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Chapter 3

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next morning...

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I awoke the next morning, and got out of the comfortable Queen sized bed. Brendon was still sleeping so I made sure not to wake him as I hurriedly got dressed, and made my way into the elevator.
It was around 9am, so I decided to call Richard and ask him a question.
Ring...Ring...Rin-“Hello?” he asked.
“Morning Richard, I was wondering if I could ask you a question.” I said.
“Shoot.” He replied.
“This is gonna sound weird, but what type of coffee’s do the guys like?” I asked.
“Umm, Panic always gets cappuccinos and TAI normally get lattes whereas Sisky gets mocha.” He replied.
“Ok. Also, what are their breakfast choices? I just wanna say thanks y’know?” I told him.
“Sure, they all like the big breakfasts. Egg, bacon, sausages, tomato y’know? But Brendon’s a vegetarian so he normally has pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream.” He told me.
“Thank you so much.” I said happily, getting out of the elevator and making my way towards the restaurant place.
“Not a problem. Goodbye Stevie.” He said.
“Bye.” I replied, hanging my phone up and shoving it in my pocket.
I walked up to the restaurant and saw that Tiffany was working.
“Hey Tiff!” I greeted.
“Hey Evie. What’s up?” she asked from behind the counter.
“Not much. Hey, I’m just wondering if you could help me out.” I said.
“Sure. After all the times you’ve helped me out, I owe you.” She smiled.
“Great! Listen, I’ve got a group of guys I want to thank and I thought I’d get them coffee and breakfast. Think you could help me out?” I asked.
“Absolutely. Name what you need.” She told me.
“Ok. 1 pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup. 8 big breakfasts, you know the whole bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, toast, and etcetera. And 4 cappuccinos, 4 lattes and a mocha.” I recited.
“Ok. It’ll take about 10 minutes. So, you can talk to me until then.” She smiled, and gave the order to the cook.
“How much do I owe you?” I asked, getting my wallet out.
“Please! For all the free concerts you’ve gotten me and my mates into, free of charge.” She told me.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Positive.” She smiled.

10 minutes later, Tiffany had organised a cart with the food all set atop it with the drinks. She wheeled it into the elevator and left me with it before giving me a smile. I pressed the ‘17’ button, and waited until I got up to the floor. By now, it was around 9:45am so the guys should be up... I hoped anyway. I wheeled the cart out of the elevator and began to knock on the guys doors.
“Yeah?” William asked as he opened the door.
“Breakfast? I got coffee too.” I told him.
His eyes widened and he smiled, “Wow. Thanks!” he said graciously.
“No problem. Who’s rooming with you?” I asked.
“Sisky.” He replied.
“Ok, so a latte for you, mocha for Sisky and 2 big breakfasts.” I recited, handing him the food.
Sisky came out and took his from William, “What’s this?” he asked.
“Breakfast and coffee,” I replied, “but I got you mocha.” I added.
He smiled, and gave me a one armed hug, “Thanks!” he exclaimed.
“No worries. I’m gonna go and give the rest of the guys their food now. See ya!” I smiled, and made my way to the other rooms.

Everyone was extremely grateful for the food and coffee. Lastly was Brendon. I knocked 3 times before he answered.
“Hey.” I smiled.
“Hey. I thought you left.” He said.
“Well, I did, but only to get you breakfast. Pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup plus a cappuccino.” I told him.
“Seriously?! I love you right now!” he said happily.
I giggled, “Coolies! Well, here you go.” I said, handing him the food and coffee.
“Didn’t you get anything?” he asked.
I shook my head, “Nah. I’m ‘right. I need to get home.” I told him.
He looked a bit upset, “Oh ok then. It was nice meeting you.” He smiled.
“Ditto hun. How about I give you my number so we could talk a bit? You could tell me what’s happening in that rock star life of yours, and I’ll tell you about my roadie adventures.” I smiled.
“I’d like that,” he replied, “here, put your number in my phone.” He added.
I took his sidekick off of him and inputted my details in, but took a picture of myself so he’d know who it was.
“You have a sidekick?” he asked, amazed that I could just use it, after all, it is kinda confusing for a newbie.
“Yeah, well hiptop over here. I should get going. Hope you like your brekkie.” I smiled, and kissed his cheek quickly.
“Bye.” I said.
“Bye!” he replied with a smile.

