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Your The One That I Need

by AstroZombiee

I'm The One That You Loathe.

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I sat on a chair, in the kitchen, reading mail. We got mail once a month, in our letterbox at the end of our one mile driveway. Me and Bob (who was recovering from a bad head injury; (thanks Mikey) had been talking earlier, when the mail had come. We had spoke about how it was unrealistic that they just move in here and that’s the end of it. Luckily, my dad’s family lived in England and my mom had none. All my friends had stopped talking to me when I started to get home schooled, and my parents had few friends. The only thing we had to worry about was bills. And, as Bob had said, they could pay them, via mail, they got enough money from their victims that they barely spent. We had established that if anyone came to our door, one of them would pose as an uncle or cousin, and we together would explain to the person that my parents were on holidays. Or kill them, depending who they were. Now that I had “fixed” Gerard, things were becoming stable again. I was slowly getting used to the guys, and even growing to like them. I dropped a brochure about Norfolk Island in the bin next to me and sighed. The sunlight was beaming in through the window and I was pleasantly warm. I heard footsteps in the lounge room and glanced over to the right. It was Mikey, stalking around grumpily. He was always angry these days, and I felt somewhat guilty for being the one who made him like this. But I guess, it was either Gee or Mikey that ended up unhappy and it was better for everyone if Gee was happy. I suddenly felt sad. Poor Mikey. I wished I’d never befriended him from the start. I should have just left him alone. Then we’d both be happy. But I guess I couldn’t take back the past. And even though Gerard was my choice, and I was confident in him, I found myself wondering what would have happened if I’d have stuck with Mikey. Would we have killed Gerard? Run away? Or kept it a secret, like we had before. I got lost in my daydreaming and didn’t even notice the sun slowly go down. I drifted from place to place, wrapped up in my thoughts. I sat on the couch dreamily, and was just thinking. It was pitch black outside by the time I was snapped out of my thoughts by the door opening, and Gerard skipping in. “Hi babe!” He sang happily and sat down next to me, kissing my cheek lightly. Bob walked in next, with some new girl. She was pretty, with long brown hair. She was wearing a green sweater, and in her hand was a pair of broken glasses. I noticed with distaste that one of her eyes was blacked. I sighed and lay back on the couch, and grabbed Gerard’s hand, still watching the hallway entrance. The girl in the green sweater was being pushed to the other side of the room by Bob, who wandered off into the kitchen. The girl’s hands and feet were bound, but she had no gag, and even when I turned away I could hear her tormented cries. Frank and Ray came in next, dragging with them three more people. One was a guy that looked somewhere between mine and Gerard’s age, he had black hair and was struggling angrily. He soon stopped when given a swift punch in the head from Ray, who Frank then high fived gleefully. The other two were a girl who appeared just older than me, and looked like she had just come from work or something, the way she was dressed. She must have been freezing, I thought, quickly checking her short sleeved satin top and above the knee shirt with thin stockings and high heels. She mustn’t have had time to get her coat. The last one was a teenage boy, with lots of pimples. “I know him. I think.” I whispered to Gerard. I did. I’d seen him around town, and I’d never really spoken to him, but I recognised his curly auburn hair and think glasses that magnified his eyes making them seem huge. I tried to place his name, but it didn’t come to me. Ronald? Billy? Bobby? Robert? Robert, I thought. That’s it. He looked at me and then around the room, then back at me. “Put the guys in the basement, leave Eb and Courtney.” Said Frank in a low voice. Ray and Bob nodded and forcefully dragged the two boys around the corner. Apparently the episode with Wil had been inspiring. The girls stood, bound and shivering, looking around with wide eyes. Part of me wanted to reach out, to help them. But I knew better. I looked away, anywhere but their confused and angry eyes. I glanced to Gerard, who was eying them hungrily. I leaned over and whispered into his ear “Gee, don’t hold back because of me. Do what you enjoy doing.” And what a thing to enjoy. Some couples have similar problems over sports, gambling, drinking… We certainly were inimitable. His eyes lit up and he smiled. “Really?” He said hopefully. I ruffled his hair. “Of course. I can’t tell you what and what not to do.” He stood up and kissed my hand “I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise. Thank you.” I nodded and curled my legs underneath me on the couch.
He got up and strode to the other side of the room and delivered a brutal slap to ‘Eb.’ I jumped at the sharp sound of his hand against her cheek. Again, I couldn’t comprehend how he could be so tender and cautious with me and yet to violent and ferocious to others. He kicked her in the shins and giggled to himself. I could see him struggling with himself not to look back at me. He was trying to convince himself I wasn’t there. Mikey skulked out and sat on the couch across the room from me. As mean as he was now, he still didn’t take part in the killings. I didn’t understand how he could attempt to shoot one of his best friends, but not a complete stranger. I didn’t understand anything Mikey could or couldn’t do anymore. I became interested in my nail beds as Gerard brought pained screams from both the girls, and was soon joined by Bob, Ray and Frankie, who had beer and rum, which of course made the whole thing a bit more interesting. For them, anyway. I opened the drawer in the coffee table and pulled out a little plastic white basket that had nail polish, nail files, cream, cuticle sticks and all the stuff necessary for a manicure. I usually did my nails while watching movies. I started to file my nails right down, blocking out the screaming and the torture in the corner of my eye. I just sat there, polishing my nails, for an hour or so, not looking up once, not noticing.
I should have paid attention.
A long time passed, and I had painted, and re-painted, scrubbed clean and cut my nails so much they were bleeding and jagged. I finally tore my eyes from my hands and saw that the sophisticated looking girl, Eb, was gone. The other girl, Courtney was crouched on the floor, alone. The guys were apparently retrieving the two guys. Courtney shivered slightly and looked around. Her face had been beaten to a bloody pulp, and she was sitting in a pool of blood. Well shit, I thought. Couldn’t they lay down a towel or something? Then I almost laughed, out loud. I was thinking about the carpet. I looked sympathetically at Courtney. She met my eyes and sobbed, her limbs shaking. “Who are you?” She whispered. I thought. I could hear the guy’s voices, coming closer, and everything that had happened over the last month was like a medley that spewed forth through my mind onto my tongue and made me say “I don’t know.”
Gerard sauntered in, and I could tell by the giddy smile on his face and vague look in his eyes he was more than a wee bit drunk. He staggered over to my couch, and suddenly I was scared. My eyes flickered over to where Mikey was sitting, but he was gone now. Gerard leaned in over me and kissed my neck “You gonna watch this time baby?” He whispered. I trembled and said back shakily “I don’t know, Gee. I-“ The sudden look of blind rage in his eyes told me I had given him the wrong answer. He pulled me up out of my chair and rammed me into the wall with his strong arms, and screamed “YES, YOU ARE!” I cried out and put my hands up in front of my face. I hazily heard the guys enter with the two boys, but they wouldn’t help me. Gerard’s fist came down and hit me hard in the jaw, and I yelped and scampered away, but was caught by Bob. “Sorry, babe. It’s either you or me.” He whispered, and thrust me back to Gerard’s arms. I shrieked and tried to run again, but he had me by the hair. He threw me down onto the couch, and demanded loudly of someone “Tape.” Before I knew what was happening, I was being bound to the arms of the chair, and to the bottom. “Gerard, stop!” I screeched, but he didn’t listen. When he was done, he grabbed my cheeks tightly in his hand and said “Now- Now you’ll WATCH!” drunkenly. I cried and shook, and managed to nod a few times. “Good.” He turned and said “Now, lets move on, shall we?” There was a murmur of approval from the guys, then music was playing and the games were on again.

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