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witches n vampires! dont ask about the title its pathetic. :)

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I groaned at the sight of my new school. This is just gay.

“Be good in this school for once”

I turned to my mother who actually didn’t look old enough o my mother.

“I want our identity to stay as a mystery” she continued as she gripped on her purse when one of the school students checked her out. “Stupid hormonal boy” she muttered before she left to her car.

I pressed my lips together and walked into the school grounds. It wasn’t hard to find the school office thanks to my, lets just say ‘gift’.

“Excuse me” I interrupted the 2 receptionist who were talking Goss. Ridiculous really.

“Yes dear?” a chubby blonde woman turned to me. Her face automatically changed to awestruck, like most ordinary people do when they see me.

I gave a little smirk, “I’m new, and I was hoping that I can get my timetable from here”

“Oh yea, yea” she stuttered. She scrambled about her table and handed me my timetable. “Would you like help with it?”

I heard students behind me groan.

“No thank you” I smiled sweetly before I walked out of the room leaving the other students mesmerized.

Again, my gift helped me find my first class which was oh-so surprisingly maths.

I gently knocked the classroom door.

The teacher who was in his early 50’s opened the door; he looked surprised that I was a student as beautiful as I was.

I smiled. “Hi, I’m the new student and I think this is my maths class”

He nodded slowly looking rapt, “Your name, my dear?”

“Elizabeth Stanley” I answered.

He smiled too and welcomed me in the classroom.

As I stepped inside, I instantly caught a very foul smell, a smell that I haven’t smelt for a long time.

The teacher introduced me to the class as I stood in front of the room; clutching onto my books as my eyes searched for the owner of the smell. My eyes darted to a boy sitting all the way on the back corner. His black hair hid part of his face including his left eye as he busily wrote in his book. He had that pale face and dark shade under his eyes that all his kind had. I slightly narrowed my eyes and wondered what he was doing here surrounded by humans.

“Ah, Elizabeth you can sit in the back with Chantelle” the teacher whom I now know as Mr. Parker pointed to a golden blonde haired girl.

I nodded and walked slowly to the back as I watched the whole class captivated by my beauty. I looked at the boy and he seems like he hasn’t looked up from his book. I knew that he didn’t know what I am because I have learnt how to stop my smell being recognised.

The girl who the teacher introduced as Chantelle also stared at me enthralled. I slightly sighed and grabbed my pen and book.

See, the reason as for why these weak, ordinary people always stood and stared at me awestruck when they see me is because I’m immortal. I’m beautiful. I’m not up myself really, I’m just simply telling the truth. I’m just so beautiful to any human, and I of course use this as an advantage to get what I want… sometimes.

“Hi, I’m Chantelle” the girl with big blue eyes introduced herself.

I grinned, “And I’m Elizabeth, but call me Eliza”

She nodded.

It took a long time for the students in the class to stop staring at me and do their work. The class was clearly boring; we learnt things that I already knew.

Chantelle quietly rambled on and on about things that I really did not listen to since I was busy searching her mind for the name and background of the boy.

Ahh… so his name is Gerard Arthur Way and he’s only 17… ha! More like 200.

I looked at Gerard who at the same time looked at me. We held our glances until I looked back and Chantelle and pretended to be interested at her rambling. I looked back at him when I heard the boy next to him talk.

“Hey Gerard wanna come to my place after school?” the boy with the fro asked.

Gerard looked at him as he chewed on the end on his pen, “Yea ok but not too late. Grandma doesn’t like it when we don’t have the whole family at home for dinner”

The boy chuckled.

I narrowed my eyes in disgust. Is this what vampires do these days? Just act like humans and have friends that are humans? This is ridiculous!

Only werewolves and witches are safe around humans, and since I am a witch I’m safe. I bet Gerard is waiting for the perfect moment to suck the blood of all his human friends.

I sat back and wondered what I should do. What do witches do these days? Do we kill vampires like centuries ago? That’s our job isn’t it? Saving humanity. Well I wasn’t going to attack yet. I have to know if this vampire is dangerous or not.

Finally the bell rang signaling the end of class and the start of recess.

“Hey, do you want to hang out with me and my friends?” Chantelle asked.

