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She Got The Shakes

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~Guest Appearence: WiL Francis!~ She's slipping, and crossing, and he doesn't care. [There's Words Now!]

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Or so I had thought, anyway.
“Adrienne. Set the fucking table.” Came Mikey’s sharp voice. I spun around to look at him, bewildered. Set the table? We had never eaten all together before, let alone had a set table. He stalked to the front door, where he happily greeted the others. Oh yes, Mean Mikey was all mine. Hurrah, I thought gloomily, fishing a lacy tablecloth out of a dusty cupboard. I did nothing to show I heard the feet that stomped past me, but laid the table for 6, keeping a few extra things out in case they had guests. When I was done I walked back to my corner where the benchtop made a right angle and stood nervously. I craned my ears to hear, and was startled to hear a familiar voice, not one of the five boys, either. With it came panic. Who was it? I knew it so well, the lilting laugh. Why was he laughing? He had no idea… I couldn’t put my finger on who it was. I looked with dismay down at my clothes, which for once (to win over Gerard) were clean, pressed and gorgeous.
I nervously tiptoed to the stairs and crept up soundlessly into the shadows, skipping the creaky ones. I planted myself two steps up from where the kitchen light was cut off by a sharp line, and waited in the darkness, still trying to place the voice. I didn’t have to wait long, cause soon they all rounded the corner into the kitchen. “What the fuck?” exclaimed Mikey. “Bitch; Get down here!” He hollered. I bit my lip and walked down the stairs, fiddling nervously with the bow around my waist. I shuffled into the kitchen and threw my hand over my mouth in horrified recognition at the person who the voice belonged to I turned my glance away, soon realising that wasn’t a good idea and prayed he wouldn’t say anything. I looked at Mikey, and said softly “Yes?” He had been looking at me with daggers in his eyes, but something in my tone made them soften, and for a minute I saw the love we had shared gleaming in them, before he looked at the table and said “What the fuck is this?” I threw my hands up in dismay. “A set table.” The guys snickered. I threw them a look. Gerard wasn’t there. I quickly scanned the others there. There was a young looking girl who was shivering and soaking wet, and another girl who looked similar to the other, who was wet too, but was grinning somewhat triumphantly. And then, to their right, was Wil. Wil, my best friend in Colorado. He lived in Sidewinder, and I used to see him whenever I could. He was gay, and most people in Old Winder hated that, so we’d just hang at my house. But we’d grown apart over time, and I hadn’t seen him since we were about 13. I looked him up and down, taking in his stylish black hair, tattoos, marvelling at how pale he was and how handsome he had grown. But there was something in his eyes that dentately hadn’t been there when we were kids, and I knew it all too well. As much as I wanted life for my old friend, I silently hoped he was a victim, and not one of them. But that thing in his eyes, the flash of malice, the desire for violence and blood, told me otherwise. He did nothing to signal he knew me, and I sighed in relief. I thought for a second longer before feeling a sharp sting somewhere on my head. I stumbled forward and realised Mikey was smashing plates on my head. I tried to shield my face, but it was all too much; Wil, Mikey, the laughter ringing through the kitchen, and I fell to the floor. I heard Gerard’s voice somewhere far off and opened my eyes long enough to see the china cups being hurled across the room. Yelling and shoving, and then I was being pulled up and pushed. We were haded downstairs. To the basement? I tried to focus. Yes, me, the two girls and Wil were being shoved down the two flights of stairs to our deep, dark basement, by who looked like Ray. I stumbled down the stairs and fell to the cold and dusty floor. As soon as he was down the stairs, Wil ran to me. The girls were shrieking, huddled together in the corner. I found the light and snapped it on, and could hear fierce yelling upstairs. Would they kill Gerard? I wondered. “Adie!” Wi exclaimed, kneeling next to me. “Oh god, Adie… What happened? Where are your parents? Who are these guys?” I shook my head and he continued talking. “I met these cute guys at the park and I got in their van, and they drove up to your house and I asked them why we were going to the Nesser house and they looked all funny and asked if I knew you and your family but I knew something was up so I said no.” I nodded slowly. That was why he had pretended he didn’t know me in