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“Linda?” I called as I entered the front door, and got a low ‘yeah?’ from the kitchen. I dropped my schoolbag on the floor, kicked off my shoes and walked through the short hall and turned left, walking into the kitchen.

“Hi” she said as she saw me, her hair in a messy bundle. She was standing in front of the microwave, watching some deep-frozen food spin around in her normal home-outfit; a black polo sweater and grey jogging shorts combined with a pair of stylish black slippers. “How was the museum?”

“It was alright.” I shrugged, sinking down in a chair and then added, “One of Gerard’s friends invited us over to his house tonight”

“Okay” she said, pressing the stop button on the microwave and took out a steaming bowl of some weird-looking soup. “Low calorie soup” she explained as she saw me wrinkle my nose at the greenish yellow colour.

“Yeah, so anyway, can I go?”

Mom sat down next to me, and a smell of broccoli flew past me as she blew air on the soup.

“Why are you asking me? Go if you want to” she smiled before focusing on her meal, “How long will you be there?”

“Uhm, it’s a sleepover”


“I know it’s a schoolnight and all…”

“Mhm. But if you think you can handle it then go” she said simply, once again blowing on her soup and then fishing up a small broccoli with her spoon. She looked at it with furrowed eyebrows for a second, then turned to me, “Do I need to loose weight?”

“Of course not”

She looked at her soup again, then sighing; “Fuck this” and rose from the chair, took the bowl and went over to the sink, poured the watery liquid down. “Pizza or Chinese for dinner?”

“Thai” I said and she nodded, “So anyway, you’re okay with it, right?”

“With what?”

“The sleepover!”

“I already told you… if you think you can handle school tomorrow, then yes, you can go” she said absentmindedly as she picked up a clothing-catalogue from the kitchen table.

“Thanks” I stood up and left the kitchen and instead headed up to my room to gather some stuff I’d need for the night. Gerard arrived shortly after, distracting me with his talking, so I settled with toothbrush and clothes to sleep in and to wear the next day.

“Come” Gerard told me where he lay on his back in my bed, with my guitar resting on his chest. I abandoned my desperate tries to find a clean shirt- washing was not mom’s favourite thing to do- and skipped over to my bed, sitting down next to him where he lay. “Play something?”

“But it’s not-“

“Oh yes, it is tuned” he smiled, “I checked. Play”

“I don’t want to” I refused to play guitar in front of people, not even mom had seen, nor heard me play.

“You are going to play some day…”

“Or not” I smirked, laying down next to him and took the guitar, rolled over to my side and placed the guitar safely on the floor before rolling back, where he caught me off guard by pulling me into a kiss. I tried to laugh, but the sound was suffocated by his mouth.

This time it wasn’t a shy or insecure kiss; I split my lips before Gerard even tried anything with his tongue. His arm snaked over me, and as I was lying on my side, his arm was resting on my hip. I placed my own hand on the back of his neck. Not to press him closer, but because that was the only place I could actually have my arm at the moment, since we were lying so close together.

His tongue rubbed against my own, but just as it was getting really heated, his tongue retreated, but he didn’t pull away. After a second, I finally understood he wanted me to kiss him instead and I insecurely slipped my tongue past his lips. And oh my god, it was even better than having his tongue in my mouth. It tasted more, it felt more and it was just more intense.

I eagerly moved my tongue faster, wanting to taste every inch of his mouth, but with a smile, he now pulled away.

“Have you ever kissed anyone before?” he asked and I immediately blushed, shaking my head.

“Only been kissed… Was it that obvious?”

“Well…” he said slowly, smiling kindly but I already knew what the answer would be, “No, but you need to stop pressing your tongue down my throat…”

“Oh my god…” I moaned, closing my eyes in embarrassment and felt the humiliation wash over my body like waves. “Sorry…”

“Hey, it’s okay” he said, and as I opened my eyes, he was still smiling, “I wasn’t saying it to humiliate you or anything, it’s not like you’re a pro the first time”

“That doesn’t make it less embarrassing”

“Now you’re just being childish” he grinned, “Come on, try again”

I slowly moved forward again, and as our lips were pressed together, I slipped my tongue into his mouth, but this time I didn’t let myself get too carried away and instead gently ran my tongue along his, mostly copying what he had done when he kissed me.