I opened the front door and walked inside.
“Nan? You home?” I called out.
“Yes dear, in the living room!” she called back.
I walked into the living room and saw Nan on the couch watching TV. She turned around and looked at me.
“Where were you last night dear? You had me a bit worried.” She told me.
“Well, the guys both had to go home early, and one of the guys from the band, Brendon, didn’t want me to skate home because it was late. So he let me stay in his hotel room with him. He was really sweet.” I smiled.
“I hope you said thank you.” She said sternly.
“Of course I did. I got everyone coffee and breakfast this morning from the hotel restaurant.” I smiled.
“Good girl. Well, go do your own thing. I’m just going to watch my serials.” She smiled, turning back to the TV.
I smiled back, and made my way upstairs to my room.

45 minutes later, I walked out of my room, clean, dressed and ready for the upcoming day. I was dressed in a black v-neck shirt, red tartan mid thigh skirt with black leggings, and I placed my black beat up chucks in my back pack for later. I pulled my hair into a side ponytail and clipped my fringe to the side. I applied a thin layer of eyeliner too, and grabbed my backpack.
-1 new message-
Hey Stevie, Brendon here. Wanna hang out for the day? Txt back!
I smiled before flipping the screen up and replying.
Hey Bren, would love to hangout. I’ll meet you at the venue in a half hour?
I walked downstairs to the kitchen, and had just grabbed myself an Up & Go when my phone went off.
Sure. See you then :)
I smiled, “Nan! Do you mind if I go out today?” I asked her.
“Of course not! Ace or David?” she asked.
I walked out to her, “Neither actually. Brendon.” I replied.
She nodded and smiled, “Have fun.” She told me.
“Thanks Nan. I’m gonna head off. Love you.” I kissed her cheek.
“Love you too dear. Stay safe!” she said.
“I will. Bye!” I called back, grabbing my bag, and ‘blades before heading out the door.
I quickly pulled on my ‘blades, fastening them, and began my way to the venue. I took it slow today, enjoying the sun shine and everything else. I made it to the venue in about 25 minutes from my pace, and skated around a little while longer.
My phone began to ring not long after that.

“And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
and for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself...”

“Hello?” I asked.
“Hey, it’s me. Brendon. Where do you want to meet?” he asked.
“Umm, whatever’s easier for you.” I replied.
“Ok. How about the back door of the venue?”
“Perfect. See you then.” I replied.
“Ok bye.”
“Bye.” I said back before hanging up.
I skated my way over to the back door, and sat on the floor to take my ‘blades off. Once they were gone, I pulled out my chucks, and shoved my ‘blades into my backpack.
“Hey. What ya doing down there?” somebody asked from beside me.
I looked up and saw Brendon smiling down at me.
“I was just putting my shoes on.” I replied, getting up and dusting myself off.
“Ok. Well, I was thinking maybe you wanted to watch a movie, but I have no idea where to go.” He laughed.
I thought for a second, “Follow me.” I said, fishing my keys out of my bag and unlocking the back door to the venue.
“What are you doing?” he asked confusedly.
I opened the door, “Do you trust me?” I asked, just like in Aladdin (Except I’m not asking him to jump!).
“Yeah.” He replied a bit nervously.
“Well then, come on!” I smiled, grabbing his hand and leading him inside.
I turned a few lights on, and led Brendon backstage to a secluded room. He looked uneasy.
“Ok, trust me. This is where I would hang out when I was younger and Granny didn’t want me in the way. Plus, it’s a great place for sleep over’s, just ask Ace & David.” I smiled.
He smiled back slightly, and I unlocked the door and opened it, pulling Brendon inside with me. I turned the lights on and looked around. It was a fairly large sized room with a massive pull down screen and projector plus laptop. I come in here all the time with Ace & David, sometimes me and Cassie come in here too.
“So... what do you think?” I asked.
“It’s... awesome! Do you come in here a lot?” he asked.
“Yeah, all the time. Had a Viva la Bam marathon in here. Soooo good!” I exclaimed.
Brendon chuckled, “So, do we have to go out and get some movies?” he asked.
I shook my head, “Nope. We have a plethora of movies to choose from. Ranging from Disney, action, horror, comedy or TV shows. Take your pick.” I told him and opened up a cabinet full of DVD’s.
“Um... I dunno? Take out a handful, shuffle them and choose one at random?” he asked.
“That’s exactly what I do.” I smiled, taking out a big pile of DVD’s, shuffling them, and choosing one out.
I pulled out Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
“Classic.” I muttered, putting it in the laptop and getting the projector ready.
“What’d you pick?” Brendon asked.
I threw him the DVD case and he smiled, “I love this movie.” He told me.
“Me too. It’s a classic fersure.” I replied.
One it was all set up, I sat on the small couch beside Brendon and pressed play.

