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"It’s kinda like that quote from the Blues Brothers."

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“Am I falling in love with my best friend? What is true love? I don’t think I actually felt it while with Brent."

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A week later and the boys of Panic were leaving to go on tour with their replacement bassist, one of my good friends Jon Walker. As Julia and I walked outside the Urie house to see the boys off to the airport I started thinking about the week before. About where Brendon and I stood. That kiss had sparked something. Maybe I really had a thing for Brendon. He was smart, funny, sarcastic, and witty. He was also very caring and had started taking care of me while his mom and dad were at work. Whenever waves of nausea came over me he would kneel beside me and hold my hair back. He had also begun taking naps with me ever since I started having reoccurring bad dreams. I furrowed my brow.

“Am I falling in love with my best friend? What is true love? I don’t think I actually felt it while with Brent.”

I racked my brain trying to remember what it meant to be in love.

“One of the only times I’m ever truly happy is when I’m with Brendon. Come to think of it, that’s kind of how it was when I was with Brent. I can’t stop thinking of Brendon either. He makes me feel special too.”

“Dani,” someone said interrupting my thoughts.


Everyone laughed as Ryan spoke, “Your staring.”

“Oh, sorry. I was thinking,” I said looking over at Brendon.

“Well you have plenty of time to think over the next six months,” Spencer replied giving me a hug.

“I’m going to miss you guys. I love you,” I said giving Spencer and Ryan a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“We love you too,” they replied.

I got to Brendon last.

“Please let him return it,” I thought.

Raising up on my tiptoes I gave Brendon a kiss on the lips, which he returned. Julia, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon all looked on it awe.

I broke the kiss first and looked into his chocolate brown eyes.

“I’m going to miss you. Whose going to take naps with me now,” I said laughing.

“I’m going to miss you too,” Brendon said continuing to hold me.

There was a moments hesitation before we both replied in unison, “I love you.”

At that we both started to laugh.

“I love you too,” I said.

Brendon gave me another quick kiss before letting me go.

“Guys ready,” he asked as the other three just looked at us.

“Yeah,” Ryan said smiling.

The four of them piled into Dan’s car and he drove off. Before Dan rounded the corner, I saw Brendon wink at me.

Smiling I subconsciously placed my hand on my navel and rubbed.

Julia laughed, “I’m so glad you and Brendon finally learned you had feelings for one another. I knew Brendon loved you. Ryan knew Brendon loved you. Only Brendon didn’t know Brendon loved you.”

I laughed as we walked back inside the cool house to get out of the hot August afternoon.

Once we were back inside the house I sat on the couch and propped my feet up.

“You know Julia, I don’t think I was ever in love with Brent.”


I shook my head.

“It was lust. The first time he ever told me he loved me, we were 16 and it was in the middle of a hot make out session.”

Julia frowned.

“I’m so sorry. About everything.”

I shook my head again.

“Everything happens for a reason. If Brent and I hadn’t had sex then I obviously wouldn’t be pregnant. If I weren’t pregnant I would still be living at my dad’s. Brent and I would most likely have broken up, but I wouldn’t have had the chance to bond with Brendon like I had over the past week. It’s kinda like that quote from the Blues Brothers.
‘God works in mysterious ways‘.”
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