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Chapter 2

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Little Bit of Panic and a little bit of TAI R&R!

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[A/N. Because I'm nice, I decided to post the second chapter too! Gotta love that!]

“Morning!” I shouted as I skated through the back door.
“Morning!” I heard back from many different people.
I smiled and sat down on the ground, taking off my ‘blades hurriedly before putting them, with my bag, in the office and getting ready to start the long day. I had to go around and ask everyone if they were ready. Most said yes, whereas some said almost. Because we’re all pretty tight, everybody pitched in to help those who weren’t finished.
“Echo Victor Echo, this is Alpha Charlie Echo do you copy? Over.” Ace’s voice sounded from my walkie talkie.
“What’s the go daddio? Over.” I replied.
“What is your current position? Over.”
“I am currently on the stage. Over.” I replied.
“I shall be there in 10. Over.”
“Copy that. Over and Out.” I said, and clipped the walkie talkie back to my pocket.
And again, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 bam! Ace arrived.
“Dude, you have scary timing!” I laughed and gave him a hug.
“Why thank you. Come on, we should check the dressing rooms and shizz. Check if they’re all ready.” He said grabbing my hand and leading me back stage.
“Ace, for the last time, they don’t let groupies in here. Don’t hold your breath.” I laughed.
“Doesn’t hurt to try.” He shrugged.
We both laughed.
“Hey do you know what bands playing yet? I still don’t know. My mind has been kinda out of it lately.” I chuckled.
“Nah, not yet. Oh well, let’s just wait in suspense until tonight eh? That’s always more fun.” He smiled.
“That, my friend, is so true.” I replied.
After checking out the dressing rooms, making sure everything was set backstage and such; we went to the sound booth to hang out with David.
“Hey! What’s cracking?” Ace asked David as we approached.
“Not much, just some last minute changes.” He shrugged, continuing to poke a few buttons.
“Alright. Well, I’m off to do... whatever the fuck I want.” I shrugged.
The guys laughed before I walked off.
“Cassie!” I called out, she turned around and smiled.
“Hey! What’s happening?” I asked.
She was giggling a little bit, “We’ve had like 20 girls come in and say they’re with the band. It’s been hilarious!” she laughed.
I chuckled, “Security’s all good then?” I asked.
“Yeah, they’re good.” She replied.
“Alright, well I’ll see you later.” I said, and waved goodbye.
I made my way to the office and grabbed out a few bottles of coke I bought for emergencies. After grabbing all 5, 600mL bottles, I made my way outside, and over to the security guards. I handed them all a bottle of coke and smiled.
“I thought you guys might want a drink. Besides, it’s getting kinda warm.” I said after they all said thanks.

I was pulling on my ‘blades when my walkie talkie sounded.
“Echo Victor Echo! This is Alpha Charlie Echo and I’m hungry! Over.” He said.
I rolled my eyes, “Alpha Charlie Echo, do not give up hope! I’m in the office waiting. Over.” I replied, fastening my ‘blades and standing up.
“Alright, be there in 10. Over and Out.” He replied.
5, 4, and 3- He showed up.
“Man! You still had 2 seconds!” I told him.
“I’m really hungry!” he complained.
“Fine. But we’re still waiting for David.” I told him.
He groaned, “Fine. I’ll be in the cart.” He said, and walked outside.
I skated out of the office and over to the back door to wait for David. Sure enough, about 15 seconds later, he arrived and got into the cart with Ace and we were off.