“Better?” I asked, panting slightly as I pulled away and with a grin, he shook his head.

“I think you need to try again” he added with a laugh, his eyes glittering of mischievousness and I gave him a mocked glare. “Kidding… You did great. But that doesn’t need to stop you from practising”

I laughed, pressing on his shoulder so he would lie on his back and as he did so, I placed my upper body on top of his, looking at him. “Thanks for telling me, though”

“About your… kissing problem?”

“Yeah, we can call it that.”

“Honesty’s the key to a successful marriage- I mean, relationship” he said with an magisterial tone, then adding, “And plus, I couldn’t just lie there and get smothered by your tongue”

“Oh, shut up” I groaned, letting my forehead rest against his shoulder.

“Wha-at?” he said, dragging out on the word, smiling, “I think it’s cute…”

“That I’m completely retarded when it comes to these things?”

“Now you’re just exaggerating… But yes” he smiled, wrapped his arms around me and I smiled, moving up a bit to put my head next to his on the pillow. “Aren’t we supposed to be at Bert’s right now?”

“He said eight” I said and we both glanced at the alarm clock on my bedside table. It showed 6:18, so we had a lot of time to ourselves. I sighed contently, laying myself back on top of his chest. “How did you get such awesome friends?” I asked suddenly, cocking my head to the side.

“Awesome, eh?” he laughed, “I guess they have their moments… I met Bert in kindergarten… He was such a sweet kid, dunno what made him change. And I met Billie, Tré and Mike when I started school. They knew each other since before so I guess they’re closer, and Bert and I are closer. We all get along great, though… Why are you asking?”

I shrugged, “No reason, I just miss my own friends a little”

“Why don’t you call them?”

I thought about it for a second, then shook my head.

“Nah, it’s okay… I’ll probably just miss them more if I do so” he nodded and placed his arm around me, resting it on my back. I felt his chest press up against my own as he breathed. I smiled at him, and realized how lucky I was; I had only lived here for a month and a half or so, but had managed to get an amazing boyfriend and was on my way to get some really great friends. The only thing I missed was my old friends. Maybe I should call them… Not Sasha, no.

She hadn’t contacted me since we talked on MSN, and that makes me even surer that she in fact doesn’t really like the idea of me being gay… But I can call someone else.

“I’m so glad I asked you out” Gerard said suddenly and I hadn’t noticed how he had been looking, or gazing, at me, deep in my thoughts as I had been. “You’re so cute” he added, pinching my cheek as he said ‘cute’ with a shrieking voice. I slapped away his hand.

“Yeh, yeh, yeh, you’re pretty too” I giggled, turning over to lie on my back next to him. My eyes wandered around in my small room. It still smelt a bit of paint since I hated it when my room was too cold, so I never had my window open more than a couple of minutes. It really was a small room, all it contained was my bed, a desk and a wardrobe- basically all the stuff I needed.

We lay there for I don’t know how long- well, probably for an hour and a half since that was the absolute dead-line until we had to go to Bert’s- just talked about random stuff that came to mind.

So when that one and a half hour had passed, we both got up and I grabbed the small bag I’d stuffed with things I’d need and the two of us headed over to Bert’s place, Gerard guiding the way.

Bert’s house was not as the other houses in Jersey. It had taken Gerard and I almost forty-five minutes to walk so as we finally made it to the mansion, we were fairly late. It was situated in the better part of Jersey- hence the long walk- and when I call it a mansion, I might be exaggerating. But hell, it was big. It even had statues next to the white front door. Ugly statues though, shaped like two lions guarding the house, but still. And it was white. Everything was white; the walls, the window frames, the porch, everything, and it was so not Bert’s style. To be honest, I had expected his parents to be some kind of druggy hippies, living in a tent and shouting ‘peace’ to every person that would walk by.

“I know” said Gerard as he saw the way I was looking at the house that was quickly coming closer as we walked.


“I know. You’ll get used to it”

We reached the door after walking up the small patch between two great lawns where the grass seemed to be made of plastic, though I doubted it since I could see sprinklers randomly placed out on it. When Bert had let us in, it was the inside of the house’s turn to almost make my jaw drop.

A wide stair was built opposite the front door and the ceiling was almost as high as the museum’s ceiling had been. The floor was made out of some white stone and the walls were a comfortable colour of peachy yellow, while the decoration went in a darker shade.

