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Chapter 2

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Emma awakens to the face of her crush; Isabel can't believe that Pete stayed for the rest of her shift; Juliet and Patrick exchange communications

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"Hey, are you ok? Hello, can you hear me?"
Emma slowly opened her eyes, trying to focus on something. "What happened?" She looked up and her eyes finally focused on the guy who was kneeling over her.
"I think you fainted," Brendon said.
Emma scrambled to her feet. "Um, I don't...I mean, there's, thanks." She turned around and ran back into the hotel. She leaned against the door and sank to the ground. What had just happened? Fainting? Really? That was the appropriate response her body felt was necessary for seeing Brendon Urie in person?
"That's just great Emma. Way to make an impression."
"Did you say something?"
Emma looked up to see Andy standing there. "Um, no just thinking out loud. I'm going to go back to the front now."
"Ok, I was just coming back to tell you that there is a guest out there right now, so that works out perfectly."
Emma walked out the door and turned toward the guest, and there she saw Brendon. She froze for a second unsure of what to do.
"Well hello again."
Emma smiled and walked up to the computer. "Hi, you're staying here?"
"Yeah, the whole band is. We have a concert up in Milwaukee, and figured we could stay in a smaller town close by to avoid the mass fan rush and only encounter the minor fan rush."
Katie stared at him. "The whole band? As in, all of Panic! At The Disco? As in Ryan, Spencer and Jon?"
Brendon laughed. "Yes, plus our techs, roadies, etc. I'm taking it that you're a fan?"
"Yeah," Emma breathed out, unaware that she was doing it. "I mean, yes, very much. I love your music."
Brendon smiled. "Thanks. Are you coming to the concert?"
Emma shook her head. "No, I wish I was, but I had to work and they wouldn't allow me to switch shifts with someone so that I could go."
"Well that's too bad."
"Yeah I know, I was mad, but oh well. Oh, and about what happened outside..."
Brendon held up his hand. "Don't worry about it."
"I just, think I was surprised to see you was all. I mean, I was listening to your music, and then you were just there. It was like you materialized out of thin air. What were you doing back there anyway?"
"Well, we usually send a roadie to check us in and then we go in the back way to avoid crowds and stuff, but there is no crowd here since it's so late at night, and given that you ran in the back I figured you probably worked here."
"Well, you figured correctly. So, what name are you registered under?"
"Travis Beckett."
Emma couldn't help but laugh. "Seriously? That's awesome. Anyway, here are your keys, if you need more someone can always come down to the front desk and get more. You have the whole 3rd floor to yourselves, so enjoy."
"Thanks...." Brendon bent forward to read her name tag, "Emma. I'll see you around," and with that, he walked off.
Emma watched him walk off and picked up the phone. She was about to punch the first number when the phone rang. She sighed and hit the lit button.
"Thank your for calling Holiday Inn Express this is Emma."
"Emma," she recognized her friend Juliet's voice. "You will never guess who I'm having drinks with right now."
"Jules, you'll never guess who just checked into the hotel."
"Oh no, me first, mines amazing."
"Ok," Emma said, "who?"
"WHAT??!!" Emma squealed, and realized that she'd just screamed in the hotel. She waited for Andy to come out, but he never did. "How did that happen?" She listened as Juliet told her all about the bar and the conversation that led up to the current phone call.
"Wow, that's crazy, and awesome. Its crazy awesome. Now for my news."
"Yeah ok, who's staying at the hotel?"
"Panic! At the Disco!! I just met Brendon."
Emma could hear Juliet squealing over the phone, then proceeded to fill her in on the details of what happened earlier.
"We have both met FBR members tonight. That's just, I don't have words for that. And Isabel had that Pete Wentz interview tonight at the station remember. I wonder how that went."

"Well that's it for me tonight folks. I don't know if he's listening at all, but I wanted to give one more thanks to Pete Wentz for stopping by the station earlier tonight. And remember, I'm on vacation starting tomorrow, so I will catch everyone next week. Coming up, more great hits with William here on Q108."
Turning off the mic for the last time Isabel pushed back her chair and stood up. These late night shifts were starting to take a toll on her. She didn't like not getting off work until midnight. By then she was exhausted, and even if she wanted to go meet her friends, they were already out and well ahead of her in the fun zone.
"You're quite the radio DJ aren't you?"
Isabel snapped out of her thoughts and focused back on Pete. "Nah, I just like to talk, so it makes it pretty easy."
Pete laughed. "Well it was fun just hanging here. You on your way home now?"
Isabel shook her head. "Not quite yet. I usually stop somewhere and get something to eat. I'm usually starving by this time of night. I don't know what your plans are, but your more than welcome to join me if you want. I mean, it's pretty late and the place I usually go to is dead this time of night, so you won't be mobbed. Hopefully anyway."
"Yeah, I'm pretty hungry, I could go for some food."
They left the studio and Isabel grabbed her time card and filled it out really quick. She then grabbed her purse and her keys. "Ok, lets go. Um, how did you get here?"
"Cool, you can ride with me and I'll drop you off at wherever you're staying."
"I'm actually staying at home. I still live with my parents when I'm in town. But its down in Wilmette, it's about 45 mins from here."
"That's fine, I start vacation tomorrow anyway so I don't have to get up early or anything like that. I do have to make one quick phone call before we go if that's ok."
"Sure no problem, I'll just wait outside for you."
"Ok," as soon Pete stepped out the door she grabbed the phone and dialed the hotel number where Emma worked."
"Holiday Inn Express, this is Emma."
"Em, OMG, guess what?"
"What? And then I have guess what news of my own."
"So, the Pete interview went great, and he ended staying for the rest of my shift and now we're going to get something to eat."
"Dude, is it like hook up with FBR people or something?"
Isabel looked at the phone, a little confused. "What do you mean?"
"Juliet is having drinks with Stump right now in NY and Panic! At the Disco are staying the hotel."
They proceeded to talk about what was happening with all the FBR people and occurrences in their lives, and then hung up the phone so that Isabel could get back to Pete.

"Wow, you really are a talented guy."
Patrick blushed. "No, I just hear things in my head and put them down on paper. It's just luck and love of music is all."
Juliet smiled. "Well, I think you're a talented producer and singer and music maker."
Patrick shrugged. "Ok ok. You know, I've had a really good time tonight."
"As have I. I really enjoyed talking to you."
"Same here. Maybe we could do it again sometime."
Juliet's smile faltered. "I'd really like to, but I'm going back to WI tomorrow."
"Well, that's why they invented things like telephones and the internet."
Juliet laughed. "Yeah, I guess that's true. Um, what would you like? Phone number or email?"
Patrick smiled at her. "How about both?"
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