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Ban and Gingi return from a mission and are having problems sorting out their feelings for a certain waitress.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Get Backers
Well here we go. A Ban/Natsumi/Gingi/ love triangle.

Ban: I..I don't like Natsumi.

Gingi: Natsumi-chan? Yeah I like her,(going red) only as a friend of course!

Natsumi: Ban-san? Oh, blushing. He is very sweet.

Ban: I am not.

Natsumi: Gin-chan? Um.. well he's very energetic.

Gingi: Gosh Natsumi, thats a very big word. Whats' it mean?

Me: Anyway on with the story.

Gingi was excited.More so than usual anyway.They had finally gotten paid the exact amount that they where owed. All of it. That meant they could eat and not borrow money from Natsumi. He did kinda feel bad forever mooching off her. Just thinking of the little waitress made him jittery, he couldn't wait to see her . He and Ban had been gone almost all summer. They'd been on this case that long, which was a long, long time for poor Gingi and his lack of attention span.

"Ban-chan are we there yet."

"NO, WE ARE NOT THERE YET AND WE WON'T BE THERE UNTIL TOMMORRW SO QUIT ASKING!" Screamed a very annoyed, on edge Ban. Gingi had been asking the same question for three days now. Constantly. A lot. Reapetedly.

(Chibi Gingi) "Ahhh, Ban-chan you didn't need to yell..."

"Yes I did because you won't shut up and are asking the same question every five minutes."

"But I'm real excited about getting back and seeing everyone!" He said.

Ban grinned on the outside at his freinds slip but frowned within. Cause y'see Gingi wasn't the only one who was excited about seeing a certain waitress, Ban himself was dying to see her. When, he wondered, had she become so important to him that he longed to see her at least once a day it seemed anymore? Who knew? He sure as heck didn't.

Being gone so long Ban hoped would get her out of his system, unfortunatly it had the opposite effect and left him longing to see her even more. That was why he'd been doing the speed limit. He didn't want to get pulled over, given a ticket, and have to wait longer to see her. Which really told him how far gone he was.

Plus he wanted to pay her back for all the food she bought he and Gingi, pay her back for sometimes letting them share the couch bed at her house. Even sometimes, he knew, paying the ticket for their car. How did you thank someone who did all that?

Answer: He hadn't the faintest idea. It also disturbed him just how protective Gingi was of her.

'Ahh, who'm I kidding, he loves her and I 'm pretty sure she loves him.' 'I'm to old...wait hold the phone she's just the girl who helps us out in sticky finacial situations nothin' more.' 'Bad Ban! 'Man you must be seriously lacking in sleep to even follow that line of thought.'

Gingi, noticing Bans sudden silence, tapped him on the shoulder. "What?" Ban said grumpily

"You had a funny look on your face, kinda upsetish (I know this isn't a word but remember who's talking)."

"I was not and am not 'upsetish' as you put it, I was merely thinking is all."

"Well I did need to ask you something." Said Gingi looking serious.

"What?" asked the urchin head even more grumpily than before.

"Ummmm...well that is."

"Cripes Gingi will you just come out with it!"

"Ban, are we there yet?"

The asterics above represent a very violent moment in ths fanfic that would quite likely be considered cruel and certaintly not in the least aggreable to those with weak constitutions. Suffice it to say that Gingi probabaly won't be asking anything for a while and Ban will have to have the car cleaned. We'll leave it at that.

Ban sighed and focused on driving once again. 'Peace and quiet the rest of the way I'd wager.' He thought. He won said wager.

Well what do ya think? pretty good eh?

Read and reveiw.
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