i'll just stop writing beecause nobody will have liked it! Thanks guys!]

I swiped my long brown hair out of my face, and pulled it into a ponytail before slipping on my black rimmed glasses. After straightening out my bootleg jeans a V neck red shirt and black slim fit hoodie, I put all of my things into a small backpack. E.g. phone, wallet, keys, books, small pencil case and my slip on vans. Haha, I know what you’re thinking right?
‘Does she have OCD? Is that why she’s packing a pair of shoes? Just in case one set gets dirty?!’
No, so shut up and listen. After packing my bag, I grabbed my rollerblades and headed downstairs.
“Sweet heart? Is that you?” my nanna asked from the kitchen.
“Yeah Nan, it’s just me. I’m off to work.” I told her, sitting on the couch and putting on my ‘blades.
“Dear have some breakfast won’t you?” she asked worriedly.
‘Ok, but only an Up & Go. I’m kinda in a hurry.” I stated.
She smiled and nodded, grabbing a chocolate Up & Go from the fridge and handing it to me.
“Thanks Nan!” I smiled, poking the straw through and drinking it hurriedly.
After I had finished, I threw the small box in the bin and put my earphones in.
“Have a good day at work dear.” She wished.
“Thanks Nan. I’ll probably get home by 5pm, 7pm at the latest.” I told her.
She nodded. I quickly kissed her cheek and made my way out the door. I pressed the play button and the familiar sounds of ‘Waiting Up’ by Remember Maine flowed through. I began to skate to work, as I do every morning, waving good morning to people as I passed them. Let’s just say, I don’t live in a small area, or a big area, I just know a lot of people.

Oh! You’re probably wondering who I am right. Well, my name is Stevie Kaye Summers. Evie or Eve for short. Only a select few have the privilege of calling me Eve. I have dark brown hair that goes just to the middle of the back. I had also gotten the underneath layers dyed a teal blue colour. Looks pretty rad if you ask me. I live around near Burswood, Perth with my Nanna. I’ve lived all over Australia with my parents, but I decided to move in with my nanna to help her out a bit. I’m 18 years old and work at the Burswood Dome. My granddad co-owned it before he died, and now my nanna co-owns it with Mr. Harrington. Awesome bloke. Loads of acts come through and strut their stuff... not literally! I mean they play kick ass shows! I help with organising acts, and I also help with the sound and lighting. What can I say? I’m basically a roadie. Fun job if you ask me. I get to listen to awesome music all day long, and meet awesome people. Score!

It took me 10 minutes to get to work, and as always, the back door was open for me to skate straight through. I slowed down and took my earphones out.
“Good morning!” I shouted.
I got many greetings back. I’m a very enthusiastic girl. I sat down on the ground and took my skates off.
“Evie! How are we on this fine morning?” Mr. Harrington asked as he walked out of his office.
I looked up at him and smiled, “Mornin’ Mr H. I’m dam swell, how are you?” I asked as I pulled the first ‘blade off.
“I’m good dear. I’ll see you a bit later ok? I need to sort some things out at the ticket office.” He rolled his eyes.
The ticket people- whoever they are- always mess up one thing or another. It’s like... their tradition!
“Alrighty then. I shall see you when you return.” I smiled, slipping off the other ‘blade and putting on my vans.
“Ok dear, see you later.” He waved, and walked out the back door.
I put my ‘blades in my backpack before heading into the office. I placed my bag inside my pigeon hole thingy (Really just a place to put all your crap!) and grabbed my walkie talkie.
I pressed the button to talk, “This is Echo Victor Echo. I have arrived. What is your status? Over.” I said before taking my finger off of the button.
The interference noise sounded before a voice took over, “Hey there Echo Victor Echo, this is Alpha Charlie Echo, and I’ve been here for a while. What is your position? Over.” They replied.
“Office. Over.” I replied.
“Be there in 10. Over.” They told me.
“Roger. Over & out.” I replied.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and in he walked. Ace. God I loved him! Not like that weirdos! Brotherly love! Even though I’m a chick. He was around 6 ft 5 with fairly tanned skin. He had dirty blonde hair that was styled in a faux hawk. He had green eyes by the way, just in case you wanted to know. He was dressed in his usual fitted jeans, and polo shirt.
“Good morning Ace. What’s cracking?” I asked happily, reaching up to give him a hug.
Have I mentioned I’m only 5 ft 4?
“Not much Eve. What about you? How’s Nan?” he asked.
“She’s good.” I replied.
I’ve known Ace for about... 5 years now. He’s family to me and Nan. He was there for us with Granny
(Grandad) died.
“Good. Come on, we have to get lighting ready for tomorrow.” Ace told me, and dragged me towards the lighting station.

