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There Was Snow, White Snow

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Alena’s P.O.V.

The spot beside me was warm, but empty. A voice, a simple, sweet, familiar voice filled my ears to make up for the vacant area that surrounded me. I had never heard the song before, but it was so beautiful…

“When the moon fell in love with sun, he looked like he was barely hangin’ on, but her eyes saved his life, in the middle of summer…”

Brendon was singing, a song I had never heard sure, but it was still beautiful. I wanted to ask him what it was, but I did not want to make him aware that I was awake in case he stopped.

“Why are singing?” asked a familiar voice suddenly.
“No reason… just that the most amazing woman in the world is in the next room!” he exclaimed.
“You’re a nerd,” Ryan said with a sigh. “I hope you know that.”
“I’m well aware,” Brendon replied. I imagined a faux smirk played out on his face, causing me to smile.
“What are you doing anyways?” Ryan asked.
“Making breakfast.”
“You have a bowl of Cocoa Puffs.”
“That’s breakfast?”
“Alena will like it,” he threw back.
“Okay…” Ryan said.
Brendon walked through the threshold that separated the living room from the kitchen.
“Alena, “ he said, placing a large, warm hand on my shoulder blade. I opened my eyes slowly so he would think I was sleeping. “Do want some breakfast, baby?” he asked me softly.
“Yeah, of course.” He just handed me a pink plastic cereal bowl filled with round chocolate puffs.
“I know it’s not much, but I haven’t been in this dump so long that I kind of ran out of stuff. I’m going to go grocery shopping later if you want to come.”
I sat up and put on my glasses, allowing the world to become a clear and visible place once more. I made the bed spread stayed over my lap because I was only wearing a simple nightgown. Not my usual attire. Most often I went to sleep in my teddy bear pajama pants and my Panic! At the Disco tee from their original days. Back when Ryan drew little swirls on his face and Brendon wore a top hat. Back in the fun days.
I picked up the bowl and began to spoon the cereal into my mouth. I didn’t realize how hungry I had been.
“Yeah, shopping would be fun,” I said after chewing my food.
Brendon only smiled. “You might want to go get cleaned up babe. And prepare for paparazzi shots.”
I raised my eyebrow at him.
“The press is going to eat you up.”
Ryan walked in then. “Yeah. They will have a field day with you.”
“Okay, I’ll be ready,” I said.
“Cool. Well, if we just go to the Wal-Mart here, we can usually avoid too much of the craziness.”
After I had finished eating, Brendon took my bowl to the sink. “Go ahead and take a shower. There is one in my room--- our ro--- your room. Well, a bathroom is connected to it… you get the point?”
I laughed, nodded my head and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.


I let the water wash over my body, fall down on me like cleansing hands. I could feel the water burn against my still raw flesh on my wrist. It stung like hell, but it was my punishment. I brought my eyes to the still torn skin. My heart hurt at the sight, but I knew it was my fault. I caused it, no one else. I could blame each and every person in my life who did me wrong but I knew that I was my decisions that led me here. I chose to let their words hurt me. I chose to hate myself. And I certainly couldn’t put that on anyone.
I watched the soap run down my body and into the drain. Brendon still had all of his soap up here. His Old Spice, his Axe, his shampoo. I used all of them, trying to capture him in my skin. I even used his black shower poof. This was amazing. By far the most amazing moment ever…

“Baby?” A voice asked, followed by a knock on the door.
“Hold on, Brendon. I’ll be out in a second.”
“I can’t come in?” he whined and began to scratch at the door like a little lost puppy.
“No, Brendon!” I scolded. “Down boy.”
“Well then hurry,” he begged. “I miss your beautiful face.”

Brendon’s P.O.V.

I was just putting on and lacing up my red and black Air Nike’s when she came down the stairs. She was wearing light fade wash jeans, Clandestine Industries sweatshirt. It was black with a large pink bat on the front. She wore her brown hair curly and back in a pony tail with a black ribbon and pink polka dots all over it. And of course, her cute librarian glasses. She looked so pretty. She was so amazing.
“Ready?” she asked as she reached the bottom of the steps. I finished tying my left shoe and quickly stood up.
“I am now,” I replied, walking up beside her and taking her hand. She smiled at me.
“Good,” she whispered. I leaned in gave her a gentle kiss on her waiting lips. “Thank you,” she said.
“You are very welcome.”


She just sat with her eyes turned out her window. We hadn’t said much, but we had only been in the car a few minutes.
“What are you looking at?” I asked.
“Just the world,” she answered. “I like to think.”
“I’ve noticed.”
“Is that a good thing?” she asked, turning to face me.
“Yeah, it’s perfect,” I took my right hand from the steering wheel and took her hand.
“Can I tell you something, Bren?”
“Anything, baby,” I replied.
“I’ve never had a real relationship because I was afraid of pain.”
I looked over at her, right into her green eyes. “I won’t hurt you, I swear it to you.” I meant it. I really did.
“No,” she whispered. “I’m afraid of hurting you.”
“How could you hurt me?”
“I could die.”


