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Okay here is another chapter.
Disclaimer: I do not own Get Backers much as I'd like to. However my birthday is coming up soon Jan. 17 so if you'd like to give me a present...

Natsumi was excited. They would be getting here today. Anytime now. She couldn't wait to see them. Actually, it kinda of worried her how excited she was. When she'd first met the Get Backers she'd had eyes only for Gingi. But...after a while she would find herself watching Ban. At first she'd simply thought of him as an older brother. Then one day out of the blue she realized she loved him. Both of them.


The Get Backers had just received an enormous amount of money (rare thing that) and were celabrating at the Honky Tonk and actually paying for it. They'd all been laughing and joking around. Natsumi had been cheerfully doing the dishes when Ban came over and draped an arm around her shoulders hauling her out into the main room. At that moment Natsumi felt her heart flutter. She'd been confused at first, not really knowing why his arm seemed so warm, safe, and strong. Then it hit her. She also realized that it was hopeless.

Just after though, Gingi came up to them and put his arm around her waist. Again her heart fluttered. She'd felt herself blush enough to rival a tomato. She'd looked up for a minute and seen Hev'n looking at her, she'd grinned and winked at Natsumi causing the poor girls blush to deepen.

Natsumi flushed again at the memory. She was in a bit of a bind. She was in love with two guys. Two guys who A: were best friends. B: A lot older than her...well not a lot but still older. C: Thought of her as their little sister most likely. D: Where incredibly strong and smart and what would they want with a plain girl like her?

Now slightly depressed she went back to watching the window. Wondering. Hoping that any minute now she would see the slightly beatup form of the Ladybug coming over the hill.

Paul watched his little waitress from behind his newspaper. She'd been wiping that spot of the counter down for the last two hours or more. Plus she kept looking out the window longingly. He would of thought it was cute if he didn't know how she felt about the two idiots. He'd noticed the way she watched them. The way she blushed if either one of them touched her.

It worried him. Of all the guys she had to fall in love with them. He'd long since started thinking of the girl as his daughter and so felt Fatherly concern for the child when he realized just how deep her emotions were. She'd started taking care of them as soon as she met them. Feeding them, paying some of their tickets, even housing them sometimes.

They were dangerous though. They would never hurt her on purpose, heck they calmed down and were generally on their best behavior around her. But they both had pasts that kept coming up to bite them in the rear. They were also in a dangerous line of work and Natsumi had been kidnaped, for use against them, more than once.

She still loved them. He'd talked to her a couple times trying to gleen information from her about her feelings and mabye give her some advice without seeming to. She had never been afraid of them, thanks to him she knew everything he knew about their pasts, and she still loved them. The other Voltz members treated her with respect apparently even they knew what she was to their x-leader. Himiko and Heav'n teased Natsumi about them. It seemed the only ones that dind't know she loved them were the objects of her affections. Not that that was shocking. Those two could be incredibly dense sometimes.

Of course she was as clueless as they were and didn't realize how they felt either. Paul only hoped it stayed that way. If she'd fallen in love with one of them, and only one fallen in love with her, mabye he wouldn't be so concernd. But both of them?

It worried him plain and simple. He was startled out of his thoughts when he heared Natsumi give a shrill squeal.

"Their here their here!"

See ya next time.
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