Here’s a fact; no one likes being alone. “Yea sure” I smiled genuinely and packed up my things at the same pace as her.

“Hey everyone, this is Elizabeth and she’s new” Chantelle announced to her group of friends.

“Hey” they all said together.

There were 6 of them.

“I’m Michelle” said a straight light brown haired girl.

“I’m Caitlyn” a girl with ash blonde hair said.

“Amy” smiled a dark brown haired girl.

“James” a boy with dark brown hair that was spiked all over the place waved.

“Matt” the black haired and blue eyed boy said who was already planning ways of asking me out.

Hey, I’m a witch, I know.

“Ashley” another raven haired boy introduced himself.

They all tried not to act awestruck as they mingled with each other.

I sighed; this was going to be so much fun. I gazed at random things from boredom. The group tried to involve me in their conversation but I always zoned out.

“Hey Eliza, do you wanna come to the bathroom with us?” Chantelle asked as she stood up.

I looked back at the group who weren’t going. It was only Ashley, Matt, James, Amy and Michelle. I didn’t want to stay with them since Michelle and Amy were eyeing me in jealousy, probably because I looked better than them and Matt was trying to win me over before James does.

“Yes ok” I got up.

After they did their business they poked their head to the mirror and applied their make up. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t look like your average girl really. I ran my fingers through my straight light brown shoulder length hair; my blue eyes sparkled from the beam of light that hit the mirror. The bright green blotch of hair on my left made me stand out. People always wondered why my skin was so pale. They always asked if it was sensitive. It wasn’t. My skin is really strong just like the rest of my body. I am hard to defeat just like vampires.

“You know, you should try putting a clip so your hair stops going over your eyes” Chantelle said as she hesitantly brushed her fingers to my fringe and pushed to the side.

“Yea, that way you wouldn’t be called emo” Caitlyn said.

“Thank you for your advice, but I like my hair the way it is” I said and pushed her hand away.

They shrugged.

“I’ll be waiting outside” I said and exited the female bathroom.

I leaned in the brick wall next to the entrance and watched the boy go in and out of the male bathroom from across me.

I froze as I smelled that awful smell again.

Gerard and 2 other boys walked passed me as I stared at them. Unfortunately Gerard stopped before he entered the bathroom followed by the other two. He turned to me with a smile.

“Hi” he greeted me. His voice was so smooth like velvet.

I’ve never actually thought that I would talk to a vampire. “Hey “I tried to sound cheerful.

“I’m Gerard. This here is Frank and this is my brother Mikey” he introduced me to a short petite boy with raven hair but not as long as Gerard’s and a boy who also had that foul smell. He was vampire too. He had light brown hair with glasses.

I wonder which of them changed first.

I nodded with a fake smile. “And I’m Eliza”

“Nice to meet you” Gerard slightly bowed.

“Ew... you’re talking to the faggots?” Caitlyn wrinkled her nose as she stared at the 3 of them.

I watched Gerard react. He frowned.

“Yea she is. Got a problem with that whore?” he asked.

I raised my eyebrows. I was expecting some action, maybe him sucking the life out of her. I guess not. He wouldn’t wanna give away his identity.

From what I scratch from Caitlyn’s brain, is that she had a massive crush on Gerard. I mean it’s obvious, Gerard is simply too gorgeous for any mortal girl to ignore.

“Shut up!” she squeaked and grabbed my hand. “Come on Eliza”

If I wanted I would have ignored her and she wouldn’t have the strength to pull me but I let her pull me anyway.

“Don’t hang out with them, they’ll like turn you to a full emo” Chantelle said.

“Yea” Caitlyn agreed.

I really wanted to roll my eyes but I didn’t, instead I nodded.

I gave a huge sigh as I stepped out of the gates. My first day was over. I walked to my mother’s car and hopped in.

“How was your day?” my mother asked.

“Just fine”

“No disturbance?”

I paused and wondered if I should tell her about the vampires. “No” I replied.

“Good hope fully you’d last about a year here”

I nodded “I wont fail you mother”

She smiled before she drove out.

ok, reallly weird story i kno. um... kinda got inspired by this book that i forgot lol. um... i dont really expect this to be loved by all. but plz just review and tell me how shit it is.
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