“Whoa! Have you seen how many people are outside?!” Ace exclaimed as we got back from lunch.
“Yeah! And most of them look like teenies!” David laughed.
I smiled as I skated inside, but nearly crashed into someone.
“Whoops, my bad. Sorry.” I apologised with a smile.
“No problem. I’m looking for Stevie, do you know where she is?” he asked.
He was fairly tall, brown shaggy hair, and wearing jeans and a polo shirt. He looked about 30 to 35.
“Uhh yeah. You’re looking at her. What can I help you with?” I asked.
“Oh, sorry. I’m Richard. We talked yesterday on the phone. I was just wondering if everything was set.” He said.
“Yep. Went through it all yesterday, and today. Also went shopping last night to buy all the stuff you asked for.” I replied.
“Ok, thanks. I’ll see you later then. I have to help the bands get ready.” He smiled politely, and walked away.
“Alright, well, I think I’m gonna go skate outside for a while and check on lines and security.” I told Ace and David.
They nodded, and I skated out the back door once again to make sure everything was in check. As I skated past the lines, I noticed they had grown considerably since this morning.
“Big Ben!” I called out, and skated up to the security guard.
“Hey rocket legs, what’s up?” he asked.
“Eh, not much. How’s everything going out here?” I asked back.
“Good. Had a few people try and sneak in, but that’s about it.” He shrugged.
“Alright, awesome. I’m gonna check around back, see if anyone’s snuck through. I’ll see you later.” I said goodbye, and skated around the back of the venue.
As I skated around the back, I noticed a couple of security guards that I didn’t know.
‘Must be new.’ I thought, and skated towards them.
“Can’t come back here.” One of them said gruffly.
“It’s ok. I work here; my family partly owns this place.” I told them honestly.
“I don’t believe you. Got any proof?” the other one asked.
“No, everybody here knows me.” I told them.
“Well we don’t. And you’re in a restricted area.” The first one said, grabbing my arms.
“Oi man! Let go thanks.” I said calmly.
“I don’t think so. Come on skater girl.” He said, leading me backstage.
I skated quickly as he took big steps leading me to a dressing room. What the fuck is he taking me in here for? He opened the door and I walked, well skated, inside.
“Who’s this?” one of the guys asked.
I looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes!
“So you’re the act! I completely blanked!” I laughed.
They all looked confused.
“We found her trying to get back here. She was in the restricted area and she didn’t have a pass.” The guy holding onto me explained.
“Well duh! Everybody, asides you two that is, knows me!” I chuckled.
I was having a rather enjoyable time here, this hasn’t happened before.
Just then, Richard walked in the room accompanied by Ace.
“Alpha Charlie Echo! Tell ‘em you know me!” I said to him.
Ace looked at me and began to laugh, “This is hilarious!” he exclaimed.
“Haha shut up. Hey Richard, how’s it going?” I asked sweetly.
“Yeah it's going- why is Bernie holding you by the arms?” he asked and raised an eyebrow.
“She was trying to get back here and she didn’t have a pass.” He exclaimed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“She’s the boss.” Richard told him, and sat next to guys on the couch.
“Are you serious?! You look younger than me!” Spencer Smith exclaimed.
“Well, that’s how I roll.” I smiled.
‘Bernie’ let me go and I rubbed my arms.
“Dude you have like, a vice grip or something. Well done.” I smiled.
“You’re not mad?” he asked.
“Nah that was fun. I should try that more often. But I gotta jet.” I said.
“Don’t ya mean skate Sir Boss man?” Ace asked in his smart arse tone.
“Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I’m gonna skate. Catchya!” I said, before skating out of the room and beginning to laugh my head off.
I skated over to the office and took my ‘blades off before putting on my black high tops. Once I had my shoes back on, I wiped down my ¾ length tartan shorts and black v necked shirt before walking over to the sound booth.
“David!” I called out.
He smiled and waved. I walked over to him and gave him a side hug.
“Hey Eve. Listen, because of all the changes we’ve made since yesterday can you test the mic again? Plus the guitar. I need to know voice, and instrument quality.” He told me.
“Sure. I’ll go get ready.” I told him, and walked towards the stage.
I walked backstage and set up the acoustic guitar before walking onto the actual stage and getting the microphone ready. David gave me the thumbs up and I started.

