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I was so ready for this.

I let out the smallest moan into his ear, which was right next to my mouth as he was kissing my neck, and he moved his arms up from where they had been hugging my chest out to meet my hands. He took them in his, and he brought my arms up over my head, where he held them still. I found this even more exciting since it was leaving the rest of my body helpless, and making it impossible for me to defend myself. I don’t know why, but it turned me on. –Which he could probably tell by the way the button of my jeans was about to fly off. Not that I was alone. He had a pretty impressive tent in his pants…

He pulled away from our heated kiss, leaving us both panting, and released my arms just to take off his shirt. I seized the chance of momentary freedom and buttoned up his jeans, but as I got to his zipper, his shirt was off and he caught my arms and pressed them up over my head again. I giggled excitingly as he, instead of simply kissing my lips or neck; he went lower to kiss my chest. Usually, I’m extremely ticklish, but this… this just felt nice.

I arched my back up as he went even lower, kissing down my stomach and over my bellybutton. This made it a problem for him to keep my hands over my head, so after kissing each of my protruding ribs, he went back up to my face. But instead of starting to kiss me, he simply looked at me, studying my face. It felt strange, having his eyes scanning my face like this, since you don’t really do that unless it’s a joke, you know; to stare at someone to annoy them. But what Gerard did, I can’t even say. It was more then just looking, yet it was less than trying to figure out every secret I could possibly have. I looked back though, into his hazel eyes, and smiled.

“I’ve never felt like this before…” he whispered, he kept eye contact with me, which I found strong of him; he also managed to say it without blushing.
I couldn’t even hear it without blushing.
His lips gently skimmed over my cheek for a second, closing his eyes, before he once again looked into mine. I guess he was waiting for an answer, which I wasn’t gonna deny him, or he just enjoyed looking at me.

“Me neither,” I whispered back and Gerard smiled, or more grinned, down at me. Once again he let go of my arms, this time so he could pull up the covers over us. Grinning wickedly, he leaned down and gently pecked my lips.


As he snaked his tongue into my mouth again, I felt this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. At first, I thought it had been excitement, which it partly was, but realized there was a lot of nervousness involved as well. I knew we weren’t about to have sex, God, we’d barely seen each other naked… Not that I was scared of a simple hand job either. Just nervous. Really nervous.

But excited.

God, I sound like a girl.

Although my pants were already half way down my thighs, his hands hadn’t been anywhere near my crotch. I guess he was scared I’d freak on him like the night at Bert’s house- insert embarrassed feelings here at the memory- so as his hand came close, I placed my own hand upon his and brought it to my crotch, a small smirk adorning my face. Where I got my courage from, I’ve no idea.

He shook ever so gently with laughter, breathing straight into my ear with his nose since the tip of it was pretty much inside it as he was kissing the end of my cheekbone. His warm hand cupped itself over my crotch, and I slowly felt how the excitement was taking over my body, pressing the nervousness away. I felt light-headed, and everything only got even more amazing as his hand slowly crept under my boxers. I turned my head to face him, and he stopped kissing my cheekbone and instead went for my lips.

After a couple of agonizingly slow seconds, his hand was finally pumping my now fully erected dick. I had really thought I’d be blushing like hell at this point, and be just extremely nervous and fuck everything up, but I felt strangely good… Like I was born to do it. Okay, not born to be jerked off, that’s an exaggeration, and it sounds way too perverted, but at least I was comfortable about it.
As his hand continued to stroke me, his thumb was rubbing over my slit, and I had to break away from our kiss to get enough air, only to immediately breathe it out. I put my forehead against his cheek, closed my eyes, but his hand, the free one, cupped my face and lifted up my head up slightly. His strokes got firmer, he pumped harder and harder, and I could no longer stay silent.

“Oh…” I moaned and closed my eyes, breathing hard, “Oh, fuck…”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and slowly started to thrust into his hand, making my body rock against his. My dick was throbbing painfully, like a second heart, and I was so desperate for more physical contact I could die. I pressed my naked chest against his warm one, and I had to bow my head down slightly as he started kissing my shoulder, gently biting on the sensitive skin right under my ear. It felt so good I could’ve screamed, though it probably would’ve ruined the moment. “Oh my fucking God, Gerard…”

His mouth moved away from my neck, over to my mouth, down to my chin and I tilted my head back so he could kiss down my throat and over my Adam’s apple. My hips were moving back and forth so fast I was basically fucking his hand, but he didn’t seem to mind as he only went harder. The guy had some pretty amazing hands… And fingers. He was touching me in places I didn’t even know could feel so good. Sure, I had jerked off before, this was way better, and a hell of a lot more exciting.

His thumb had once again went back to slit, where it was now smearing my pre-come all over the head of my dick, making me moan even harder. Our chests were rising and sinking so fast, and I could really feel his heart beating through his skin as his hand skilfully slowly brought me to my orgasm.
His touch was so hard that I could barely breathe anymore, my eyelids started to flicker shut, my hips furiously thrusting into his hand, and hearing him moaning in my ear wasn’t making anything less intense.