“Why are you so late?” Bert asked, running a hand through his long hair to straighten it out a little, “I said eight… not nine”

“We got distracted” Gerard explained shortly, leaning forward slightly to look into the adjacently room. “Got food?”

“We had pizza, but we thought you had died on your way over, so we ate it all. We have chips though. And popcorn. And… chocolate”


Gerard walked off into what supposable was the kitchen, his hip swaying in that weird, but yet attractive way.

“Your house rocks” I said, still in awe at the view. All I had really seen was the hall, but just the sight of that impressed me. I normally only hung out with the kids who had working class parents because I always thought rich kids were just haughty and unbearable to be around, so I had never seen a house like this. Well, that’s one reason. The other one is that there aren’t too many rich families in New Jersey.

“Nah, it doesn’t. It sucks” Bert said bluntly and almost glared at a porcelain vase, as if the mere presence of it was pissing him off. “Gee-Gee won’t be back until he has had a proper meal, so why don’t we go and join the nimrods, hmm?”

“Sure” I responded- knowing by now that the nimrods meant Billie, Tré and Mike- and followed him to what I guessed was the living room hence the large wide-screen tv and the expensive-looking couches that was placed in front of it. And in the two couches were the three boys.

Tré was sprawled out alone in one of them while Billie and Mike were aimlessly flipping through the channels on the tv. As they acknowledged our appearance, they mumbled their ‘hi’s, barely giving us a second look.

“Where can I put my stuff?” I asked Bert, glancing around in the room to see where the others had put their things. I soon spotted a pile of black and grey bags behind a waist-height loudspeaker next to the tv, so without waiting for an answer, I dumped my bag on top of it.

“Let’s get this party started, eh?” I heard Gerard say behind me and I turned around. He was standing in the doorway with a couple of packets of Oreo’s and some Dorritos. As Billie, Mike and Tré turned their heads to look at them, they all frowned, giving him some pained expressions. “What’s with them?”

“Someone had to eat your pizzas… I told them they’d be nauseous, but do they ever listen to me? No.” Bert said, shaking his head sadly at the whimpering figures in the couches.

“Buh-fucking-hu” Gerard mocked Bert, who glared at Gerard before gesturing at Tré, Billie and Mike to get up.

“Up! We’re not gonna sit in here, I think we all need some fresh air”

Mike muttered some random obscenities, some where he told Bert where he could stick his fresh air, but after a couple of seconds, they were all up from the couches. “Good… Gee, you’ll take the food, Bill will take six blankets, Mike, you’ll take some pillows, I’ll take Tré. And the Nazi… well, you’re guest, so you don’t need to take anything” [A/N: No one’s offended by Bert’s nickname on Frank, right?].

I watched them gather the things they were supposed to bring and then followed them out in the hall again, only to walk into a different room with a lot of bookshelves and then out through a glass door.

The glass door led out to the backyard where a small pool was situated with a couple of loung-chairs standing at the short side of it. Since the sun was already on its way down, some of the garden lights were slowly starting to light up, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Mike and Billie dumped the pillows and blankets randomly in the chairs, then slouched down in two of them, groaning at their full stomach’s. I followed their example, and soon, we were all placed in one loung-chair each and Gerard and I had our laps full of both chips and other unhealthy stuff.

“So this is where you hang out?” I asked and opened a bag of chips. It didn’t bother me at all to eat that for dinner, I was so used to unhealthy crap anyway. It kinda surprised me that I wasn’t a walking mountain of fat.

“Nah…” Gerard responded, he was sitting in the chair next to me about one metre away with his back support down to an almost lying position. “Mostly we’re at the schoolyard, or at Billie’s place. Bert doesn’t like his house.”

“Why?” That sure surprised me. If I was living in a place like this, I’d spent as much time at home as I could… But who knows, maybe you get tired at all the modern equipment. He had said before that it sucked, but I just thought he was grumpy.

“’Cuz it sucks” Bert informed me again and I nodded, adding a ‘oh’ as if I totally understood. Gerard seemed to notice that I didn’t, but made a shrugging movement as if telling me to drop it.

“This feels kinda girlish” I stated with a smile and looked at me funnily, “I mean, we’re sitting in a garden… with pillows and blankets… Like we’re gonna be up all night and gossip”

“Ah, but if we’ll talk about porn, it will make us more manly, eh?” Tré questioned with a grin and Billie threw one of his pillows at him, but groaned as he realized he had to go and fetch it. “What are you trying to say here, Bill? Don’t you like porn?”