“Monday eyes, blue shirt is faded.
A perfect smile is overrated. Who's got time for dress-up anyway?
Five days till I can breathe again.
Suffocate, well worth the wait. Right here, I'm all yours, my dear, tonight.
What can compare to this dimly lit masquerade shielding my hesitance, hold, the crowds now part.
And I see you again. Bright eyes how will this one end?

Take care with a broken boy; is it worth it to you to try?
Take care with a broken heart, it’s not what it is, it’s not who you are.
You're tired sweetie, go to sleep, I'll be hanging on your dream.
Your heartbeat keeps time with mine; I'm waiting up so I can watch you fall asleep to me...”

I strummed the last part, and somebody applauded from the side of the stage. Standing there was the William Beckett, front man on The Academy Is... And Remember Maine, for those of you who don’t know, was who the song I just sung was by.
“Hi.” I smiled.
“Wow. You played that song better than me!” he smiled.
“I didn’t think anybody down under even knew Remember Maine songs!” Sisky said, coming out beside William.
I smiled, “It’s an amazing song. More people should learn it.” I shrugged, and handed the guitar to one of the techs.
“I’m William.” William stated.
“And I’m Sisky.” Sisky added.
“It’s nice to meet you guys. I’m Stevie.” I replied.
“Echo Victor Echo do you copy? Over.” My walkie talkie oozed Ace’s voice.
I smiled at the guys, and unclipped it from my pocket, “Loud and clear Alpha Charlie Echo. What’s up? Over.” I replied.
“Is everything ready for tonight? I mean every little thing? Over.” He asked.
“Yeah, I just tested the mic and instrument sounds and they’re good. You and me did the lighting yesterday. I bought all the food and shit for the bands last night, and Mr H talked to the ticket people yesterday. Everything’s sorted. Over.” I replied, and waited for my answer.
“Ok, good. I’ll leave you to talk to Mr Beckett and Mr Siska. Over.” He replied.
I looked around, and he was standing to the right off the stage.
“You lazy bitch!” I laughed at him.
He shrugged before waving and walking away. I looked back at William and Sisky who looked amused.
“Yeah, that’s Ace.” I said with a slight laugh.
“So... what exactly do you do Stevie?” William asked.
“Well m’dear, I do many things. And one of them is being secretive. Goes with the code.” I told him seriously.
“What code?” Sisky asked curiously.
“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” I smiled, before walking back down to David to help out.
“Scaring them already Eve?” he asked with a smirk.
“You know me Davey. That’s how I roll.” I smiled.

The Academy Is was part way through their set as I wandered around backstage.
“Hey.” Somebody said from beside me.
I slowed down and looked beside me and saw Spencer Smith, “Hi,” I replied, “Do you need something?” I asked.
“No. I and the guys were just wondering if you wanted to hang out for a while before the show.” He told me.
“Sure. Sounds fun.” I walked beside him back to their dressing room.
It was carpeted so I walked carefully.
“Hey.” They all smiled.
“Hey. What’s happening?” I asked.
“Not much. Bren’s gone through basically all the Red Bull though.” Jon laughed.
“What about the Carona?” I asked.
“Nah, we all helped with them.” Ryan smiled.
I laughed, “Ok then.”
“So Stevie... are you seriously the boss?” Spencer asked disbelievingly.
“Well yeah, for the next week anyway. Mr H had to go to Sydney for a week. I’ve been around here for years though, so I basically know it by heart.” I shrugged.
“How long?” Ryan asked.
I thought for a second, “Well, I’d say around... 7 or 8 years?”
“Whoa... how old are you?” Brendon asked.
“I like games, so I’ll give you a guess.” I told them.
“21?” Jon asked.
“Nope.” I replied with a smile.
“22?” Spencer asked.
I shook my head.
“20?” Ryan asked.
30!” Brendon guessed.
Everybody stared at him, and I cracked up laughed, “I don’t look that old do I?” I asked.
“No, Bren’s just hyped up on Red Bull.” Jon assured me.
“Ok.” I nodded in understanding.
“So how old are you?” Ryan asked.
I smiled, “18.” I replied.
“Really?! Whoa... so what exactly do you do around here?” Jon asked me.
“You name it, I can probably do it.” I replied seriously.
I nodded.
Again, I nodded.
“Set up instruments and their equipment?”
Yeppers, nodded again.
We went through a much greater list, that would take me far too long to write, and I did it all.
“Whoa... You’re like the ultimate roadie!” Brendon chuckled.
“Echo Victor Echo? Do you copy? Over.” Ace sounded through the walkie talkie.
I unclipped it, and held down the talk button, “Loud and clear Alpha Charlie Echo. Speak to me. Over.”
“Panic’s on in 5. Can you warn ‘em? Over.” He asked.
“Done. I’ll tell ‘em now. Over.” I replied.
“Roger that. Over and out.” He hung up.
“What was that about?” Spencer asked confusedly.
“Yeah, I’m a bit weird,” I laughed, “and you’re on in 5.”
They all began rushing around, getting their last things finalised and such. I left the room quietly and walked down the corridor and over to the side of the stage.
“You’ve been a wonderful audience! Thank you and please welcome to the stage, some very good friends of ours... PANIC AT THE DISCO!” William shouted into the mic.
Panic came up from behind me and rushed onto the stage and Brendon took the mic from William, “Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s a pleasure to be here this evening. We are Panic at the Disco and we hope you have a fucking awesome night!”
The crowd cheered, and they began the show.

