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The Morning After

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Rose James wakes up one morning after a night of partying... and finds herself right next to a sleeping Pete Wentz! (Okay, my first shot be easy on me angels!)

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Morning After:

"Oh f**k, I've never drunken that much before in my life!" Rose James mumbled to herself as she was slowly waking up the next morning after a night of partying. Through her hangover pains she came upon a disturbing discovery. "This... This isn't my room!" she thought in shock. Clearly she wasn't in her room, since she lived in a middle class neighborhood in Miami. The woman found herself in a posh hotel room in the rich part of Miami. This was no imitation rich hotel room. This was a hotel room that cost money Rose will never really see in her life time. So, what was she doing here? However, that wasn't the biggest shock of the morning. Rose held her left hand touching a warm body. The woman froze when she touched it. She was dead sure that this was a cheek that she was touching without looking down. But the question was, whose was it?

Against her better judgment, Rose looked down. Total shock met her face. Pete Wentz was sleeping beside of her. Pete Wentz was actually sleeping next to Rose Emily James! The woman was now in complete shock for three reasons:

1.) She was a closet Fall Out Boy fan

2.) She has a steadily growing crush on Pete Wentz

3.) She is a journalist from a popular local music magazine

Rose tried to think back to what happened last night. The whole thing was blurry. She remembered why she went out last night. You see, Rose has a lousy boyfriend named Tony. He barely paid her any attention. Sure, they were hot and heavy at first. But over time, the love began to fade away. Rose was working most of the time. She lived with her aunt and younger half-brother. Tony had no job and was always looking at other women. Rose was even considering that he could possibly be cheating on her. She didn't care by this point. The woman turned to her friends at work for help. Vanessa suggested that she make Tony jealous with a one-night stand. Rose wasn't too keen on the idea at first.

"I'm not sure," she told the crew.

"Come on!" Vanessa encouraged. "This'll work completely! Just trust me on this one. What's the worst that could happen?" That wasn't so reassuring. Rose hated when her friend used that phrase at all. Something bad always happened following those words. But against her better judgment, she followed Vanessa's advice. So last night, Rose dolled herself up in a very cute way. She wore a short light blue summer dress, white sandals, and a bright red flower in her head. Rose did her make-up just right to get her noticed for the night. She didn't really want to go through this. But yet, it was anything just to get Tony's attention. The woman decided to compromise. "I'll just flirt with a guy and say that I slept with him to my friends and boyfriend." she thought. But strangely, her plans became complicated.

It started when she went to the club and bar named Angel's. This was a highly popular club in Miami. A-list and the normal person could hang out here all night. Fridays were the best time to go out clubbing. Angel's was always the pioneer in new drinks. The top bands always came to play and DJ here on Friday nights. Tonight was Friday, so Rose was in luck. That was where all of the cute boys were tonight. Surely, she would find a guy to flirt with at least. When she made it to Angel's, Rose looked around at her selection. There were so many guys to choose from. However, she kept her distance at the bar. Pete just happened to by djing at Angel's that night. When she saw him, Rose was lightly blushing. "Oh wow!" she thought in rising desire. "Tonight must be my night!" She however banished thoughts of flirting and seducing Pete for the evening. "It wouldn't really work," she thought. "Besides, my friends wouldn't believe me at all if I told them I hooked up with Pete Wentz." So Rose kept looking around. There were no guys worth looking at compared to the sexy beautiful Pete. The woman just felt as if her plans were ruined. "Oh!" she thought in worry. "I'm never going to find any decent guys at this rate!" Then, Rose felt someone tap her lightly on the arm. The woman turned around quickly.

"Yes?" she asked in some startle. The bar tender looked right at her.

"I only wanted to know if you wanted a drink," he said to her calmly. Rose felt a little dumb now.

"Oh," she said. "What all do you have tonight?" The bar tender smiled at her.

"Tonight's special," he replied. "Lilith's Poison." Rose looked at him slightly curious.

"Lilith's Poison?" she asked.

"It's our newest drink," the bar tender explained to her. "Helps ease the mood if you're looking to get laid tonight." Rose looked at him oddly. "Did he just read my mind or something?" she thought in suspicion. "Or has he been stalking me?" But, Rose seemed a little desperate to loosen up some to find a man besides Pete to flirt with. However, she wasn't sold right away.