“Frankie- ohhh… oh-“

A warm, pleasant feeling was building up in the pit of my stomach, telling me I’d come any second. Gerard sensed it as my body stiffened, and he frantically stroked me so hard it almost hurt as he sloppily kissed my lips, and I kissed back the best I could. Seconds later, with a low, hard moan, I finally came, the hot liquid spraying straight into Gerard’s hand.

My lungs would explode any second, along with my heart, that was how fast they were beating. Slowly, the realization crept up on me of what had just happened, what I’d just experienced. Gerard giggled a girly giggle in my ear, and it made me smile so wide my mouth actually hurt. I couldn’t, just couldn’t believe it; how good it had felt, how, there’s no word for how it had felt, it had just been… I don’t know.

“What are you gigglin’ at?” I asked softly, giggling myself as my eyes came in contact with his.

“Nothing…” he said with a smile as he cleaned up his hand on the hem of the sheet. Suddenly the door opened and in came Mikey, carrying at least three books in his arms. My body stiffened, and I silently thanked Gerard for pulling the covers over us, as Mikey’s eyes darted from Gerard, to me, back to Gerard, and back to me before he simply rolled his eyes.

“Gross, guys” he announced before walking into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him with his foot. “I would give you some privacy right now, but I need to use the computer for a sec.”

“Mikey,” Gerard said slowly, “Out”



Mikey pouted for a second at his brother, probably to get some compassion, but when it didn’t work, his face changed into a smirk.

“Mom…!” he called and my eyes nearly bulged out of my skull. Gerard seemed to get the same reaction. He jumped up from the bed- Mikey squealed as he had thought Gerard was naked under the covers- and within two seconds, his arm was around Mikey’s neck in a strangling position.

“Never mind!” Mikey called out to his mother and Gerard let go of him, patting his head.

“Good boy. Now, out!” he pointed at the door demandingly and Mikey, after giving his brother a rather hard punch on the arm, ran out. With a sigh, he turned to look at me and a smile crept up on his face, “I’m really sorry, I’ll beat him up later, he-“

“Don’t worry about it” I assured him, finding their brotherly antics pretty amusing, “Maybe I should go”

Tell me I should stay.
Tell me I should stay.
Tell me I should stay.
Tell me I should stay…
“Oh… Uhm, alright…” he said and his smile faded increasingly as he talked. I looked down at my clothes, lying scattered around his bed and silently cursed us both for being shy right now. I just said I should go just in case he was be embarrassed, but by the disappointment in his voice, he probably didn’t want us to separate just yet. He opened his mouth like he was about to say something as I picked up my shirt from the floor, but he closed it again when I looked at him.

“I’ll walk you to the door” he said when we both were dressed, “Or to the bathroom…” he added with a smirk, “You should fix your hair”

I turned to look at the TV and laughed at my own reflection; my hair looked like someone had ran their fingers through it while giving me a hand job went amuck with a hairdryer and a bottle of hairspray. It looked pretty good though, but if his mom saw me, she’d definitely know what had been going on, not to mention how my own mother would react once I got home.

“Come here” he said, beckoning for me to come over to him. I walked up to him and placed myself only two decimetres away from him, and he gently ran his hand through my hair, combing it to its usual hairstyle to fix it. I stood there, smiling goofily and tried to make myself stop looking into his eyes.
- Just look anywhere else; at his mouth, his chest, even over his shoulder... but no, his eyes were strangely attractive at the moment, like magnets they forced my own to look into them.

I noticed how he had stopped combing my hair and instead was just making small, circling patterns on the back of my neck.

“How’s my hair?”

“Great, thanks to me”


Mikey and Mrs. Way were sitting in the kitchen. Both of them looked at Gerard and me when we walked by; Mikey smirked evilly at Gerard and their mother smiled knowingly at us.

“Hi boys” she said with a voice that clearly showed that she was excited; Mikey had obviously told her how he had found us up in his bedroom. I didn’t know if Mikey realized that he was making me feel awkward as well, or if he had just set his mind on humiliate Gerard and get revenge.

“Hi…” Gerard mumbled, pushing me forward to make me walk faster over to the front door. As we approached it, I was desperately trying to come up with an excuse for me to stay with him, or for him to come with me but even in my head they sounded pretty pathetic so I lay all my hope in him.

“I’ll see you later then” he said when I had, very slowly, pulled on my shoes.

“Yeah,” I agreed and leaned forward to kiss him. He did the same and our lips met in a warm kiss, which developed into a wrestling-match between our tongues. Smiling, I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him closer and he soon placed his arms around my waist. He playfully bit my bottom lip when I tilted my head backwards to make him kiss me deeper, and I giggled, too girlishly for my liking, but it seemed to amuse him; he grinned against my lips. Slowly, his hands crept under my shirt, but sadly, his mother interrupted us.

“Gerard honey- oh!”

Her voice startled both of us and we flew apart.

“Yes, mom?” Gerard mumbled quietly while rubbing his forehead awkwardly, looking down at he floor. Mrs. Way on the other hand was beaming like the sun itself. I didn’t know that was the reaction you get when you see your son making out with someone, but whatever makes her happy…

“Oh, never mind,” she smiled, waving her hand goofily at us before walking back into the kitchen. Gerard took down his hand from his face and instead looked up at the ceiling with a very pissed off look.