“Are you kidding me? Porno movies are tragically my sex-life nowadays.” Billie said, nodding as he spoke to really emphasize how sad it was. “Isn’t it sad that the least attractive of us all has a partner?”

“Hey!” Gerard cried and now it was his turn to throw a pillow.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t complain. At least you’re getting laid”

“Eh…” Gerard said, looking down at his Oreo’s, “Yeah…”

“Oh my god!” Bert exclaimed and pointed at Gerard and me as he realized what Gerard’s low mumbles had really meant, “You guys are so prude!”

“Fuck you, Berty…”

“The name’s Bert” Bert stated, “Anyway, here’s what we’re gonna do tonight… We’re gonna play a game”

“What kind of game?” Gerard asked suspiciously, looking intently at Bert, who grinned.

“Nothing that involves exercising…” Mike begged from where he laid in a fatal position in his chair, clutching a pillow tightly in his arms.

“No, it’s nothing like that… It’s about getting to know the newbie a bit better”

“Oh” Gerard said, smiling approvingly at Bert, who looked pretty proud of his idea.

“We’ll do like this… I’ll ask Frank something, then Frank will ask any of us something and then the person Frank asked is gonna ask Frank something again… So he’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know him, aight?”

“Surprisingly enough, that is a good idea” Gerard smiled, then added with a sarcastic mew, “Good job, Bert”

Bert smiled sarcastically.

“Since it was my idea, I’ll go first” he declared. With a sigh in unison, Tré, Billie and Mike rose in their chairs instead of lying down, so they could join in the game as well. “So… Frank… Why did you move here?”

I couldn’t remember telling them that I wanted to be in the game, but since I didn’t have anything against it, I silently agreed to it.

“Because I had to” I said cryptically and when I saw that Bert was about to protest about my week answer, I added; “I wanna ask Mike something”

“Mhh?” Mike said, looking at me and I tried to come up with a question.

“How old were you when you had your first kiss?”

“Nine” he answered and when he saw the looks we gave him, he continued. “What? I was a very… adventurous and charming nine year old! Anyway, my turn…” his eyes darted over to look at me and he smiled evilly, “I wanna know… hm… what body part turns you on?”

“Eh…” I said slowly and couldn’t help but glance at Gerard. He noticed it, and so did the rest of the guys, and I knew they’d just laugh if they saw that I was embarrassed, so instead, I kept my eyes on Gerard. Body part that turns me on… Eyes? No. Crotch? Well, yeah, but still, no. Hips. The way Gerard’s hips are swaying when he’s walking.

“Hips” I answered confidently and to hide his own giggles, Gerard took a large sip of Coca-Cola. “And I’ll ask Gerard the same question”

And Gerard nearly choked on his coke.

“Oh” he said, giving me a long look, probably studying me as I had done when I thought about the question. It took a couple of seconds before he finally answered. “Necks”

“Necks turn you on?”

“Yep” he grinned.

“Great, so now you both know what to concentrate on in the bedroom. Can you ask him something so we can move on?” Bert interrupted and Gerard raised another pillow as if he was about to throw it before he realized that if he did so, he wouldn’t have any pillows left, so he slowly dropped it.

“Easy, Berty” Gerard cooed, “So, sugar… I wanna know… uhm… if you have ever played in a band?”

“Nope. My friends and I were about to start one, but it never happened…”

I must admit that I really liked that game. Some of their questions were quite embarrassing or just simply weird, but at least they wanted to know stuff about me, and also, I found out a lot of things about them.

As the night was falling, so did the temperature and after an hour of playing the game, I found myself lying in the same chair as Gerard with our arms around each other. I’d lie if I’d say I didn’t enjoy it.

“Alright,” Bert laughed, still clutching his stomach from finding out that Gerard had had a sexual dream about Mikey, “My turn, my turn… Is the newbie a virgin?”

“As a matter of fact, yes” I answered truthfully and Bert broke out into a new fit of laughter.

“So that’s why you guys are so prude!”

I laughed as well, rolling my eyes and then felt Gerard lean his head towards mine, his mouth close to my ear.

“So you’re a virgin?” he whispered

“Uh-u” I said, “And I guess you’re not?”