"Oh really?" she asked. "What's in it?"

"I rarely do this for my customers," the bar tender replied. "But, you are special tonight and you look like you need to hook up with someone tonight. Cherry whiskey, vanilla extract, vanilla whiskey, vanilla vodka, chocolate vodka, a little cherry brandy, cherry syrup, sugar syrup, peach soda, peppermint extract, pink lemonade, mint chocolate chip ice cream, peach ice cream, ginger ale, black cherry vanilla coke, chocolate, and the key ingredient: ginko leaves." Rose thought about all of that for a moment. She smiled at him richly.

"Well, go ahead," Rose said. "Fix me up." The bar tender smiled at her richly.

"Sure, one Lilith's Poison for you coming up!" he said aloud. Then, the bar tender got right to work. Rose waited patiently. Within two minutes, her drink was ready. The girl tried it with caution. Surprise hit her quickly.

"Oh wow!" she thought. Rose turned over to him. The bar tender was smiling at her.

"You like it?" he asked. The journalist nodded happily. "Would you like another one?" the bar tender asked.

"Yeah!" Rose said aloud. The bar tender kept smiling at her.

"Wise decision!" he said to her. Then, the tender made Rose another drink.

The thing about Angel's drinks is that they are so sweet that one can't taste the alcohol or the aphrodisiacs in them. Rose forgot about this little facts as she kept taking drink after drink. Pretty soon, the woman was just drunk out of her mind. The whole club seemed to be spinning wildly in high vibrant colors. Then suddenly, it all went black...

The thing Rose remembered when she woke up was being in the back of a taxi cab. The streets kept passing over her head. She thought that she heard two men talking to each other in the cad with her, but she was too drunk to understand what they were saying or who they were. After a couple of minutes, Rose passed out again.

A couple of moments later, Rose woke back up again in the posh hotel room. She found herself sitting on the white sheets of the bed. The woman looked around happily drunk. "Oh wow!" she thought. "I'm in Paris, France!" Then, she heard a soft shuffle near the window. The journalist looked up and saw the sexy beautiful Pete Wentz standing near the window. He had his shirt off at the moment. Rose felt herself blushing drunkenly. "Oh wow!" she thought again. "It's him! It's really him!" Pete walked over to her slowly.

"You okay?" he asked. The alcohol and the ginko in Rose's mind was controlling her like a doll on strings. "Oh my!" she thought like an excited teenage girl. "Petey's even hotter in person!" Rose nodded in a happy drunk way. Pete smiled at her in a charming way. Even though he had the non-alcoholic version of Lilith's Poison, the aphrodisiacs were driving him just as strong too. Pete was looking at her as she was the hottest sista girl he had ever seen on the planet. Rose even looked way hotter than Ashlee. (It was the Lilith's Poison talking.)

"Good," he said to her. Then, the moment became hot and heavy from there. Pete leaned in forward and lightly kissed Rose on the lips. She didn't even bother to resist. The woman kissed back quickly. They didn't stop kissing from there. Pete took Rose in his arms tightly. His tongue escaped past her lips and met her tongue. He began lazily massaging on it. Rose moaned loudly in his mouth. She put her arms around him as well. Down below, there were only three articles of clothing that seemed to be blocking the way to high bliss. His hard arousal brushed up against her soaking wet panties. Small trembles of delight shot through Rose's body quickly. She wanted this. Wanted more than anything in the world. Pete reached forward and slid off her dress. And the rest was a blur from there.

Rose was trying to remember the rest when she heard a low groan beside of her. The woman quickly looked down to see Pete waking. Her heart raced wildly. "Oh snap!" she thought. "My crush is waking up now!" She tried her best to stay calm. Pete rolled over and looked up. He stared right at her blankly. An awkward silence fell over them. (Which was natural, I mean what can you say if your rock star was naked in bed with you? Not much, huh?)

"Uh...." Rose said at last. Her words vanished into thin air. Pete just stared at her blankly as he sat up in the bed. He had the same questions as her.

"Hey, did we..." he began to ask.

"I don't know..." Rose answered. Another round of awkward silence followed. This was uncomfortable at all. Finally, Rose leapt up bed, grabbed his dark navy hoodie, and slid it on.

"Okay," she said. "I'm going to go take a shower now." Then she headed right into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. She didn't seem to notice that the idea of her taking a shower was turning Pete on again.

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