I love you Ryan!’ ‘Brendon I want your babies!’ and other such calls were heard as the guys went out the back of the venue to sign a few autographs. I chuckled at some of the things people would say to them. It was unreal!
“Having fun?” somebody asked in my ear.
I turned around and saw Brendon, “Oh oodles m’dear.” I replied with a smile.
He smiled back, and continued to sign a few more things before the guys said goodnight and retreated backstage once again.
“Wanna come and hang for a while?” Brendon asked me as we made our way inside.
“Sure.” I replied, following him into their dressing room.
The Academy Is had made themselves at home inside with all the food and drinks. I laughed as we walked inside, and they stared at us with food in their mouths and half drunken drinks.
“Calm down guys.” Ryan laughed, as did everyone else.
“Who are you?” Mike Carden asked me.
“The coolest person you will ever meet.” I replied with a smile.
“Echo Victor Echo where the fuck are you?! Over.” My walkie talkie screeched.
I smiled, unclipped it and pressed the talk button, “Alpha Charlie Echo calm down. Besides, I’m the boss, shouldn’t I be yelling at you? Over.” I replied.
“For what? Over.”
“I dunno. Bosses yell at people for no reason. Over.”
“True. I’m heading off. Can’t take you home tonight, Jackie called. Sorry babe. Over.”
“Tis cool my friend. Tell Jackie I say hi. Over.” I replied.
“Will do rocket legs. Over.”
“Alright. Bye! Over and out!” I hung up.
I smiled at everyone in the room, “Sorry.”
“Alpha Charlie Echo?” Spencer asked.
“Echo Victor Echo?” Jon asked.
“Code names.” I smiled.
“In what?” William asked confusedly.
“Phonetic alphabet.” I shrugged.
“How do you know the phonetic alphabet?” Brendon asked me.
“I’m a Russian spy.” I answered.
His eyes grew wide, “Seriously?!” he asked.
I laughed, “No. My dad’s in the army. Ace & I thought it sounded cool.” I shrugged.
“Who are you? Seriously?” Mike asked again.
“My name is Stevie Kaye Summers. Evie for short. Mr H has gone away for the week. So, until then, I am the boss.” I answered.
“Whoa...” Mike muttered.
“She’s also like, the ULTIMATE roadie!” Jon exclaimed.
I smiled, “You would be too if you’d been around here for 7 or 8 years.”
“How old are you?” Michael Guy asked me.
“Younger than all of you.” I replied.
“Really?” he asked, almost sceptically.
“She’s 18.” Brendon told him.
TAI looked at me in disbelief. I smiled and looked at the clock on the wall. 11:45pm.
“Where are you guys staying?” I asked the room.
“Wanna know where we’re staying eh?” Brendon wiggled his eyebrows.
“Haha, funny. But yes, I do want to know where you’re staying so I can help you get there and show you around... only if you want me to that is. I can always get Big Ben to take you.” I offered.
“Big Ben?” Ryan was confused.
“Big burly security dude out the front.” I replied.
His mouth formed an ‘O.’
“We’re staying at the Burswood.” Jon told me.
“Ok. Just call me when you want to leave. If you don’t wanna go straight to the hotel, there’s a club, or you can get something to eat or whatever.” I shrugged, getting up.
“Where are you going?” Brendon asked me.
“I’m gonna head outside, and see if all your fans have gone home so I can get you to... wherever the fuck you want to go.” I told him.
“I’ll come with you.” He said, getting up also.
I shrugged, and walked out of the room, Brendon following. I walked into the office, and grabbed my bag, pulling off my shoes and replacing them with my ‘blades.
“What are you doing?” Brendon asked amusedly.
“Well, instead of taking a half hour to walk around and check. I can halve it by skating. Plus, it’s fun.” I told him, fastening my ‘blades and getting up.