4 hours, 2 movies and a few episodes of Viva la Bam later we decided to call it a day on the whole movie thing. Not that it wasn’t fun, it’s just that our butts and legs were numb.
“Wanna grab some lunch?” he asked me.
“Sure. What time do you guys have to get going? Don’t you perform in kiwi-land soon?” I asked.
“Kiwi-land?” he asked confused.
“Oh, sorry. New Zealand.” I replied.
“Oh. Yeah, tomorrow night. We’re leaving at 9pm tonight.” He replied.
I nodded, and we walked out of the venue, I locked the door behind us, and we made our way back into the hotel.
“Want some fries or something?” he asked as we neared the restaurant.
“Yeah. Sounds good, they have the best chips and gravy.” I smiled, grabbing his hand and leading him towards them.
“Hey Evie. What can I get you?” Tiffany asked smiling at me.
“Chips with gravy thanks babe.” I replied.
“And you sir?” she asked, turning towards Brendon.
Her eyes literally popped out once she registered who he was. I held back a laugh.
“Umm, same as her thanks.” He replied unsurely.
“S-sure.” She stuttered, writing down the order.
“T-take in? I mean, Take out?” she corrected.
I looked at Brendon who nodded, “Yeah. Take out. Thanks hun.” I said.
She smiled before going off to get the food. Brendon looked at me like he was about to laugh.
“What can I say? She’s a fan.” I told him.
He nodded and smiled again. A minute later, Tiffany came back with a plastic bag with the food inside.
“How much?” I asked.
She shook her head, “Again, I owe you.” She smiled.
“Fine. Then I’ll put this in the tip jar for you.” I smiled and shoved a $20 in the jar.
I waved goodbye and led Brendon back outside.
“Where do you wanna eat?” he asked me.
“Follow me.” I replied, leading him to the grassy and cut off area where me, David and Ace normally eat.
Once we got there, we sat down and ate our food. We talked and laughed like we had been mates for years.

“Well, text me while you’re gone and when you come back to Oz or I go to Vegas, we can meet up yeah?” I asked Brendon, as he and the other guys were leaving for the airport.
“Definitely. I’ll talk to you later.” He said, and kissed me on the cheek.
I smiled, “Bye Bren. Bye guys!”” I said to the others who smiled and waved back.
“Have fun!” I said as he was getting into the van.
“I shall. Farewell young lass, we shall meet again!” he said dramatically.
I giggled, “We shall. Au revoir!” I called out as the van drove away.
The guys all waved back, and the van went out of sight.
I sighed, ‘It was fun while it lasted.’ I thought, and began to skate home.
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