“Next time, we’re at your house…”

I laughed and closed the gap between us that had been made when we jumped away from each other, but I have to agree with him… in my house, you’ll have some more privacy. My lips made contact with his again and the irritation was wiped away from his face, much to my happiness. We got back to our previous positions, arms around each other, and I just prayed to God his mother wouldn’t come back.

“Why do you have to go?” he mumbled against my lips. His breath was hot against my skin. “I mean, is there anything you have to do, or can I come with you?”


“You can come with me”.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked, laughing where I stumbled forward, led by no less than Gerard himself. The correct word to describe what was going on would be kidnapping, though Gerard and company didn’t agree. According to them, this was just a better way to celebrate my birthday. I had no idea of where we were going, and would probably not know any time soon since we had just started walking from my house. God, people must think we’re crazy… Two people surrounding a third one, who’s wearing a god damn blindfold. Oh well, it’s Halloween, we’re supposed to do stupid things.


I got no answer, which I hadn’t gotten to my previous questions either. I knew they were there though; Gerard was right next to me with his arm protectively around my back so I wouldn’t fall, and I was pretty sure Bert was the one trying to suppress his laughter as he continuously told Gerard to lead me into a wall or something. Fortunately, Gerard didn’t listen to him. Where Billie, Mike and Tré were, I had no idea. I hadn’t seen them before, and I couldn’t hear them anywhere near me.

“Up” Gerard suddenly ordered and I slowly lifted my right foot up. The front of my shoe hit something hard so I continued to raise it, thinking it was probably a very high stair step. “Not there, you idiot…” he laughed softly, “That’s a wall”

“And how the hell was I supposed to know that?”

“Female intuition?” Bert chimed in and I aimed a punch at what I thought was in his direction, but I only punched through thin air.

“Knock it off, we’re gonna be late” Gerard said and turned me slightly to the left before once again saying, “Up”

“Late for what?” I asked, trying to sound casual so he’d forgot that it apparently was a secret. But sadly, I was only met with silence. “Hello…?”

“He’s one hell of a talker…”

Gerard laughed at Bert’s comment, “He’s one hell of a lot of things”

“Oh, kinky, Gerard”

“Is sex all you think about?”

“I’m offended. You’ve known me for what? Fourteen years and still you’re asking me that question”

“You didn’t become a sex-craving monster until you turned twelve…”

“What do you know about that…”

“Hey, hey, hey, a little less talking and a little more steering Frank away from hard things!” I exclaimed and took a hard grip around Gerard as I felt my elbow brush against something hard, probably a wall or a streetlamp. They ended their pointless conversation and instead laughed at my pathetic tries to try to avoid things I couldn’t even see. “Are we there yet? My eyes are itching!”

“Actually… We are” Gerard declared, but didn’t take away the blindfold. “Bert, take this, and I’ll go and see if the guys are here yet”

The sound of rustling paper and plastic was heard.

“What’s that?” I asked, indicating at the sound, “And where have the guys been?”

“Absolutely nothing…” Gerard mumbled, while Bert chose to answer my other question.

“They’ve been at band practise,” he said, pronouncing the last two words with a mocking voice.

“They have a band?”

“Kinda. Not that they’ll make it big or anything…”

“Bert, that’s no way to talk about your friends,” Gerard scolded, though sounding quite amused, “You’re just jealous”

“Am not. I’m just stating the obvious… You can’t expect to get taken seriously while having a band name such as Sweet Children-”

“You’re jealous” Gerard butted in, “I’ll be back in a sec.”

I had to admit, being left alone with Bert while wearing a blindfold weren’t something I would’ve normally put up with, but since all he did was to sulk quietly next to me, it didn’t bother me.

“They’re inside, come on” Gerard was back, and the sound of rustling paper and plastic was heard once again as he took whatever it was he had given Bert just minutes ago.

“Inside of where?” I asked, though knowing perfectly well they wouldn’t answer. Gerard laughed at me, gave me a kiss on the cheek before he took my hand and slowly led me forward.


Warmth and the smell of popcorn hit me in the face as soon as we came inside. A cinema. A smile crept up over my face and as Gerard saw it, he laughed.

“You know where we are, don’t you?”

“The smell gave it away”

“Damn. I should’ve brought a nose clip.”

I laughed, then felt the fabric that was covering my eyes slip away and seconds later, the light in the foyer of the cinema hit my eyes. Squinting my eyes for a second, I looked around and smiled at my friends. “So this is what we’re gonna do tonight?”

“It’s one of the many things, yes” Gerard said, nodding while smiling goofily, “We’re gonna see a horror movie, go trick or treating and then go to a Halloween party”

“Go trick or treating?” I asked, strongly doubting we’d be getting any candy whatsoever. I mean, why give candy to five sixteen year olds and a fifteen year old when you can give it to small, sweet blonde-haired six year old girls?

“Yeah… But we’ll just screw the part where we give people a choice” Bert explained with a grin, “It’s a small tradition of ours”

“Oh… So what exactly do you do?”

“Throw egg and tomatoes at people’s houses.”

Before I could respond to Bert’s comment, I was knocked aside by a body flying straight into mine, almost making me fall to the floor. I managed to stay up with help from Bert, who had caught me by the shoulder.