“Let’s go. Oh! Here.” I handed him Ace’s hoodie that I had stolen and some sunnies, “Incognito would suit you better if there are fans around don’t you think?” I asked.
He nodded, and slipped the items on, before following me outside. I skated slowly beside him as he walked, and we looked around. Nobody was left except the security and they were only at the entrance and exits.
“So, how did you get into this... business I guess.” He asked.
“My granddad used to co-own this place with Mr H so he’d always bring me in. And when he passed, he left it to Nan, and because I’ve hung around here most of my life, I decided that after school I’d work here.” I replied.
“I’m sorry about you granddad.” He said.
“It’s ok. It was his time.” I replied.
He nodded, “So, where do you live?” he asked.
“Ohh, you want to know where I live eh?” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows like he had done not too long ago.
“Umm, I...” he trailed off, looking like he was blushing.
“I’m just joshing man. I don’t live too far away. I normally skate to & from here.” I replied making my way back to the back door seeing as there was nobody around.
“Oh, ok.” He replied.
“What about you? Where do you live?” I asked.
“I live in Vegas.” He replied.
“Cool. Must get sick of people asking what it’s like and stuff eh?” I asked.
“Yeah, kinda irritating. But, oh well.” He smiled.
We made our way through the back door, and once inside made our way backstage and to the dressing rooms.
“You’re still wearing your skates.” Brendon pointed out.
“No really?! I thought my feet grew wheels.” I laughed.
He joined in, and we reached the dressing room. Brendon held the door open for me, and I skated in, him following straight after.
“So, what’s the verdict?” William asked.
“Everybody’s gone home. It’s safe to leave and not get mauled. So, what’s the plan?” I asked.
“I think we’re just gonna go to the hotel. Dunno about everyone else, but I’m beat!” Jon exclaimed, stretching his arms behind him.
Everybody else nodded in agreement.
“So do you want me to take you across? I can have the van ready like that.” I clicked for effect.
“Yeah, sounds good.” Mike replied.
“So, where’s your luggage and that?” I asked.
“Already in the rooms. Richard organised that.” Ryan told me.
“Ok then. I’ll just organise the van, and I’ll come and get you.” I said, skating out of the room quickly and going straight to the office.
I quickly took off my ‘blades, swapped them for my shoes, and called the valet guys to get a van down here now. They said it’ll be here in about 5 minutes, so I grabbed my small backpack and made my way back to the dressing room.
“Gentlemen, the motor vehicle awaits. We shall make our way to your lodgings for this evening.” I said in a British accent.
The guys looked confused, yet also amused, and followed me out the back. The van was there when we got outside, and the guys all made their way inside. There weren’t enough seats for me to fit, so I said I’d skate over.
“Nonsense. It’s dark, somebody might grab you. Sit on my lap.” Brendon offered.
“It’s fine. I don’t mind skating.” I told him.
“I’d feel bad if something happened. Please?” he pouted.
“Arrgh fine. Excuse me and my heavy-ness.” I warned him, sitting on his lap, trying to keep my weight off of him.
We arrived at the hotel in less than 5 minutes, and I helped the guys up to their room secret style. (Meaning we took the long way to avoid any people.)
“What room numbers?” I asked.
“1780-1790.” Sisky replied.
“Alrighty. Floor 17 it is.” I said as we got inside the elevator, and pressed the button.
Once it ‘pinged’ or whatever, I led them to their rooms.
My phone began ringing a part to one of my favourite songs.

