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Would You Stay Right Here?

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He takes her back, and she makes the most important decision yet.

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It seems I was woken as soon as I had fallen asleep.
I was shaken away by one of the girls from before. She pulled me up and whispered frantically. “Come. I found a way out; you need to come with me. Wil’s dead, Sophie’s dead.” I rubbed my eyes. “What?” I said groggily. “Get a coat and boots, it’s snowing. They’re fighting down there, One of them was killed.” Panic. “Which one?” I said, my voice rising. “The blonde one.” I breathed out slowly. Bob? Poor Bob. “Come on. Get some clothes on, we have to go. They left the door open, they won’t notice. I can’t get back to the village without you.” She whispered manically.
I nodded, not thinking. I pulled on a pair of mom’s old boots and one of her fur coats and snuck out the door with the girl, who I noticed was wearing a pair of my boots and one of my scarves. We stole down the stairs, to the front door, and stepped out into the night. I breathed in the crisp, fresh air and smiled.
The girl was already running. Wait, did I really want to leave? She stopped, and beckoned wildly, mouthing COME ON! I peered around, noticing a hunting rifle. No I did not want to leave, I thought as I stepped towards the gun, that had been my father’s for when hunting season was open. This is my home. This is my family.
I picked the gun up. The girl couldn’t see what I was doing, and didn’t even realise I had the gun till I pointed it at her. She screamed and ran for her life, and I fired once, twice, thrice and she fell. I smirked at her and dropped the gun. Shivering, I wandered back inside and closed the door behind me, and was met by Ray and Frank.
Frank had a black eye. “What just happened?” Ray said quietly, but angrily. I kicked off my boots and said. “Girl tried to get away. Killed her.” Ray’s mouth dropped open. I craned my neck to see past them to the kitchen, where I assumed the fight had happened. “Is everyone alright? What happened up here?” Ray ran past me out the door, presumably to check the dead girl.
I was surprisingly calm and indifferent in regards to my new status as a murderer, and felt pleasantly numb. Frankie stepped forward and started talking “Gerard went off at Mikey for getting you with the plates. Mikey freaked and pulled a gun out. Me, Bob and Ray, we never wanted to hurt Gerard. We think Mikey’s a little crazy, y’know, since the whole ordeal with you and Gee.” A gun? I bit my lip and Frank continued. “Anyway, We held Mikey down and got the gun off him, and he went like, psycho. Him and Gerard were fighting like I never seen no one fight, and Bob, he’s a great guy, he jumped in. He got hit pretty bad, and Mikey threw him into a wall. He’s ok now though. We were worried he wasn’t gonna make it.” I found myself smiling that everyone was alright.
“So then Mikey went all funny and stormed off upstairs. We all sat a minute, and-“ Ray came back in, with the girl’s corpse. “Need to get rid of it, man. Can’t just leave the deads lying around, ok?” He mumbled, dragging it off. “Anyway, we sat, had some beer, and then got them girls and the faggot out. Dunno why they always make me flirt with the fags..” He said gloomily. “Gerard killed the homo. Cut him up, bit by bit. I didn’t watch, it was kinda gross. So we offed the other girl and then Bob started freaking out, so we had to help him, and I guess that’s why we didn’t notice the other little skank get out. Thanks for taking care of that, man. It means a lot. Anyhow, Gerard’s in his room and I’m guessing he wants to talk to you.”
I nodded and hugged Frank briefly before heading up the stairs despondently. I knocked twice at Gerard’s door and heard him say gently “Come in.” It was only then I realised my clothes were covered in snow, there was blood caked on my face still and my hair must have been a mess.
But I let myself in and found him sitting on the bed. “You went outside?” He said immediately. “Th-that girl, she… She tried to get me to run away with her. But I didn’t want to leave, Gee, I didn’t! I wanted to stay here with you! So I shot her! And Ray took her away.” I said nervously.
He raised his eyebrows, and narrowed his eyes, as if he didn’t believe what I had told him. “Sit.” He then said. I pulled off my mom’s old coat and sat beside him. Without warning, he pulled me into a tight embrace. “I’m so sorry, Adie. I love you.” He whispered, kissing my hair. I thought.
After what he had done that night, did I even want him back now I knew they weren’t going to kill him? A part of me said yes, but another part said that my trick with the gun may have showed them I was trustworthy enough not to want to escape, so they wouldn’t be so tight on security. I gasped. What was I thinking? Of course I loved Gee.
I didn’t want to escape, hadn’t I just proved that? I pulled Gerard close. “I’m sorry for even acting to make you think there was something between me and Mikey. I love you, Gee.” I whispered, clinging to him. He looked down at me, and I up at him, and all I could see in his eyes was pure desire. Suddenly everything seemed to be in fast-forward. I pulled at his jacket till it came off, and he pushed me down roughly and seized my lips.
I kissed back with equal fervour and yanked his shirt over his head, and felt him pushing my dress up and undo his jeans. I pulled him back down and kissed his neck as I felt him enter me. I clamped my eyes shut and whispered his name. When I opened my eyes I almost screamed. I swear for a split second I saw Mikey, standing at the end of the bed, with a knife, looking insane!
I shook my head and brought my hips up to meet Gerard’s, and began to enjoy the pleasure that was now spreading through me in concentric rings. I felt it all build up, and savagely grabbed Gerard’s hair and screamed his name as my back arched involuntarily and my orgasm seized my entire body, just as Gerard got the same sensation.
He rolled off me, panting, and lay down. He whispered “I love you.” And then rolled over and fell asleep. I smiled to myself, I had Gerard back.

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