“No” he breathed out, his lips so dangerously close to my ear that I could almost feel how it would feel if they actually touched it. He placed his hand on my stomach and slowly allowed it to go lower, “So…” he continued slowly and I furrowed my eyes. What had gotten into him? “Does that mean that no one has ever touched you here?”

His warm hand was gently cupping my crotch over my jeans and my head snapped to the left to look at him. Seriously, what had gotten into him?
My heart was slowly starting to beat faster, but not of happiness or excitement.

No, anger was slowly filling my body.
It didn’t feel good to have his hand on such a private part of my body, to have his hand violating me, and especially not in front of his friends. I wasn’t stupid, of course this is what boyfriends do, but it still pissed me off without limit that he’d just think I’d just sit here and let him show off, telling the guys without words what he could do with his little boy-toy.

I could hear them laugh in the background, which actually surprised me because my ears were filled with a weird hum. I swatted away Gerard’s hand; he searched for my eyes and his own immediately turned into a dim of worry when he saw the anger hidden in mine.

“I need to go to the bathroom” I said, my voice clear and steady as my eyes never broke contact with Gerard’s.

“I think you turned him on, Gee-Gee” Bert laughed and Gerard gave him a pleading look, silently begging him to shut up. So Gerard will touch my crotch and they think I’ll run to the bathroom to jerk off? Someone has too high thoughts about Gerard…

Without another sound, I got up from the chair and headed into the big house. With shaking legs, I walked through the room with the bookshelves, but suddenly realized that I had no idea where the bathroom was. So I headed out for my search for the bathroom and finally managed to find my way out into the hall, where I, in time, also found the bathroom door.

All I had wanted was to get away from Gerard a little, so well in the bathroom; I simply just washed my hands and calmed myself down. Some would say that I was overreacting, but how would they know? If Gerard would’ve done it somewhere else- anywhere else- I’d have laughed and just moved away his hand, but this… this made me mad. Why did he have to do that? It was such a stupid thing to do… Or maybe I was just being prude?

“Frank…” his voice sipped into the bathroom through the springs in the door like smoke; he sounded worried, nervous, maybe even scared. “Can you come out for a sec?”

Without responding, I opened the bathroom door. He was the first thing I saw since he was leaned against the wall next to me and he looked pretty embarrassed.

“I shouldn’t have done that”

“No” I agreed as I closed the bathroom door behind me. I could tell by his face that he was relieved that I wasn’t locking myself in. An awkward silence fell between us; well, awkward for him, I had every right to expect him to talk next.

“I guess Bert’s comments about us being so prude got to me… I’m sorry”

“Maybe we are prude, and you just wanted to change that”

“You’re saying that I’m trying to force you into something?”

“You’re older, how the hell should I know…”

“Just because I’m older doesn’t make me a pervert”

The weird part right now was how our voices got brighter and brighter, our lips widened and how we simply started giggling softly. The anger ran off me faster than I even thought was possible and now when I thought about it, everything was just ridiculous. It might not have been, but right now, it was.

“I really am sorry though” Gerard said though his giggles, stretching out a hand to pull me closer to him and I happily gave after, and placed myself in front of him. I was kinda tall for my age so our eyes were in the same level and he leaned into me, putting his forehead against mine. [A/N; that’s right, Frank’s tall in this… Let me explain this to you; when you’re short as an adult, it usually means you were pretty tall when you were younger.]

“It’s okay… I should’ve known you were such a pervert”

“I am not a pervert” he said, mocking an insulted look, although with a smile. He craned his neck a bit to make his head come closer to mine and, still with that smile and his eyes shining, his teeth grazed against my lips. “Say you forgive me, or I’ll feel bad for the rest of the night”

“I though you were gonna say ‘or I’ll bite your lips off’…”

“Ha ha, very funny…” he laughed softly, “But I’m serious”

And I wasn’t?

“I already told you it was okay… It just annoyed me that you did it in front of your friends”

His eyes shifted to the sides, scanning the room and then grinning. “The guys aren’t here right now”

“Then you’re allowed to molest me”

He laughed and pulled me into a hug, allowing his lips to kiss my neck as they were pressed against it and I smiled. I didn’t regret walking away earlier; if it was something my mom had taught me, it was to take no shit. And frankly, I had expected him to stay out there and then I’d be forced to walk back when I had calmed down.

