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Chapter 2

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“I think we showed him” Caitlyn smirked at lunch time.

“Who?” I asked.

Chantelle scrunched her face which made her pretty ugly. “The faggot”

“Oh you mean Gerard” I nodded to myself. I watched Matt’s face grow in jealousy from the corner of my eye. It was very amusing.

“Puh-lease” Michelle interrupted. She always seems to interrupt my conversation with my fellow classmates. “If she wants to be like them then let her be a faggot. She’s got the looks for it anyway” she looked at me.

If there weren’t any witnesses I think I would have zapped her head off right now. Yes, I’ve over heard that I should be the ‘faggots’ with the way my hair was styled and colours along with the accessories that hang around my neck, wrist and fingers. I really didn’t care. I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Hey what do you think you’re saying?” Matt said acting like a protective man as he frowned at Michelle.

“Nothing” she ignored him and stood up. “Come on Amy”

We watched then walk off.

“Eliza if you want me to do anything with them just tell me. I don’t like the fact that they dis you” Matt said. He always sounded nervous when he spoke to me.

I nodded; “Thanks Matt, but I’m fine really” I was fine, I found it hilarious watching Michelle and Amy burning jealousy.

“They really hate you for some reason” Caitlyn said.

I knew why but instead I shrugged my shoulders and continued to eat my donut.

“You seriously eat a lot Eliza” Chantelle said, “But you always keep your figure perfect. How do you do it?”

I smirked, I would say because I'm a witch. We can control the way we looked. “I don’t know really”

“I always have to go on a diet to look good” Chantelle said as she eyed James.
Yes, she has a thing for James. But he won’t notice because he’s got an eye on me.

“I know! How does your diet go?” Caitlyn asked.

I zoned out quickly.

I was early to my biology class. Only a few people were in the class already. Suddenly I smelled that usual foul smell signaling that Gerard has come to the classroom. He surprisingly came to me than going to his table.

“Hey” he greeted me. He hasn’t spoken to me about a week after I was being suspicious about how he dented my locker.

“Hey” I smiled. I was getting annoyed by the foul smell he was producing.

“How have you been?” he lingered around my table.

I watched his every move just in case he got thirsty and decided to attack me. “Good thanks” I nodded slightly. “What about you?”

“I’ve been…” he leaned in and looked at me intently, “Very confused” he leaned back. “But overall I’ve been okay”’

Confused? Why would he be confused? He looked at me when he said it… maybe it must mean it has got to do something about me. Damn, I still didn’t learn how to read vampires minds. I really didn’t like this. I couldn’t hear or see what he was thinking. I mean what if he was planning of an attack?

I noticed that he was looking at me.

“Your eyes are beautiful” he bit his bottom lip as if he accidentally slipped it out.

I was taken aback. What did he say? My eyes? My blue eyes? He couldn’t have said that. I must be dreaming or something.

“Move faggot” Chantelle pushed passed Gerard and sat next to me.

I couldn’t help but stare at him. I tried to read his face expression but he was emotionless.

“I’ll see you later” he slightly bowed and walked up to his desk that was accompanied by his friend with the brown fro.

I growled silently at myself. What did he mean? Of course he didn’t mean what he said. I bet he wants to show some affection towards me before he attacks and suck the living out of me. But it wouldn’t work. Ha! We immortals hardly die. I’ll defeat him in the end. Yes, that’s what he’s doing. It explains it.

“Are you okay?” Chantelle asked.

I nodded and saw Gerard smirking at me. I knew that he heard the words that slurred from Chantelle’s lips and now he must be thinking that I’m confused of him, or maybe he thinks that I’m wondering if he likes me or not. Puff! But I’m not.

“Why does he keep talking to you anyway?” Chantelle peaked over at Gerard who pretended that he
was doing his work.

“I don’t know” I said innocently.

“Hmm…” she nodded.

I trudged across the grass as I walked through a huge park. My dear mother was too busy to pick me up from school. I kept mumbling to myself. I hated walking, I looked ridiculous. All of a sudden I sensed that someone was moving really fast. Faster than any speed recorded by machines. It was coming towards me. What could it possibly be? My hands turned to a fist and I was ready to defend myself.

