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Smooth Operator

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On the morning after the one-night stand, Rose takes a shower to figure it all out, but Pete wants round two.

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Smooth Operator:

I stood in the warm shower feeling pretty lost. What just happened in there? I apparently lived out every fan-girl's fantasy by sleeping with Pete for one night. Neither one of us could barely talk about it afterwards. It wasn't supposed to go that way. I was just going to flirt with someone and tell my friends that I did the deed. But, I ended up actually doing it. And not with just any guy, but with Pete Wentz! Pete freaking Wentz! This is what every fan-girl dreams of. But that was just it. This is only a one-night stand. Nothing could ever happen between him and me. He is this gorgeous rock star with a... well... girlfriend. Me? I'm just... Rose Emily James. A twenty-five year old attractive black female journalist for a local music magazine. I also have a... well... boyfriend. And besides, my friends/co-workers wouldn't believe me if I told them I slept with Pete Wentz. What is there to tell? I don't remember much of the romantic love fest. But, they are waiting for a story when I get to work. I know. I'll just tell them I got drunk and it was just some random guy that I didn't get his name from. There, problem solved. Well... almost.

I sighed again as the water ran on my body. I went over last night in my head. I wanted Tony to focus on me like he used to. It was my friends/co-workers' idea really. I was against it. But Vanessa and them won out. So now, I am in a shower after sleeping with Pete.

I told Tony my "brilliant" plan. The "conversation" went like this:

Me: Tony, can we talk?

Tony: Hey, I'm watching the game!

Me: I'll show you! I'm going out to the club tonight and sleep with a random guy! I'll make you regret not spending any time with me at all!

Tony: Yeah, whatever.

And that was it. Thus, my night out. I went to the club to flirt with some men. I was hopeful tonight. But after seeing Pete djing, my hopes died away. So, I hung out at the bar. That smooth bar tender offered me that drink and I took the bait. Guys like him are sneaky. They seem to want you to get drunk for the night. Or laid. Or both. I knew and learned that too well from them. But, I still fell for it! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

However, my thoughts were interrupted when I heard someone get in the shower with me. I slightly looked behind me without turning around. Pete was standing right behind me. He too was naked with me. My heart raced again. My throat became closed up tight.

"You're... in here... with me... in the shower..." I said.

"Yes," he replied. But that wasn't the bizarre part. His hand was on my shoulder. I was now in a mix of surprise and aroused desire. I knew that touch too well. Tony only touched me like that when he wanted some. Pete was a man. All men, no matter what sexuality, were similar in what they wanted. They are too obvious like that. The longer he was touching me, the more I wanted him to do me right here and now. But first, I decided to see if he really wanted as much as I did.

"Pete," I finally managed to say. "I'm sober now..."

"I know," he said to me. Then, I felt his hand moving slowly from my shoulder to my back. The heat rose fast in my hourglass-shaped body. I was really wet and it wasn't from the running hot water! It's driving me insane.

"And..." I began again. "The effects of Lilith's Poison have worn off now..."

"I know," he said again. His hand was moving down my back again. I was really feeling the heat. "Oh crap!" I thought. "I'm running out of arguments for him!"

"Look," Pete whispered to me. "Do you want this or not?" Now he's got me! All logical sense went right out the window.

"Yes!" I said aloud. Pete just leaned forward and lightly kissed me on the back of the neck as he moved his hands down to my hips. I almost unconsciously spread me legs in bliss. I felt him enter into me slowly. A low moan escaped from my lips. Pete got right to work on me. This one was better than all of times that I had been with Tony. I shut my eyes in deep bliss. You know what? Screw Ashlee and Tony! I am a happy woman now!

"Oh yes!" I cried out in sweet bliss. "Harder! HARDER!!!! OH PETEY!!!!" He kept pumping into me at full force. My hand just slipped down from the shower wall. I began slowly sinking downwards to the point that Pete had to hold up and keep thrusting. My screaming just kept getting louder and louder as the water kept pouring down on us.

Pete came hard within me. He finally released me and I just slowly sank to the floor panting. The sexy emo rock god sank down behind me. We were both panting hard. I turned to him tired and smiling.

"That was great!" he said aloud.

"Yeah!" I replied. A long moment of silence passed over us. A warm smile came across my face. "I'm Rose, by the way," I said. "Rose James." Pete just lightly played with my long black hair.

"Nice to meet," he said. I just turned to him and kissed him boldly on the lips. He kissed back. Yes, my friends! That was the best one-night stand I ever had! Makes me want to have seconds! If that ever happens...

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