My eyes closed for a second and I allowed his warmth to surround my body, relaxing me against him, and then he slowly pulled away and took my hand in his. He lead me back out into the hall, into the room with the bookshelves, which I soon realized was Bert’s family’s very own personal library, and out through the glass door.

“Look whose back! Isn’t it the drama-queen himself” Billie laughed from his chair, he obviously felt better now than before since he had several bags of chips in his lap.

“You’re just jealous because you don’t have anyone to bitch with” Gerard retorted.

“Or make out with” Bert filled in, frowning and threw a pillow at us, “You guys make me depressed”

[A/N; I hate myself for writing that ending.

And I really didn’t want them to have a god damn sleep over, because it’s so over-done, but yet I wanted them to get to know each other better and bleh, I don’t know, I’m just pissed off right now.]

As the days passed unnoticeably, the weather changed drastically. The once warm and comforting sun seemed to have lost its strength to shine and instead, its warmth was replaced by a freezing cold, never-ending wind. School was taking up all my time; homework, assignments, call it what you want, it was still steeling my precious time.

But right now, I didn’t care about that.

Because I was in bed with my boyfriend.

My hands crept up under Gerard’s shirt as our tongues flashed furiously where we lay in my bed, me on top of him, so close together it almost hurt. I felt his leg snake around my thigh, pressing us together even harder and I moaned softly and smiled as his leg pried my own legs apart, almost making me straddle him.

That was how we got through a crappy day in school; we knew we’d spend time together afterwards.

Gerard’s tongue worked even faster against my own. My lips were getting numb from the constant pressure they had received for almost half an hour and I was heavily panting by now, but then again; so was he.

He pushed my shirt up so it was placed right under my armpits, obviously wanting me to take it off, so I broke away from our kiss. Smiling and panting, he watched me with eager eyes as I took off the shirt; his eyes took in the view of my chest before he put an arm on my back, pressing me down into another kiss.

“I have to go” he panted through the small vacancies that were created as we had to breathe between the kisses. I sighed without pulling away and let my hands play with the hem of his jeans. “Frankie…”

He had finally understood that I wanted to be called by my nickname, but it sure had taken him a few weeks before he did so.

I slowly unbuttoned the button of his jeans and then ended the kiss with a grin. Gerard smiled too and arched his back up almost unnoticeably before he forced his face into a frown to make me stop. The frown quickly turned into a smile again as I giggled. I got up from my lying position and instead sat over his waist, straddling him with one leg at each side of his hips and then took a hold of the collar of his shirt. He got the message and slowly rose from his position as well, and sat up, me ending up sitting in his lap.

“You know I have to go”

I glanced over at my bedside table and as I saw what time it was, I furrowed my eyes. He noticed and he as well looked at the clock, only to make his face turn into a wide smirk.

“Sorry, I though it was 8. Now, where were we?”

“No, no, no” I said, waving my finger, deciding that I wanted revenge, and he frowned, “You said you were gonna help me study!”

“I did” he admitted, “And I was on my way too when you attacked me earlier”

“I didn’t hear you complaining… Can you help me or not?”

“In ten minutes?” he asked, already leaning backwards against the bed, his chest still heaving and sinking a bit faster than normal. His hair was a complete mess; on the left side it looked like a small tornado had went amok, on the other side like someone had hit him with a frying pan and in the back it was a mixture of the sides; and I guess my hands had had a great part in his momentary hairstyle.

“No.” I smiled at the sight of his messy self. “Now”

I took the lack of responds as a childish behaviour from him instead of a ‘no’ and, quite reluctantly, I got up on my knees in bed and crawled up, putting my feet on the floor. It wasn’t like I didn’t wanna stay in bed with him, hell, there was no way I’d choose homework in front of him. No, but I was forced to do it since I had a history test in the morning… And thanks to Gerard, I hadn’t studied what-so-ever.

I pulled up my school bag by its strap, heaving it up to my stomach and put up my leg to rest the bag against my thigh as I pulled out my history book. Gerard hadn’t moved since I had left the bed; he was still lying on his back and his hands gently clutching the pillow behind his head.

I smiled at him as I walked back to the bed and he returned it. This was how I wanted to spend my time; hanging out with Gerard, and even though he was acting cute right now, I preferred him when he was a bit more… mature.