“Evie? You there. It’s Bob. Over.” A voice sounded through my walkie talkie.
I picked it up, “Hey Mr H. How’d it go? Over.” I said.
“Same as always. How’s the lighting going? Over.” He replied.
“Good. We’re finished. Everything’s set for tomorrow night. I just need to help with the sound and we’re good. Over.” I told him.
“Good. I have to get home now Evie. Say hey to Sylvia for me. Over.” He told me.
“Will do Mr H. Over & Out.” I hung up, clipping it to my pocket.
“I’m off to sound Ace!” I shouted over to him.
“Alright. See you later!” he shouted back.
I nodded and made my way over to the sound station.
“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” I asked David.
David and Ace looked a lot alike. Well duh! They were twins. Except he had jet black hair that reached his ear and was styled messily. I had known him for about 5 years too. He & Ace were both 19 whereas I was 18. Me= baby of the bunch.
He chuckled, “Not much Eve. Nearly finished actually. Just need to test the microphones.” He told me, adjusting some buttons and such.
“Cool, can I help?” I asked with a smile.
“Sure. You know what to do.” He replied, looking up from the sound board.
“Absolutely. Any requests?” I asked.
He held his chin with his thumb and index finger in a thinking position, “Pressure. You sing that pretty well.” He told me.
“Pressure it is. You still have the music for it right?” I asked.
He nodded and turned on some switches. I made my way to the stage and grabbed the microphone.
“Good to go!” David yelled out with his thumbs up.
The music started and I started to move along with it.

“Tell me where our time went
And if it was time well spent
Just don’t let me fall asleep
Feeling empty again

Cause I fear I might break
And I fear I can’t take it
Some night I'll lie awake
Feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
its getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
its getting closer now
We're better off without you

Now that I'm losing hope
And there’s nothing else to show
For all of the days that were spent
carrying away from hope

Something’s I'll never know
And I had to let them go
I'm sitting all alone
Feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
its getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
its getting closer now
We're better off without you

Without you

Something’s I'll never know
And I had to let them go
Something’s I'll never know
And I had to let them go
But I'm sitting all alone
Feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
its getting closer now
We're better off without you

Feel the pressure
its getting closer now
You're better off without me...”