“Happy birthday!” the unknown person bellowed in my ear and I let out a small shriek in both pain and surprise. “How old are you anyway? Like… sixteen?”

“He’s fifteen, Bill, now get off him” Gerard laughed and pulled away Billie from me, “How did band practise go?”

It only took one look at Billie to see something was wrong. His eyes were bloodshot and glazed, as if he had cried recently but he didn’t look sad at all. Actually the opposite, he was smiling like a maniac and didn’t even seem to notice that his lips were so dry the flesh had started to tear up, making small lines of dried blood visible.

“We like… didn’t have band practise, y’know, because we like… forgot” he grinned, blinking repeatedly as he talked and put his arm around Bert’s neck. Though he only stayed in that position for a few seconds before he was nearly sent to the floor, just like I almost had been just minutes ago. The reason that had caused Billie to fall was Mike, who was now laughing hard while lying next to Billie on the foyer floor. Several people glared at them, but they didn’t seem to notice; Mike looked just as demented as Billie.

“Are you high or something?” Bert asked while pulling Mike up by the collar of his jacket.

“Yeah, they are” a voice said behind us and I recognized it as Tré. He didn’t look high at all, but amused to see Billie on the popcorn-filled floor. “They found some sort of drugs in Billie’s brother’s room and well… they tried it”

“And how come you’re such a good boy?” Gerard asked Tré while bending down to help the laughing Billie up, “I’m having a hard time thinking you’d say no to drugs.”

Tré made a mocked glare at Mike and Billie, “The shitheads took it all.”

“Ah… But wait, fuck…” Gerard sighed, “How the hell are we supposed to make them shut up during the movie? They’ll fucking get us kicked out!”

Billie, who was looking at Gerard with certain interest from where he stood next to him, put an arm around Gerard’s neck while holding up his index finger in front of Gerard’s face, as if he wanted Gerard to listen, “Now look… That- that won’t be like a problem or anything” he slurred, shaking his head vigorously, “’Cuz Mike… Mike and I can be very, very quiet… y’know” The sentence ended in whisper, and with his index finger over his lips as to really point out how quiet they could be. “Right, Mike?”

“You…” Mike gasped, clutching his side, who hadn’t heard a word of what Billie just said, “You look, you look like a girl!”

The two burst out in laughter. Gerard rolled his eyes at them, “Yeah so anyway… Do you want your presents now, or later?”

It took me a second before I realized he was talking to me since I had been watching Mike and Billie try to hold each other up while laughing. “Oh, right. Yeah, presents, sure”

“Eh… About that…” Tré said slowly as Gerard started to rummage through the plastic bag he had been carrying, and I realized it was my birthday presents he had kept in it.

“You forgot?” Gerard asked, still trying to reach the bottom of the plastic bag.

“No,” Tré said, shaking his head, “But Mike was in charge of that…” He made a small gesture at Mike who was studying his hand with such interest his eyes nearly bulged out of his skull. “But don’t worry; we’ll pay for the movie”

“You really don’t have to” I laughed, but realized that someone had to pay for it since I didn’t bring my wallet. As said, I was kidnapped and there was no time to bring necessities. “Anyway, let’s bring on the existing presents then!”

Gerard laughed, waving at me to come closer so I could get my present from his bag. “Alright… Do you want mine, or Bert’s present first?”

With one look at Bert’s rowdy face, I came to the conclusion that his present was something evil, so I turned to look at Gerard. “Yours”

Bert made a strange noise, a mixture of a snort and a cough to let me know I had offended him, “My present’s a lot better than his…”

Gerard grinned at Bert while picking up a medium-sized package, wrapped all in black with black a black ribbon around it from the bag. Looking at me while giving it to me, he said; “You already know what you were gonna get from me so I bought you two things… or well, one and a half.”

I slowly opened the present, taking my time with all the tape- I highly suspected he had wrapped it himself since there were a lot of it- and out fell a pair of black, proper gloves with white skeleton bones on them, just like the ones I already had, but mine were fingerless.

“Woah, thanks!” I beamed at him, immediately pulling on the gloves, but then noticed there was something more in the package. I unfolded the paper completely, revealing a CD I had lost hope in ever finding, Ramones Mania. “Woah,” I said again, though this time slower, “How did you know I didn’t have this?!”

“I might’ve heard you complain because you couldn’t find this album anywhere…” he grinned, and I, grinning back, literally bounced over to him and flung my arms around his neck. It was true though, I had complained a lot, but that had just been a hint for my mother to hear, not him. But I wasn’t complaining anymore, I had the god damn album!

Seconds later, my lips were in contact with his. If it had been me or him who started the kiss, I’ll never know, but at least I was the one deepening it. I tilted my head to the side, slowly sliding my tongue into his warm mouth, past his soft lips, and was happily welcomed by his own tongue. It was like kissing silk- though I doubt that would taste as good as this-, just warm, sweet, soft… Our chests sunk into each others jackets, and I could feel him smile widely as my hand travelled up from where it had been on his back to his neck.