“Stop sulking; it won’t help”

He grimaced at me but sat up, flinging his legs over the edge of the bed and sat next to me.

“Fine. Start studying then…” he responded, putting a hand on my shoulder and suddenly pressed me backwards, making my back hit the bed. He wasn’t slow to follow. He placed himself next to me with one arm over my chest to keep me down; I struggled, weakly though, but he just added more pressure against my chest.

“You want me to lie down and study?”

He laughed and nodded with his lips in a wide smile, showing off his small teeth and he craned his neck, kissing me on the cheek.

“Start studying now, my little geek…”

I wrinkled my nose at the nickname, making him laugh again, and then I took the book that had landed on my stomach as he had pulled me down, and placed it on my chest so I could read. It didn’t take long until I had his lips on my neck. Inwardly, I was smiling like a mad man, but my face said the opposite, my eyebrow raised.


He pulled away and bent his head down with his chin to his chest and looked up at me with his lips sucked in – kinda like how a three year old does when they’re trying to get a cookie before dinner. I laughed softly without separating my lips and instead allowing the air to go out my nose.

“You’re cute” I smiled.

“Yuh’re cyter” he said in a French accent and pulled up his hand, placed it on my cheek and turned my head slightly to face his. His lips were soon in contact with mine, the slightly chapped, but yet so soft and warm flesh pressing against my own. I giggled girlishly, separating my lips as I did so, almost making him kiss my teeth, and he giggled back. I mumbled something about studying, but I don’t think I even managed to put together a correct sentence since his tongue had sneakily found its way into my mouth.

“I’ll blame you for my falling grades” I said, my lips twisted into a smirk as I pulled away and he licked his lips, obviously satisfied with the kiss he had stolen.

“Be my guest”

I sighed, rolling my eyes and returned to the history book. Gerard finally gave up his antics and instead leaned his head on my shoulder, reading with me.


“I read this last year” he said after five minutes of complete silence and I sighed heavily, allowing my head to fall to the side to rest against his.

“No shit, Sherlock”

The room fell silent again, but this time, it only took three minutes before it was broken.

“What’s that?” he asked, pointing at a random word in the book with his index finger. At first I though he just wanted to distract me, but realized that it was a hard word.

“I don’t know” I told him, “I think it’s Latin”

His face dropped into a blank expression and he went silent, just looking at me for a second before declaring, “I thought it was a bug”

Note to self; never study when Gerard’s around.


“Aargh…” Gerard sighed, expressing how bored he was for about the fifth time in, let’s say, twenty seconds and I flicked the hair out of my face in annoyance and desperately tried to remember the sentences I was reading. “Aren’t you done yet?”

As I didn’t answer, he let out yet another sigh.

“Sorry, I’ll stop bothering you…”

It went five minutes before he opened his mouth again.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked. We were in the exact same positions as before; both of us lying down in my bed and him with his head on my shoulder.

“Mhm?” I said absentmindedly and flipped the page in the old school book. God, how I hated to study… especially when there was so much I could do instead of it, like spending time with Gerard. I had seriously thought about going up extra early the next morning to study instead of now, but knew that, at 6am, studying history isn’t something my brain’ll appreciate.

“Are you doing anything special this weekend?”

I smiled and turned my head to look at him, silently wondering why this question couldn’t wait until tomorrow since I was busy right now, but I guess that just showed how bored he was.

“Not that I can think of… I might have to study since you’re proving it to be impossible…”

He ignored the last part of my answer; “So… I was thinking that maybe we could hit the town? You, me and the guys, or maybe just you and me”

“That could be fun,” I responded, and turned my head away from him, returning to the book, “I don’t have anything against your friends, but can’t we go alone?”

“Sure.” His arm placed itself lazily over my chest, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek before declaring that he should get going; “I’m just in the way of your studying anyway”

“You certainly are” I agreed with a smile, letting my fingers run along his arm as he got up from the bed, “Am I being terribly rude if I don’t walk you to the door?”

“No” he laughed and placed himself in front of me, bending over slightly and placed his hands on my thighs, “I’ll see you tomorrow”


Surprisingly enough, the history test went great. Note to self; always study when Gerard’s around.

[A/N; Sorry for the lack of meaning in the last chapter, it was just a filler ^^ Thanks for reading, you guys are the sex
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