I saw Gerard appear out of the jungle of bushes and trees. “Hey Eliza, wait up!” he ran up to me.

Gerard? He was the one who was moving fast? But why? The only thing that came up to my head was that he was going to kill me. I stopped and narrowed my eyes at him. What a stalker.

“Hey I didn’t see you behind me” I said.

“Oh um… I was behind you. You must’ve not seen me” he chuckled.

I nodded, “Maybe” but I knew it was wrong. “So what are you doing around here?”

“I’m going home, we live close to each other remember?” he scratched the back of his head.

I nodded. How could I forget? I increased my pace in my walking.

Gerard hurried to catch up to me. “Wow you walk really fast”

“Thanks” I said without looking at him. Why can’t he leave me alone? His smell is really irritating me.

We walked without talking for awhile until I noticed that someone was trying to enter my mind, probably trying to figure out what I was thinking. I quickly closed my mind and swiftly looked around and sensed nothing but Gerard.

He looked at me innocently. “What happened? You look like you think someone’s stalking you or something”

“Um… nothing” it must be Gerard. Can’t some vampires read minds? Yes…. They can, so it must be
him! I kept my mind protected so he couldn’t enter it. I saw the confused expression on his pale face. I slightly smirked at him. “Is something the matter?” I sounded amused.

Gerard narrowed his eyes at me. “Did you feel something?”

I acted troubled and lost, “What?”

He sighed and came closer to me. His hazel eyes looked into my blue ones. He again was trying to enter my mind. I tried to close my mind but he somehow slipped in only for a few seconds until I closed my mind securely and pushed him away from me physically. I was furious. Why would he try and do that to me?

“You’re a witch!” he sounded shocked.

We were standing at least a metre away from each other; ready to defend and attack. I’ve never seen Gerard look furious before.

“And you’re a vampire” I stated calmly.

“You knew all along?”

I nodded; “Who wouldn’t with that foul smell of yours” I gave a disgusted face. “So what are
you doing among these humans?”

His eyes widened. “Living my dull life actually”

“I’m sure” I rolled my eyes.

“So aren’t you gonna try and kill me?” he bent down a little getting ready to attack.

I would but I cant, he hasn’t done anything wrong… yet. “No” I sighed.

“You seem upset about it” he smirked and stood up straight.

“Who Wouldn’t?”

“Ok” he stepped towards me. “Let’s make a deal, you don’t tell anyone about what I am and the
same goes for me”

I gritted my teeth, “Fine” I started to walk again. That was the end of out conversation.

“Hey, wait up!” Gerard ran after me.

“Um... what are you doing?” I asked.

“Walking home” he said.

I raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t we supposed to hate each other or maybe even become enemies?”

“Really? We do?” he asked me.

I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.

He chuckled at me, “Nah I know, but you seem nice so nope”

“And what about you?”

“Hey, I’m a good guy ok. I haven’t had human blood for decades”

“I sense that”


We continued to walk in silence.

After awhile of walking we reached the end of the road.

“I guess this is where we separate” Gerard stated.

Thankfully we had to. I wouldn’t want my mother to throw a tantrum if she saw me hang out with a vampire.

“Yea” I nodded.

“You know you should sit with us”

“And why is that?”

“Because the group that you’re sitting with I don’t like”

“Yea, the girls hate me but that doesn’t bother me” I shrugged.

“No what bothers me is that James and Matt are trying to make a move on you” he realized what he said and stepped back with his hands in his pocket.

I pressed my lips together and watched my surrounding.

“Anyway, I gotta go. Think about what I said ok? We’re love for you to join us” he gave a quick wave and walked inhumanely fast.

I smirked. I couldn’t believe that I actually had a conversation with Gerard the vampire. But I think it will be the last. Since he knows what I am. You see witches and vampires don’t go together. I should stop myself from talking to him. I bet he’s still trying to show affection to feed on me.

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