“Ah, we’re not so prude anymore, are we Gerard? Making out in public… Pff…”

“Mmgh- go” Gerard mumbled and I felt his body jerk a little as he waved at Bert to go away from where he stood behind my back. Gerard pressed me closer against him, his hand placed itself on the back of my head, playing with the locks of my hair and our tongues slipped in and out of our mouths. I started to feel a bit anti-social, though I knew all Tré and Bert had their hands full with trying to make Billie and Mike to stop singing/screaming, it still made me feel like I was pushing them aside.
Maybe it was because I was still kinda new in the group, but it always made me feel guilty kissing or simply being cuddly with Gerard whenever they were around. I pulled away, licked my bottom lip and smiled at him. His eyes were shining with that same old mischievousness that I had come to love, and his lips were both red and coated with saliva.

“Thanks for the presents…” I said quietly, my mouth still just inches away from his, so I quickly pecked his lips. “I loved them.”

“I’m glad you did… And just so you know, the CD was from Mikey as well…”

“I’ll remember to thank him”

“Great, you’re done!” Bert said behind my back, and with a swift movement, Gerard had turned me around so we were both facing Bert, and Gerard with his arms resting over my shoulder and down my chest. “Open my present!”

He handed me a white envelope. The front of it was completely covered in doodles, random words and smiley faces, but the backside was clean.

“Thanks,” I smiled, fearing what would be inside. I opened the envelope and pulled out the papers inside of it. As Gerard saw what it was, he burst out laughing, and bent his head down to lean his forehead against my shoulder. It was a single condom, plus at least five pamphlets about safe sex and how to avoid HIV and other diseases.

“Damn Bert, I love you!” Gerard laughed, taking on of the pamphlets from me to read on it.

“I know. Too bad I don’t go for guys… We would’ve made a beautiful couple” Bert grinned, “Told you my present was better than yours”

“Oh, they’re quite equal” I smirked as I played with the square-formed, purple plastic the condom was wrapped up in. “Here. You take this…” I said and twisted my arm backwards to put it in Gerard’s back pocket. Realizing how evil I could actually be, I slipped the condom down his pocket while pressing my hand hard against his arse, as if my arm was twisted so badly I had to do so.

“And what do you think you’re doing, mister…?” he whispered in my ear, seeing through my evil plan, “Molesting me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about… Are we gonna see a movie or not?”


As the result of my question, we, twenty minutes later, made our way into the saloon, and thanks to a small incident with the cashier lady- Bert had to swear in the name of God that our friends weren’t high or drunk- we got inside just as the commercials were over. In all honestly, I had no idea what movie we were gonna see, but since I wasn’t paying for it either it didn’t bother me.

It only took about ten minutes to classify the film as bad. The actors were terrible and the special effects were even worse, I could tell by the way Gerard was paying more attention to the straw of his soda than he was to the movie that he agreed. Billie and Mike on the other hand were gasping and shrieking loudly as soon as something happened, though way too loud, and Bert and Tré desperately tried to make them shut up. Bert’s method was to stuff popcorn into their mouths, while Tré simply slapped them.

Another ten minutes passed and I couldn’t even busy myself with drinking my soda since I had drunken it all up. Gerard reached out to take my hand, but not to hold it, but to look at my watch.

“An hour left… Great.” he whispered, sighing, “This movie sucks.”

“I know” I whispered back, and suddenly the whole saloon was enlightened by an explosion from the movie screen. Another bad special effect… the speakers boomed and crunched while the screen blinked in different colours, making Gerard’s skin change colour repeatedly. I realized that he hadn’t turned his face away from me to look at the screen, but just sat and looked at me with a smile. “What?”

I should’ve known, huh?

He slowly leaned towards me and seconds later our lips touched. Thinking that kissing him was way better than watching the movie, I happily kissed back, pressing my tongue against his lips. I was getting the hang of this, weren’t I? I obviously was since he parted his lips to meet my tongue with his own.

Somewhere in the background I could hear Mike laughing hard at something, Tré hissing at him to shut up, people chewing on their popcorns and the movie’s upbeat music, but not as clear as I had done a second ago. It was like a wall of soundproof glass had been set up between the rest of the world and Gerard and me, all I could hear clearly was the sound our tongues and lips were making. He placed his hand on my cheek, kissing me a bit harder, then let his hand caress its way to the back of my neck where it started to play with the neck of my shirt. Just the simple touch made me shudder, and I could feel him smile against my mouth before he pulled away.

“Just wanted to do that…” he whispered, and I smiled while leaning forward to continue the ended kiss.

[A/N; I promise, this story is going somewhere...
Oh, and thanks to xDisenchantedWithMCR for helping me with this chapter... you're amazing.]
[I’ve had really bad writer’s block this week, but then I saw this person having my story on their profile and my muse for this came rushing back. Thank you.]

The so-called Halloween party was at a rundown, gloomy house, but the singing and laughing guests were making it stand out from the rest of the houses on the street like a neon light in the dark. People had spread out all over the place; most of them were inside, others in the garden and some had even taken the party out on the street to try and wake up the neighbours. Stupid, if you’d ask me since they’d end up calling the cops, but yet understandable as the guests were pretty drunk. Neither of us knew who was hosting the party, not even Bert who had been invited to it in the first place. Speaking of Bert, the poor guy had been dragged away from us by a dark-haired girl with a mask of heavy make up, though I guessed it was some kind of Halloween make up. Or so I hoped… she looked pretty much like a hooker with it.