I finished and I heard applause.
I bowed and smiled before putting the microphone back and skipping down to David.
“All good?” I asked.
He smiled and nodded.
“Awesome.” I replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek and walking away.
“Stevie!” Somebody called out.
I turned around and saw Cassie.
“Hey Cass, what’s up?” I asked.
“Mr H wanted you to give him a call.” She replied.
“Ok, thanks hun.” I said, and she nodded before walking away.
I made my way to the office and pulled my phone out of my bag and dialled Mr H.
“Evie?” he asked.
“Hey Mr H. Cassie told me to call you. Everything alright?” I asked.
“Umm, you see. Carol & I have to go over and visit my mother in Sydney. She’s been admitted to hospital. We’re leaving right now. We’ll be gone for a week, do you think you could handle everything for me?” he asked.
“Sure. No problem. Is that it?” I asked back.
“Well, tomorrow night, you’ll have to tend to the bands and such. You know, stage manager, helper, that kinda thing. I’m sorry to dump this on you.” He said.
“It’s ok. You were there for me with Granny; I’ll be here for you now.” I told him.
“Thank you. You’re an angel Evie.” He replied.
“Like I said. It’s no problem. I hope everything goes ok Mr H.” I said.
“Me too. Bye Evie.”
“Bye.” I hung up, and placed my phone back in my bag.
I took my shoes off and began to put my ‘blades on. Knowing Ace, he’d be calling up any second to say ‘I’m starving! Let’s go out for lunch.’
“Echo Victor Echo? You there? Over.” Ace’s voice sounded through my walkie talkie.
Haha, me and my physic abilities!
“Hey there Alpha Charlie Echo. What’s up? Over.” I said as I got myself a can of Fanta from the vending machine.
“Nothing. Wanna go out for lunch? I’m starving! Over.” He replied.
I laughed, “Way ahead of you! Get your skinny arse over to the office ASAP! Over.” I told him.
“Be there in 10. Over & Out.” He replied, and hung up.
I clipped the walkie talkie to my pocket and did the usual countdown.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and here he is!
“Hello. So, what are we gonna do?” he asked.
“Well, I have just put on my skates. Plus, I have the keys to the security golf cart thingy. We shall drive over to the pub and see Maury and pick up our usual. Duh!” I said, jokingly slapping him upside the head.
“I like that plan.” He smiled.
“Of course you do. It’s only been the same for what? Over a year?!” I laughed at him.
“Fine, come on then rocket legs.” He said.
I poked my tongue out and skated out of the room. Oh how I am thankful that the office and walkway is smooth concrete! As we got outside, the sun shone brightly.
“Wow. It’s really sunny.” Ace pointed out.
“Thank you captain obvious. Now, David should be here any second.” I said, waiting at the door.
Sure enough, about 20 seconds later, David came out.
“Ready to go ladies?” I asked.
“Ladies?!” they both exclaimed as they got into the security cart and started the engine.
I laughed and sped away.
“Rocket Legs! No fair! You cheated!” Ace called out.
I laughed and continued to the pub to see Maury standing outside.
“Hey!” I said, slowing down as I approached him.
“Hey Stevie. Boys coming?” he asked.
I nodded and pointed behind me where the guys were pulling up.
“Alright. Come on in. I’ve got it all ready for you.” He smiled.
Ace and David got out of the car and we all walked inside. The pub was carpeted making it easy for me to walk in my skates without moving and falling.
“Ok, 1 BLT, 2 Works Burgers, and 3 chips. Plus 2 lemon lime & bitters.” Maury said, handing us our food.
“Okay, that comes to... $20 even.” He smiled.
Today was my turn to pay, so I took out my wallet and handed him the $20 note, and the guys grabbed the food.
“Thanks Maury. See you tomorrow!” I shouted as we walked out.
We got a couple of waved from other people as we made our way outside.
“Don’t you love the fact that we know him so well? I mean come on! $20?! If some random were to order all this, it'll probably cost him double!” Ace exclaimed, eyeing the food hungrily.
“Shut up Ace! You and your damn food!” I laughed.
“Hold onto the bar, and we’ll drive slowly.” David said.
I nodded, and held onto the bar at the side of the cart.
“Normal place?” Ace asked.
“Of course!” I replied with a smile.
We (slowly) made our way over to a grassy area with trees and flowers. We came here every day for lunch. Ace parked the cart, and we all walked over and sat down. Ace passed everyone their food, and we all began to eat.
“So, Mr H has gone for a week.” I told them.
“Really? Who’s in charge now?” Ace asked.
I smiled at them.
“Seriously? You’re in charge?” Ace asked sceptically.
“Yep.” I smiled.
“Ace, why wouldn’t he choose her? She knows this place like the back of her hand!” David chuckled.
“He could’ve chosen me.” Ace pouted.
“Sweetie. You’re a labour type of person. Mr H left me in charge of all the office side of things.” I told him.
He instantly perked up, “Oh thank god! I hate office work!” he exclaimed, taking a HUGE bite out of his burger.
David and I both laughed, and we continued to eat our lunch.

“Stevie? Stevie? You there? Over.” My walkie talkie sounded.
I quickly pulled it up, “Yeah, I’m here. What’s up and who is this? Over.” I replied.
“Sorry. It’s Cassie. Listen, the bands manager is on the phone right now and needs to work out the final details. You need to hurry back! Over.” She told me.
I quickly got up, “I’ll be there in a jiffy. Over and Out.” I said.
“Sorry guys, duty calls.” I said, hurriedly getting off of the grassed area, and skating towards the venue.

