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Chapter 4

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A few weeks had passed and Brendon and I had grown rather close. I consider him one of my best friends besides Ace and David.
“I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to sleep. X” he messaged me.
“Ok Bren. Nighty night xx.” I sent back.
I didn’t get a reply, so I assumed he had fallen asleep. I grabbed my backpack and walked downstairs to see Nan making herself some coffee.
“Morning Nan.” I said to her and yawned.
“Good morning dear. There’s some Up & Go’s in the fridge. Have one before you go to work.” She told me.
I rolled my eyes, “Yes Nan.” I replied, grabbing one out of the fridge and beginning to drink it.
“Good girl. I’m off with the girls today ok? So I may not be home ‘til later.” She reminded me.
“Ok Nan. I’ll see you later then. I’m off to work.” I said, before kissing her cheek and walking outside.
I pulled my ‘blades on, and straightened out my jeans before heading off. Like normal, it took me around 15 minutes to get to work. I entered through the back door, took off my ‘blades, put them plus my bag in the office and grabbed my walkie talkie. I clipped it to the back of my jeans and walked out of the office and to the Sound Booth.
“Morning rocket legs.” Ace greeted as I made my way up to him and David.
“Morning.” I replied with a yawn, before hugging him.
“Tired Eve?” he asked, rubbing my back.
“Yeah.” I replied.
“Texting Brendon again were we?” David teased.
I was too tired to reply with something sarcastic, so I basically just leaned on Ace.
“Wow. No comeback? She is tired!” Ace laughed.
“Funny,” I mumbled, “now stop moving.” I added, wrapping my arms around him.
He chuckled again, “Come on. Let’s go and get a drink from the cafe. I’m sure it’ll help.” He said to me.
I nodded, detached myself from him, and we began to walk out of the venue and over to the cafe in the restaurant. Ace got a cappuccino and I got a cup of tea.

“So how’s Brendon?” he asked as we made our way back to the venue.
“Good. The tours going really well.” I said, taking a sip of my tea.
“Awesome. How’s Nan? Haven’t seen her in a while.” He stated.
“She’s good. She’s gone out with the girls today.” I told him.
“Cool. Want me to come over tonight?” he asked.
He always knew I hated being alone, “Yeah. That’d be great thanks.” I replied with a smile.
“Awesome. Well, we don’t have to do too much today. We could probably leave at 2pm.” He said.
“Great! I’m soo tired.” I yawned again.
“Well, that’s what happens when you text Brenny Boy all night.” He teased.
“Arrgh shut up Ace. He’s a good mate.” I replied, taking another sip of my tea.
“Sure, sure.” He rolled his eyes, and we walked back into the venue.

2pm rolled around, and I wasn’t as tired anymore. Due to the 2 hour nap I had on the couch in the ‘movie room.’
“Ready to go Eve?” Ace asked me.
“Yeah.” I replied, putting my last things in my backpack.
“Ok then, let’s go.” He said, linking his arm with mine and leading me outside to the car.
It was a new Holden commodore, and was bullet grey. It had a nice interior and an even better sound system. Custom of course. We both got into the car, and my McFly CD pulsed through the speakers. Ace and I laughed but sung along anyways. We were weird like that.
Insert Smiley Face here.
We pulled into my driveway, and got out of the car, racing to the front door.
“I win!” I shouted as I reached the door.
“Awe! No fair!” Ace pouted.
I smiled and unlocked the door before walking inside. I quickly walked upstairs and tossed my bag on the floor after I had taken my phone out.
“Movie time!” he called out, and launched himself onto the couch.
I laughed. Oh well, he’s my best friend.

At around 6pm, Ace complained of being, ‘Absolutely, positively starving” so we made ourselves some chips & chicken breasts. While I was cleaning the dishes my phone went off.

“And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
and for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself...”

I quickly dried my hands and picked it up, “Hello?” I asked.
“Stevie!” Brendon exclaimed.
“Hey Bren. What time is it over there?” I asked.
“Like... 3am. But that doesn’t matter! I need to ask you something huge!” he told me.
“Uhh, ok. Go ahead.” I replied, not knowing what he was going to ask.
“Ok. Well, you see, our best roadie has quit ‘cause he wants to spend more time with his family or something and the other roadies don’t know exactly what to do and I’m freaking out and the guys are freaking out and-”
“Bren! Calm down. Breathe. You should try it. Now give me the short version.” I told him.
I heard him breathe in and out slowly before he began to speak again, “Our best roadie quit and the others don’t know what to do. So I’m freaking out, and the guys are freaking out and- Arrgh!” he growled frustratedly.
“Ok... what does that have to do with me?” I asked.
“Well, me and the guys were wondering if you’d like to, y’know, come over to the US and help us out.” He told me.
“Hold up. You want me to come to the states and be a roadie for you?” I asked unbelievingly.
“Yes.” He replied simply.
“Why? Don’t you have people who get these people?” I asked, still processing everything.
“Well, you see, me and the guys kinda told ‘em we knew this awesome chick in Australia who was the ultimate roadie and they said if you come out here then fine. If not, then they’ll try and find someone but who knows how long they’ll take!” Brendon replied.
“Ok...” I said quietly.
“We’ll pay you. They said they’d pay for your flight and everything too.” He assured me.
“Umm, Bren, I dunno. I mean, how can I just... up & leave?”
“Please Stevie? It’d mean a lot to me. I’m even doing the puppy dog eyes to the phone right now. Please?” he begged.
“When would you need me?” I asked.
“2 days at the latest.” He replied.
“Jeez... can I have a day? Not even that? I just need to talk to Nan and that.” I told him.
“So you’ll do it?” he asked excitedly.
“We’ll see Bren. I’ve gotta go. I’ll tell you later.” I told him.
“Ok. Call me if you need any more info.”
“I will. Bye.”
“Bye.” He replied before we both hung up.
“What was that about?” Ace asked from behind me.
I jumped, “Nothing. Well, that’s not true.” I said.
“Talk to me.” He said.
I sighed, and filled him in.

“Wow Eve! You could go and work in America! This is an awesome opportunity for you!” he exclaimed.
“But what about Nan? And you and Dave?” I said.
“Don’t worry about any of us. Me and Dave will take care of Nan. You should do it Stevie. You’ve always wanted to go to America! Now’s your chance!” he told me.
“But... you won’t be there.” I said quietly.
“Babe, you’ve gotta take this. And hell! You might end up living over there with a permanent job or something! I’ll totally come and visit you! But, if you make me sleep on the couch, there’ll be hell to pay.” He threatened jokingly.
I chuckled, “Ok. I just need to talk to Nan, and then sort everything out with Brendon.” I said.
“You don’t need to dear, I heard it all and if you don’t go I’ll never forgive you.” Somebody said from behind.
I turned around and saw Nan smiling at me.
“Are you sure Nan? I don’t mind staying here-”
“No child! You will go, and that’s final.” She said.
I smiled, “Ok... Ohmigod I’m going to America!” I exclaimed, tackling Ace into a hug.
“Yes you are you whore.” He joked.
“You love me.” I sat up and battered my eyelashes.
“Of course. Now go on and call dear Brenny Boy!” he teased.
I poked my tongue out, and dialled Brendon’s number.
Ring, ring, ring.
“Stevie? What’s the verdict?” he asked hopefully.
I breathed in, “I’ll do it.”
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