Suddenly, my cellphone started vibrating in my front pocket and I hastily picked it up, remembering with a pang of guilt that I was supposed to call mom and tell her where I was once I actually knew the answer myself.

“Hello?” I said into the phone, but couldn’t hear the respond. “Hello?”

“Frank, where are you?!” my mom exclaimed. I could barely hear her from the music blaring out from the house and the loud voices around me.

“I’m at a party, okay? I gotta hang up, I can’t hear you”

“Wait, wait, wait!” I heard her call, “Party? What party? Frank, I-“

“Don’t worry, I’m with the guys! I’ll be home in a few hours, bye-“

“Hang up on me and I’ll ground you for life!” she was practically screaming now; I didn’t know whether she did it so I could hear her or if she was mad, “What kind of people are at that party?”

“Gerard’s friends!”

Her answer was drowned in a scream next to me; a guy had picked up a girl, supposedly his girlfriend, and was now spinning around with her on his back. “What?!”

“Alcohol?” mom roared and I looked at the liquor bottles people were clutching in their hands.

“Yeah, but I won’t drink! Okay?”

“Promise!” she called, “Bye!”

I hung up.

“Come on!” Gerard called over the loud music. I was the only one to obey him since Tré, Billie and Mike were nowhere to be seen, so together Gerard and I got inside the crowded house.

People were dancing like crazy, I bet at least half of them were on some sort of drug; couples were shamelessly making out, either standing up or laying in the couch in the living room. The whole place smelt of alcohol, and the music was deafeningly loud; God, how I loved it.

Gerard beckoned for me to follow him into a small kitchen where a table full of beverages stood. “Want a beer?”

One beer wouldn’t hurt. It wasn’t like I would get drunk or anything so without hesitating, I nodded and he threw a golden beer can to me. Opening it, I gulped at least half of it down, then craned my neck to look at the people dancing in the living room. “Come!” I smiled, talking pretty loud so Gerard’d hear me, “I wanna dance!”

He smirked at me, “I hate-“

But he couldn’t finish his sentence; I had dragged him out of the kitchen by the arm. I could hear him protest behind me, saying things like he couldn’t dance, didn’t want to dance, hated dancing and something else about how I was making him spill beer all over himself, but I wasn’t listening. I dragged him into the centre of the ‘dancefloor’, and while I rhythmically started to move my body to the music, he stood still with the beer in his hand, eyebrow raised in an amused look.

“Gerard…” I whined, “Move!”

“I’ll be happy to” he smirked and took a couple of steps backwards, but I seized his hand.

“Not move away, move, as in dance with me!”


I flung my arms around his neck, swayed my hips in beat with the music.
When he had said we were going to a party I had expected some normal party, hosted by a cheerleader, with r’n’b music and in a fancy-ass house not too different from the one Bert was living in, but this was completely different. The house almost looked abandoned; there were no carpets or paintings on the walls, though the owners might’ve taken them away before the party, and the furniture looked old and worn out. Rock music was blaring out from the speakers in the back of the living room, and as the most fantastic guitar solo pierced straight into my heart, I felt Gerard starting to dance as well.

I took sip of my beer, noticing there was nothing in it, so I threw it sideways onto the dusty couch.

“You’re enjoying yourself, I see…” Gerard mewed in my ear, so quietly I could barely hear him.

“Am I not allowed to?” I responded, smirking at him when I noticed how he was looking at my dancing body.

- Time elapse -

Uncountable cans of beer and just as many make out-sessions, or more specifically; two hours later, I believe I was wasted. I had never been that drunk before, and I found it hilarious. As a matter of fact, I found a lot of things hilarious. Gerard was really hilarious; he was just as drunk as I and kept singing random lyrics out loud. Not well, I might add; he kept switching from a high-pitched voice to his normal one, making him sound like a retarded bird.

“Shh!” I laughed and put my whole hand over his mouth, “Spare my ears”

The party had slowly died around us, though there were still people dancing and talking but most of the guests had passed out or left. I could spot Tré making out with a girl on the couch, and Mike in the corner of the room, clearly with a bad headache, but yet he didn’t leave.

Something warm and wet was pressing against my palm and I quickly withdrew my hand from Gerard’s mouth. I hadn’t even realized it was still there, “Eww!”

Gerard stuck his tongue out at me, laughing, and got up from where we sat on the floor, “C’mon Frankie!”

“Where?” I giggled, slurring terribly at the single word. Gerard shrugged his shoulders at the same time as he gripped for a door handle to pull himself up with, resulting in him falling straight down on the floor again. I was seriously clutching my sides with laughter.

The air was so thick you could’ve cut it with a knife, or so it felt like. My lungs seemed to shrink with every heartbeat, but for the moment I just thought it was because I was laughing.
To be honest with you, I didn’t even think about it.