the kitchen. “Thanks Wil. I’m so scared. They’re gonna kill you, you know.” I myself was surprised at how blatantly I had said it. “That’s if they don’t kill each other first!” piped up one of the girls. I looked at her, but she seemed scared and jumped back into the shadows. “You know them?” I said, jabbing a finger at them. He shook his head. “From what I gathered, they were hitching.” I nodded and without warning, pulled Wil into a tight embrace. “Oh Wil. Gee came and he killed Alice and mom and dad and then his friends came and they were all nice to me and Mikey- The one who threw the plates- Was so kind and sweet and he loved me and I loved him but I loved Gerard and now they all hate me and they’re gonna kill Gee and it’s all my fault!” I saw the kind look on his face change. He looked disgusted. “Love? How could you love the people who are keeping you here like this. How can you love a murderer?” He spat, his compassion turning into hot anger. I felt myself becoming desperate, I didn’t need to turn Wil against me as well! “You don’t understand, Wil, I-“ He shook his head. “I do. You help them, don’t you.” My eyes widened. I was lost for words. He looked petrified and backed away, his arms up in defence. The yelling and smashing downstairs had turned in to the low hum of calm conversation. “You sent them for me! And now they’re gonna kill me! Why would you do that?” I shook my head and pulled myself up. “No, it’s not like that! I hate when they kill people! They keep me here!” He climbed up onto a shelf and crouched there, his voice turning to a gravelly snarl “How do 6 kids from Jersey know the haunts of Colorado? Where all the young kids hang out?” I spread my arms wide helplessly. “I don’t know. Wil, don’t do this… I need-“ He jumped down and punched me in the mouth. “SHUT UP! You’re a murderer! Even if you didn’t kill anyone, you’re not doing anything to get out! You watch, for fucks sake! I heard them talking about you! About how you’re their whore! About how you get off on watching them kill!” No… He moved towards me, and I scurried up the steps. And then it hit me. “No Wil, they lied! They figured that you knew me!” He shook one of dad’s old golf clubs out of its bag and swung violently, screaming unintelligibly, his handsome face distorted in rage. “You’re SICK!” He screamed. I turned and ran up the stairs, all those stairs, so many… “Wil, no!” I shrieked. The girls were down at the foot of the steps, yelling things I couldn’t understand. I got to the door, a fair way ahead of Wil, and thumped it with my fists, and kicked it as hard as I could. “GERARD! MIKEY! HELP ME PLEASE!” I screamed. “He’s gonna kill me! RAY! FRANK! BOB!” I yelled, as loud as I could. I knew they wouldn’t come, and I turned to face Wil, who had caught up. He was breathing heavily, and paused in his maniacal screaming and swinging of the golf club. “Please Wil…” I begged hysterically. He said nothing, but looked through his heavy black bangs, all the kindness gone and replaced by that insane flash of ferocity I had seen before. “No…” I whispered. He stepped closer and brought the club up. “YOU’RE THE FUCKING MONSTER!” I screamed, before being forced to the ground as the club hit me square on the shoulder. I cried and screamed as he pulled it up and delivered a kick to my side. I responded my lashing out with my foot, quick as a flash, and tripping him. He fell down a few stairs, and dropped the club over the edge. Despite everything, I felt a smile creep to my face. I had no desire to reconcile with him now. He walked up the stairs and stopped one below me, grinning evilly. “Fuck you.” He breathed, and slapped me, hard, grabbing a huge chunk of my hair and yanking. I cried out and punched him hard, right in his crotch. “Fucking WHORE!” He cried out. He winced and drew back his fist, and then, quick as a flash, the door opened and a hand pulled me out, by my dress. I looked up, it was Gerard. He had my bat. “What the fuck?” He roared, slamming the bat into Wil’s face. I swear I heard a snap, and could barely watch as Gerard delivered so many blows to Wil, in various places. “DON’T.” Thump. “EVER.” Whack. “HURT.” Clout. “MY” Gerard dropped the bat and gave him a royal punch in the nose, before screaming “BABY!” And brought his leg up, to kick him in the chest, and send him burgeoning down the stairs.
I collapsed against the door, closing my eyes and exhaling a low moan, reaching up and feeling my swollen face. I heard the door slam and lock, and felt warm, protective arms, help me and sweep me off my feet. My White Knight carried me up the stairs and lay me on his bed, and left. I curled up and was gently lulled into sleep by my lullaby of anguished screams from downstairs.

Yeah WiL Francis, for Lisa.
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