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Chapter 3

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Once she was out of the terminal she headed straight for the exit door. She hadn’t checked any of her luggage since she didn’t trust for her luggage to not be lost. She stepped outside and scan...

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She couldn't wait to land so that she could turn her phone on, and check for the thousandth time that she wasn't dreaming. Juliet looked out the window of the plane into the clouds in the sky. She still couldn't believe that she had drinks with Patrick Stump. She also could believe that in her cell phone was his phone number and e-mail, and that her info was in his phone.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking...." Juliet tuned him out and closed her eyes. They were almost home. She glanced at the clouds again and saw them disappear and give way to the ground. She watched as they got closer and closer, and then she saw the runway. Soon she felt the bump as the plane hit the pavement and waited as they taxied to the terminal, and could finally deplane.
Juliet unbuckled her seatbelt and grabbed her carryon. Once she was out of the terminal she headed straight for the exit door. She hadn't checked any of her luggage since she didn't trust for her luggage to not be lost. She stepped outside and scanned the area, but didn't see Isabel's car. She took out her phone and turned it on. It seemed to take forever for it to load, but finally it did, and she hit her contacts button, and then scrolled down to S, and there it was. The third name down. Stump, Patrick. She giggled a little bit as she looked at the number and then the email address he'd put into her phone.
She heard a car horn and looked up to see Isabel pulling up in front of her. Juliet opened the back door and tossed in her suitcase, then opened the front door and got in.
"Hey girl. How was your flight?"
"It was decent. Thanks for picking me up."
Isabel shrugged. "No problem. Besides, I figured we could go visit Emma at work and dish on our FBR experiences."
Juliet laughed a little bit. "That sounds like a plan."

Emma sat at the desk, glancing at the elevator for the hundredth time that hour. Ok, really, how was she supposed to work when she knew that one of her favorite bands were in her very place of employment? And they would be there for a whole week. Panic was doing 4 concerts in Wisconsin. They were doing two in Milwaukee and two in Chicago. Since Kenosha was only about 45 minutes from Chicago and about 30 minutes from Milwaukee, it made sense that the band would stay there for the whole week instead of moving all around for no reason.
Emma was startled out of her thoughts when the elevator bell rang. She looked over as the doors opened, and watched Brendon and his band mate Ryan Ross step out of the elevator. Her heart jumped and she quickly looked down at her desk so that she would look busy. She didn't want Brendon to think she was staring at him.
"Hey Emma."
Emma looked up at Brendon. "Oh, hi Brendon. How are you today?"
"I'm doing well. The rooms here are very nice. Oh, this is my friend Ryan."
Emma looked over at Ryan and smiled. "Hi...I'm a huge fan of your music."
Ryan blushed a little bit. "Thanks, it's always nice to meet a fan."
"So listen," Brendon interrupted, "we were wondering where one can get some good Chinese food."
Emma grabbed a map and put in on the counter. "Actually, there is this place that I love and I go there all the time. It's called Panda. It's located...."
"Did I hear you say Panda?"
Emma turned around to see Andy standing in the doorway of the back room.
"Uh, yeah. These guests were wondering where some good Chinese was, and I was recommending Panda."
Andy walked over to the counter. "Yeah, Panda is delicious. In fact, I think it sounds really good right now. What were you going to do for dinner Em?"
Emma shook her head. "I hadn't really decided yet. I think I was just going to have something delivered."
"You should go to Panda and get us some food. I'll buy."
"Um...." Emma couldn't think of anything to say.
"You know," Brendon said, "if you're going to this Panda anyway, we could just tag along. It would save us from getting lost in this city."
Emma turned back to Brendon and tried to seem very calm.
"I mean, if that's ok with you," Brendon finished.
"Yeah, it's fine. Let me just grab my wallet and Andy's money, and we can go."
Emma went into the back and freaked out a little bit. "Ok, calm down. You can do this. They're just guys. Very hot guys. Very talented guys, but just guys."
She grabbed her wallet and went back out to the front. She got the money from Andy and turned toward Brendon and Ryan. "Ok, lets go."
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