Gerard had managed to get up from the floor, but was very unstable both because of the alcohol and his non-stop laughter. He extended a hand for me to take, helping me up and it was quite a scene to see us pull that off. When we were both standing up, he didn’t let go of my hand, instead he started dragging me after him where he stumbled out of the living room and into the kitchen. There were remarkably more people in there, still drinking and talking. They were all so drunk they didn’t even noticed our presence. I stayed in the doorway, following Gerard with my eyes as he walked up to the sink and turned on the tap to drink some water.

Suddenly a quiet voice spoke, probably trying to be seductive but they were failing miserably. Something warm collided with my earlobe and giggle erupted. “Hi there…”

Grinning bewilderedly, I craned my neck slightly to see what it was and found myself staring straight into a couple of huge, brown eyes, marked with thick eyelashes laced with mascara. It was a girl. A scary girl, I might add. She scared the shit out of me. Then suddenly, she spoke again. “Are you here alone?”

Her words were just as slurred as mine and Gerard’s, but her eyes had already given away that she was drunk; she didn’t keep them still for a second. Instead, they darted across my face and body. Still with the bewildered grin on my face, I backed away a few steps as she reached out to touch my lips.

“No,” I told her and she pouted exaggeratedly, “Why?”

I wasn’t stupid, I knew she was flirting with me but I liked her better when she was talking than when she was trying to touch me. She was really pretty though with her big eyes and long dark-brown hair in dreadlocks hanging down past her shoulders, but she still freaked me out.

“Mmh, just wonderin’…” she giggled, putting a finger on her chin as if she was thinking and then started to walk closer to me, slowly closing the gap that I had created between us. A par of arms wrapped themselves around me and for a second I thought it was the girl, but recognized the smell that was now around me like a cloud to be Gerard’s. He wasn’t just hugging me though, he clearly wanted me to move, pressing me away from the girl, and I did nothing but obey. He kept pressing his body against me, and before I could even throw a last glance at the mysterious girl, Gerard had me pinned to the wall in a room I hadn’t been in before.

“Who was she?” he asked and my eyes fluttered shut as he started to kiss me neck, holding my arms over my head. His warm stomach was pressing against my own, and I could feel small sparks of excitement form in my abdomen.

“No idea” I mumbled. For a second, my eyes went blurry and Gerard’s face became unclear; maybe it was the alcohol, or was I crying? No, it was definitely the alcohol. His hips had started to thrust into mine gently and without any read reason, I started laughing as I kissed the part of his cheek that I could reach.

“What?” he asked, giggling slightly himself, “We sh-should get out of here by the way…”

“Why?” I asked, protesting by wriggling out of his grip, releasing my hands, and wrapped them around his neck. “I’m still enjoying myself…” I lowered my hands from his neck and instead put them around his waist.

“Mmh… So am I, but-“ he let out a sharp exhale through his nose as my hand wandered down from his waist, past his arse and settling it on the inside of his thigh, “- but-“ I managed to get another sharp exhale from him as I squeezed his arse with my hand, the one that wasn’t between his legs. “- but Frank, someone’s in the bed…”

I instantly turned around, resulting in getting terribly dizzy, and saw that we were in a bedroom. Or well, it was pretty dark but there was a bed and this was a room, so I’d say it was a bedroom. But Gerard was right; under the covers of the bed were two sleeping forms. Thankfully, they were still sleeping.

[A/N Sorry about the crappiness of the ending... XD I didn't know how to finish it.
R.I.P. Casey Calvert. I wasn’t a fan of HH, but I’ve read a lot of messages from their fans and I share their sorrow. I don’t even know what I’d do if any of my heroes died.]
“Woops” I giggled, realizing too late that I had to be quiet. Gerard slapped my arse from behind me for doing so, which only resulted in more laughter coming out. Giggling himself, he pushed me out of the room and quietly closed the door before attacking me. Soon, our arms were tightly wrapped around each other, his hands up my hair and mine around his waist. Our tongues were eagerly wrestling with each other, and the kiss proceeded outside of our mouths as soon as one of us pulled away slightly, our tongues flashing for anyone to see.

A few days ago, I had realized how hilariously fun it was to tease Gerard when it came to sexual stuff. He pretty much hated it, and in the end he’d always try to rape me, or take out his frustration in other ways, like giving me really fast and hard hand jobs... So when my hand had found his jeans button and was, as slowly as possible, trying to button it up, I could feel him get irritated just by the way he got rougher with his tongue. We both knew, even with the alcohol in our systems, we wouldn’t do anything like that in public. And this was pretty much in public, standing in a crowded corridor. Or maybe it doesn’t count as ‘crowded’ when the crowd has passed out?

The air was getting even thicker. It felt like the inside of my throat was getting swollen, like when you’re clenching your muscles in it, it made me feel nauseous and tired. It had also started to throb lightly in my forehead, and my eyes seemed to have a problem with focusing.

“Something wrong?”

Gerard’s voice seemed somewhat distant, and just as I was about to wonder why, I felt the spew rising in my throat. My hand instantly shot up to cover my mouth to prevent myself from throwing up on Gerard.

I didn’t even have to think or do anything, Gerard simply helped me out of the front door before I had even reacted and a second later I was throwing my guts up in some dead flowerbed. Gerard was, for some reason, laughing his ass off.

“Shut up…” I moaned when I found it alright to talk, and he stopped abruptly. Though I could still hear him giggle quietly. “Gerard!”