Less than a minute later, I skated through the back door and rushed into Mr H’s office and picked up the phone.
“Hello this is Stevie.” I answered.
“Hey, this is Richard. I talked to Bob earlier today and he told me he’d be out of town for a while.” Richard said.
“Yeah, he won’t be back for a week. Until then, I’m in charge. How can I help you?” I asked.
“I just wanted to go through everything for tomorrow night.” He replied.
“Ok, go for it.”

I got off the phone about a half hour later with Richard, having discussed everything down to a point. Ace walked into the Mr H’s office which I was still sitting in.
“Hey Eve. You’re still wearing your ‘blades.” He pointed out.
“Yeah. I just got off the phone.” I replied.
“Ok. Do you want a lift home?” he asked.
“Nah, it’s ok. I like skating, as you know.” I smiled.
“Yeah, rocket legs.” He chuckled.
“You’re just jealous.” I retorted.
“Whatever you’d like to believe. Listen, I have to go so I’ll see you tomorrow m’kay?” he said.
I nodded.
He walked towards me and kissed my head, “I’ll see you tomorrow boss-man.” He smirked.
“Hey! That’s Sir Boss man!” I said sternly before beginning to laugh.
“Ok, Sir Boss man. I’ll be seeing you.” He replied, and walked out of the office.
I smiled and looked over the list I had written that I had to go through before I left. I know the lighting and sound equipment is all set up, so I can tick that off. Security, check. We got the burly guys this time. Umm, food & drinks? No... Looks like I’m shopping tonight.

As I walked into Woolworths I grabbed a trolley and made my way around the place. I checked the list; there was a fair few things on it for only a couple of bands.

Red Bull x12
Glaceau Vitamin Water x12
Coca Cola x24
Corona Beer x12
Original Chips x 2
Pringles Salt & Vinegar Flavour x2
Mount Franklin Bottled Water x24

Whoa... time to start shopping.

After spending literally $500 on crap, (business credit card of course!) I loaded the car up (another business thing) and drove back to work. After enlisting the help of David, we stocked all of the food and drinks into the dressing room.
“Thanks David.” I smiled.
“No problemo. You best be getting home. It’s 5:30pm.” He told me.
“Yeah, thanks again. I shall see you later.” I smiled, rushing to grab my bag.
I quickly pulled on my ‘blades and got ready to go. I put in my earphones, and the sounds of Metro Station came through. Awesome band... anyways! I started to skate home, once again waving at a few people who I passed. I made it home by 5:45pm and took my ‘blades off before getting inside.
“Nan?! I’m home!” I called through the house as I closed the front door behind me. We lived in a nice house. A small one story home, with a decent sized backyard and good security.
“I’m in the kitchen dear! Dinners ready!” she called out to me.
I put my bag down beside the front door and made my way into the kitchen. Nanna had already set dinner on the table. I quickly gave her a hug before sitting.

After dinner, I quickly cleaned the dishes and went upstairs to my room. I signed into MSN and looked at who was online. Ha! Both the guys were on! (Ace & David I mean.) I quickly opened up a conversation with Ace and invited David.

Evie the Loserface says: hey bitches!
Ace Ventura says: hey! I resent that
David Jones dadada says: me too :(
Evie the Loserface says: awwe I’m sorry
Ace Ventura says: so... what’s up?
Evie the Loserface says: do you guys remember who’s playing tomorrow? I’ve had a mental blank
David Jones dadada says: it’s a surprise!
Ace Ventura says: yeah, what he said
Evie the Loserface says: you guys forgot too didn’t you?
David Jones dadada says: yeah... oh well, we’ll find out tomorrow
Ace Ventura says: yeah!
Evie the Loserface says: alright then guys, I’m off. TTYL
Ace Ventura says: Bye waves enthusiastically
David Jones dadada says: hits Ace over the head, and waves more enthusiastic-er
Evie the Loserface says: lol, bye guys!
Ace Ventura says: rubs head Bye!
David Jones dadada says: Bye!
Evie the Loserface has gone offline.

I turned off my laptop, and got things cleaned up around the house. Once it was around 8:30pm, I climbed into bed to be well rested for the following day. And it was going to be a long one!
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