“And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
and for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself...”

“Sorry,” I said to the guys before answering, “hello?” I asked.
“Hey Eve, listen I know Ace went home early and he can’t give you a ride but I can’t either. Mum needed me to babysit Laura tonight, and I forgot to tell you. I’m sorry, I completely blanked!” he told me.
“Tis cool Davey. Have fun babysitting that cute ‘lil sister of yours. I shall skate home. No big deal.” I told him.
“I’d rather you didn’t.” He said sternly.
“Well, I’d rather I knew how to fly, but I don’t. We have to live with these things dear.” I replied.
He sighed, “Fine. I’ll see you on Monday. Have a good weekend.” He said.
“I shall. Night deary.”
“Night.” I hung up.
“Nice ringtone.” Spencer complimented.
“Why thank you. Well, I’ll leave you guys to it. You were awesome tonight, we’d love to have you back again.” I smiled.
“Thanks.” They all replied.
“Well, see ya!” I said, before walking back to the elevators.
As I got in, somebody yelled out, “Wait!”
I kept the doors opened, only to find Brendon come up to me.
“I kinda overheard your conversation. I don’t think you should skate home, hell I didn’t want you to skate from the venue to here.” He smiled.
I shrugged, “David & Ace are both busy. Besides, it’s no problem.” I assured him.
He shook his head, “I have a room to myself, why don’t you just camp out with me tonight? You can go home tomorrow when there’s light and a less percent chance that somebody might grab you or something.” He offered.
“I don’t think so. Besides, I don’t want to intrude.” I replied.
“Oh come on. I don’t mind, otherwise I wouldn’t be offering. So... what do you say?” he asked with a smile.
“Fine. It’s times like these that I’m thankful I can fit almost anything in this backpack.” I said.
“Great! Come on!” he said, grabbing my hand and leading me towards his room.
Room 1790. He swiped the key card and gained access immediately. It was a fairly big room. Queen sized bed, nice bathroom and a lounge area.
“Nice room.” I said.
“Ta. You can have the bed, and I’ll have the couch.” He told me.
“Haha, funny. There’s no way that I’m taking the bed after you’ve offered for me to stay in here for the night. Besides, from the looks of things, you haven’t slept in a proper bed for a while.” I replied.
“Well, yeah, but I want you to be comfortable.” He replied quietly.
I shrugged, “You will sleep in the bed, and I’ll take the couch.” I told him.
“I’m not gonna let you sleep on the couch. How about we just share the bed?” he offered.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Positive.” He replied.
“Alright. I’ll go get changed.” I said, and walked into the bathroom.
I opened my backpack, and pulled out a tank top, and long tartan pyjama pants. Once I was dressed, I pulled my hair out, shoved my clothes back into the backpack and walked out of the bathroom. I placed my bag near the door, and made my way over towards Brendon.
“Ready?” he asked.
“Yeah.” I replied, and we each go into the bed.
“G’night Brendon, hope you have a good sleep.” I said to him.
“You too Stevie.” He replied.
Damn! Those soft pillows make you fall asleep easily.
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