“You’re right, I’m sorry…” he said in a surprisingly serious voice, but a second later he exploded in laughter, “Sorry!”

“Fuck you” I muttered and bent over once again as I felt my stomach press up more bile. Still giggling lightly, Gerard took a step forward, got down on his knees next to me and kissed my cheek. That kinda explains how drunk he was, doesn’t it?

“We should go home” he said, and I could tell by the way his voice sounded so determined that I had nothing to say about it. Not that I would’ve protested anyway, I felt… kinda nauseous.


“Shh!” Gerard said and sloppily put his hand over my mouth, but I slapped it away to continue my laughing. “You’ll wake up your mother, you idiot!”

“So?” I laughed. I managed to get a smile out of him for a second and together we walked up to the front door of my house. He was practically holding up the two of us; he has sobered up remarkably. And I hadn’t.

“Come on, up Frankie…” he whispered as my legs suddenly collapsed under me. I started laughing at the sudden change of view; I could now only see his crotch while he was desperately trying to make me stand up again. “Cmon babe…”

“Babe” I laughed and nearly collapsed again. Gerard was fiddling with the lock, trying to make the key he had found in my pocket fit into the keyhole. Maybe I should’ve told him that the key was actually to a ‘secret box’, containing secret stuff that I had found important when I was seven, that I had in my room… It would’ve saved him some time, but I was too busy laughing at the nickname. “Like the pig…!”

“Yeah, you’re a pig” he muttered and as I laughed, I accidentally made a sound that would be suitable for a pig, and it only made me laugh even more. “Frankie, shut the fuck up!”

He had finally realized that it was the other key on the key ring and pressed it into the keyhole, but didn’t open the door.

“Promise you’ll be quiet when I open the door, okay?”

“Promise” I said, surprised over how serious I sounded. So did he.

“I’m serious. Be quiet… Pretend that you’re… you’re a mouse!”

Now, I might’ve been drunk, but I wasn’t that drunk.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ll be quiet.”

I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to be quiet, I mean, I lived here, it wasn’t like we were breaking in or anything and mom knew that we’d be home around this time. What time was it by the way?

Gerard carefully opened the door, wincing when it screeched, and then walked in with me right behind him. I kept my promise; I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say anything at all, but then all of a sudden the picture of me trying to be a mouse took over my brain and I started giggling uncontrollably.

“Shh, you’ll wake up your mom!” he hissed at me, and all of a sudden, the hallway was bathing in light.

“Too late, Gerard”

“Oh, great Frankie, just great…” Gerard murmured as a tired-looking Linda Iero stood in the doorway to the kitchen in her morning robe, shivering in the frosty wind that had slipped in when we opened the door.

“Do you know what time it is?”

“Eh…” Gerard stammered, “No…?”

“It’s 3.30. Do you know how long I’ve been sitting all alone, waiting for my only son to come home?”

Once again Gerard stammered out a no.

“Around three hours. Do you know when my job interview starts today?”

Another no.

“In five hours.” she said shortly. “I’m gonna go to bed, and since you brought him to that party, I expect you to take care of all this, right?”

“Yeah, of course.” Gerard’s voice sounded more and more sober, he had almost stopped slurring completely. Maybe because he heard the seriousness in mom’s voice, or maybe just because the alcohol was about to disappear out of his system. I guess he didn’t drink as much as I did. He started moving towards the stairs, but mom held up a finger. I was surprised Gerard even noticed it; I didn’t, but once again; he was clearly in better shape than I.

“Two things before you go.”


“I have an unopened jar of Aspirins in my medicine-cupboard. Make sure Frank takes about… zero of them.”


“I will notice if he has.”

I couldn’t really comprehend what they were talking about, but I was getting pretty tired of hearing them talk about me like I wasn’t there. I opened my mouth to protest, or to at least make them see that I was there when I felt my throat contract again. Retching, I caught their attention and mom snatched my arm, dragged me off to the kitchen and pressed me up against the sink where I emptied my stomach. When I was done, she gave me a glass, filled it with water and told me to rinse out my mouth before she lead me back out in the hall. It all had happened so fast my head was spinning.

“Second of all,” she continued like nothing had happened. “I trust you not to… take advantage of him… when he’s like this.”

And in a matter of seconds, Gerard’s face was completely drained from colour. “No, no, of course- of course not!”

“Awesome,” she yawned, “Tell him, when he’s back to functioning normal again, that he’ll have to meet my rage as soon as I get home.”

“You don’t seem mad…” Gerard said carefully, “My mom would’ve been furious.”

“Oh, I am. But I’m too tired to show it. Good night” and with that, she disappeared upstairs.

We stood still for a few seconds before Gerard wrapped an arm around my waist, supporting me, “You’re in big trouble…”

“Pff,” I said, waving with my hand in his face, “No…” I didn’t know what he was talking about so I just gave him a random answer.

“We need to get you to bed” he giggled and when I sneezed, he added, “You’re cute when you’re drunk”

“Thank you, babe” I giggled, only taking in the words, ‘you’ and ‘cute’. The world had begun to spin slightly, so my grip around Gerard tightened a little as we moved up the stairs.
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