She was lying next to me, her cheek resting on my chest. I leaned over and kissed the top of her head. We ended up not going to the store. We just drove around Las Vegas until it got dark before returning home.
She had fallen asleep in the car, her gentle head resting against the window. I laughed at her before carrying her up to my bed.
“When will this bed be our bed?” I asked against her skin. Of course, her sleeping self didn’t answer.
“You know Alena,” I said. I was going to confess something to her. Her, this girl asleep on my bed next to me. She had her face turned toward mine. Our lips were so close they almost touched, almost forming a kiss. “I think I love you. You make me feel like I can fly, like I have wings. You make me feel free and open. Audrey never made me feel this way. In fact,” I whispered against her lips. I could feel the air from my words bounce from her and back against me. I could feel the heat beneath each letter. “No one ever has.”
She slowly opened her green eyes at me. They were big and beautiful. The green was so deep it would put any big expensive emerald to shame. “Brendon…” she whispered.
I brought my hand to her face. “I’m here baby.”
“You babble.”
I let out a laugh. God, she was perfect. “I know,” I answered.
“It’s okay, baby, Don’t cry.”
I hadn’t even realized I was crying. But I felt them hot and fresh against my cheek.
“I’m not trying to,” I said with a laugh.
She reached her hand up to wipe them away. “What were you mumbling about anyway baby?”
“A whole lot of nothing,” I whispered. “I said nothing important.”
“I doubt that,” she said, giving me a kiss. I felt her smile against my mouth.
“You wouldn’t like it.”
“I wouldn’t?”
“Then you must not know me very well.”
“So tell me,” I said, looking her right in the eyes. “Tell me.”
“My favorite song is ‘It’s Time to Dance’. I’ve had a huge crush on this guy from this one band, you may have heard of them, for the past forever. I own a ton of their tee shirts.”
“Ummm…. Panic! At the Disco?” I asked.
“No! Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. Duh!”
I rolled my eyes. “That was mean.”
“You’re mean.”
“Oh, how so?”
“You stole my underwear.”
“I want them back.”
“Nope!” I wasn’t going to cave. There was no way in hell I was going to cave.
She just shoved me away and rolled over. “Then you can get out of my bed!” she demanded, pouting.
“Your bed?” I asked, propping up on one elbow so I could see her. “Oh, is it?”
“Yup,” she answered simply. She was squeezing her eyes shut, faking sleep. “You said so yourself, Brendon Boyd.”
“I can take it back.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“I would.”
“No, you wouldn’t.”
“Nope!” She sat up quickly and before I knew it had me pushed against the head board, he body startling mine. “I will tickle you until you leave.”
“Bring it,” I challenged.
“Oh, it’s been brought.” She began to quickly move her long, slender fingers up my shirt and over my abs. I tried to stifle my laughter, but it did no good. I couldn’t contain it.
“Take that villain!” she yelled, going at me.
I tried to fight back. I pushed her off and she landed on the carpet next to the bed with a loud thud where she broke into a rage of giggles.
“Baby,” I said, looking down on her. “I win.”
She just let out a sigh and blew the bands from her face. “Yeah, you do.”
“Fair?” I asked.
She nodded her head. “You can stay.”
I held out my hand and she climbed up next to me. I wrapped my arms around her just to keep her from falling off. “These moments make life worth living,” she whispered in my ear.
I couldn’t have agreed more. “That they do.”
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“For trying to kill myself.”
“I forgive you.”
“Do you?”
“You scared the shit out of me sure, but I know what life is like. It gets tough and hard to take. Life gets all fucked up and mixed around. It really is hard.”
“My whole life, Brendon, I had to fight and claw for everything. Nothing ever came free to me. My mom made sure my home life was rough and the kids at school made sure I was never safe. I didn’t have anywhere to run and no where to go. My only escape I found in books and photography. If I could capture something in a photo… that was the best part. Whether it be love, sadness, freedom or whatever. Once I had it in my camera, no one could take it from me. Even if they deleted it, it would always be mine in my heart and in my mind.”
I didn’t need to speak. I just brought my lips to the fragile tears that had developed beneath her eyes. I moved my hand slowly up her leg, all the way up to her stomach. I felt her skin beneath mine. I felt her muscles tighten then slowly relax. We remained that way for a long time.
“Brendon Urie, I think I’m falling in love with you.”
“Alena Miller, I think the same thing.”
And when our lips met that time, it was different. It was different beyond anything ever. That kiss sealed something. It sealed our fate, our destiny, or purpose. It made us complete, made us one, made us together. There was nothing more magical than what she concealed in the power of her touch.

Alena’s P.O.V.

I kissed his stomach. Of course he was asleep. He had been out for hours. But he was almost better asleep. If he was asleep, he couldn’t be a smart-aleck.
The morning sun broke through the curtain and cast it’s pale light on the blankets we found ourselves tangled in. No, we hadn’t made love. We had done so much better. We had just loved each other. We just held each other close and listened.
I could hear his heart beat beneath his breast plate. I wanted to share a heart beat with him. I wanted us to be one. One being. One love.
I gently caressed his chest, running my fingers over his smooth skin. I placed a kiss right on his chest. “Thank you, Brendon Urie.”
I didn’t need to say more.

[This is filler to help you learn the character’s relationship more. To help you better understand Brendon and more so Alena. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Yes, it was quite a bit longer. There is more action to come. And no fears, this story is no where close to over. Big plans ahead! And thanks so much for all of your wonderful reviews!]
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