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Chapter 5

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ooh, the drama begins...

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“Stevie!” Brendon called out as I walked into the terminal from the plane.
“Bren!” I called back, and he rushed me into a hug.
“Thank you soo much for doing this! We’re forever in your debt.” He told me.
“No problemo. I always wanted to come to America anyways.” I replied.
“Awesome... well let’s get going shall we?” he asked, and grabbed my suitcase.
“How long is the rest of the tour?” I asked.
“Uhh, a couple of months I guess.” He replied, and slipped on his shades and pulled his hood up.
“Cool.” I replied.
We continued walking outside, and he led me over to a black car and ushered me inside.
“So... where are we going?” I asked as the car began to drive.
“Well, we’re driving to the venue right now. It’s not too far away.” He told me.
I nodded and yawned.
“Tired?” he asked looking at me.
I nodded, “Just a tad.” I replied.
“If you want, I’ll wake you up when we get to the venue.” He offered.
“No it’s ok. Then you’d be bored.” I smiled.
He smiled back, “So how was the flight?” he asked.
“Yeah it was ok. Not a fan of planes though I must say. Ace made me watch Lost with him, and let’s just say... it scared the crap outta me.” I replied.
He chuckled, “Hey look. We’re there.” He stated.
I looked out the window and saw that we had arrived at a nice looking venue. There were a couple of buses outside, and not the regular type of busses either. Big, HUGE busses.
“Jesus those busses are huge.” I said as I looked at them.
Brendon laughed, and the car came to a stop. We both got out and he helped me with my luggage once again.
“Hey Stevie!” somebody called out.
I looked over and saw the rest of Panic there, “Hey guys. What’s happening?” I asked.
“Not much. Just trying to help out the techs and roadies as much as we can. And we’ve come to the conclusion that we can’t do too much.” Jon laughed and scratched the back of his neck.
“Alrighty then.” I nodded.
“I’ll put your luggage on our bus for now, and show you around.” Brendon told me.
“Ok then.” I replied.
Brendon quickly put my luggage on his bus, grabbed my hand and led me over and into the venue. The rest of the guys followed. When we got inside, people turned their heads and looked in our direction. I’m not sure if they were looking at the guys or me.

Somebody wolf whistled, “Nice girl Bren. Latest arm candy or what?” some guy asked him.
“Funny mate.” I said sarcastically.
“Ooh she’s feisty too. Where’d you get her?” he asked.
“Australia. And she’s not my arm candy, she’s the new roadie I was telling everybody about.” He replied.
“A girl?! You can’t be serious! Look, she’s only 16!” he said disbelievingly.
“Actually I’m 18.” I stated.
He scowled, “Whatever.” He said before walking away.

Everyone was quiet for a second, “Well that was fun. Shall we go and meet more disbelieving arseholes?” I asked.
The guys all chuckled.
“I’m sorry Stevie. I didn’t expect anybody to react like that.” Brendon said sorrily.
“Tis cool Bren. I’m used to it. Just wait ‘till they see my mad skillz, then they’ll be jealous.” I smiled.
“You’re something else.” He smiled back.
“Why yes, yes I am. It’s only taken you forever to figure it out.” I joked.
“Well, come on. I’ll introduce you to the others. Hopefully they’re not, as you say ‘disbelieving arseholes.”” He air quoted.
I chuckled, “Lead the way good sir!”

After I was introduced to the others, who did not take to me too happily, Brendon showed me where I was gonna stay. The roadies had a separate bus, well actually, there were 3 roadie busses, and I was on the last one with 3 other guys.
“You gonna be ok?” Brendon asked me.
“Yeah I’ll be fine. I’m gonna sleep now though.” I told him.
“Ok. By the time you wake up the busses will probably be moving to the next venue, so rest up.” He smiled.
“Thanks Bren. I’ll talk to you later.” I said, giving him a quick hug.
“No problem babe. Rest up.” He smiled.
I smiled back, and walked onto my new home... for a couple of months anyways.

While I was setting up the equipment the next day at the new venue, a couple of the other roadies walked up to me.
I stopped and looked up, “What’s up?” I asked.
All 3 of them smiled before rushing up to me quickly and taking my shirt off before running away. Hazing. Ahh yes, hazing. Much fun. So now, here I am, outside setting up equipment in only short shorts and a bra. How thankful I am that I chose to wear a nice bra today. I sighed and continued on with my work. A little hazing hasn’t hurt me before.

Somebody wolf whistled, “Nice!” they complimented.
I rolled my eyes and continued on with my work. I hope they bring my shirt back, I really like that shirt.
“Uhh Stevie? Why are you wearing a bra?” somebody asked from behind me.
I turned around and saw Brendon, “Well my friend, I happen to wear a bra every day. Except today, the god’s decided it would be for everyone’s viewing pleasure.” I answered.
“Umm...” he didn’t answer, he just stared.
“Bren! Man I’ve been looking for y- whoa.” Ryan stopped and looked at me.
“God! You’d think you would have never seen a woman in her bra before!” I laughed before turning back around and finishing the set up.
“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” Ryan asked.
“Oh you know. Hazing,” I replied with a shrug, “I’m used to it.” I smiled.
“Ok... wait! Do you have a tattoo?!” Brendon asked excitedly.
“Actually, I have 5.” I nonchalantly replied.
“Really? Where?” he asked.
I rolled my eyes, “I have a heart & it’s beat on the inside of my left wrist, 2 little wings on my back like Nicole Richie, and I also have 2 music notes, one on each hipbone.” I explained.
“Ooh. Show me!” Brendon squealed excitedly.
He could clearly see the ones on my back, I help out my wrist for him to examine, and pulled my shorts down a tad to reveal both of my hipbones.

“Hurt much?” Ryan asked.
I nodded, “Yeah. Hips caned like a bitch! Ditto with my wrist. Back wasn’t too bad.” I shrugged.
“What about yours?” I added, pointing to his wrists.
“Yeah, it felt kinda irritating but it was ok.” He replied.
“Bren?” I asked.
“Nah, it was cool. I’m tough.” He puffed out his chest, to which I laughed.
“Hey guys! My, my, my! Stevie! Looking gorgeous.” Jon smiled.
“Why thankyou Jonothan.” I smiled back.
“Well I’ve come over to take the guys away. Sorry dear. We shall see you later tonight. Here, have this.” Jon said, pulling off his light sweater.
“Thank you.” I replied, slipping the sweater over my head.
“No problem. Now, we must be off. Bid adieu to the fair maiden.” He told Ryan and Brendon.
“Adieu fair maiden.” They both said in unison.
I quickly hugged them all, “Bye.” I smiled.
They smiled back and walked backstage. Once they were gone, I walked away to find some more work.
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