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Chapter 8: HCl + H2O

6.00 Monday morning found Harry out by the lake in a sweat suit. He had been out there for half an hour already strengthening the shield that his parents had set on him having never given up the daily practice. The pool of energy the Killing Curse had left had diminished considerably since the first time he had encountered it two years ago. The shield itself was in very good shape, at least, when compared to what it used to be. Some areas were more fragile than others, but there were no gaping holes now other than where the AK had hit it.

Harry came up out of his meditation and made a seamless transition into his first yoga pose.

Yesterday had been spent exploring the castle and filtering out the background magic that the permeated the walls and halls. He had found more than a few hidden passages when both his water affinity and his ability to sense ambient magic had agreed that some supposedly solid walls had empty spaces behind them or they had gaps that did not follow the magical patterns from the rest of the wall.

The library had been a good find as well. He had not spent too much time in there, but the collection of books was extensive and could prove useful. Even if it was undoubtedly ‘cleansed’ of anything that could be considered dark magic.

Not to mention that the Headmaster will know of anything that I borrow from that place. Harry thought of some of the books that he had bought in the past weeks that were now languishing in his messenger bag and chuckled. I should probably take out a few low level things from the library every once in a while. That aught to throw him off.

He had a full set of books going from beginner to advanced levels on runes and another on wards that he would be studying at his leisure, as well as several books on offensive and defensive spells. There were a few others on the customs and history of the magical world that he left in his trunk with the majority of his school books and a book on magical creatures. If it was searched, there would be nothing too interesting in there, unlike his messenger bag which was never more than a few feet away from him at all times. Considering the amount he had paid the goblins to secure it, he was the only one who could even open the compartment they were in without some severe consequences. His books from Xavier were in there as well. It might smack of paranoia, but he would put very little past the so esteemed Headmaster.

Today the students would get their schedules. He would have to tailor his to accommodate all the extras that he would be studying.

Finishing up his stretches, Harry stripped down to his swim trunks. Gathering some water, he proceeded to do something he had learned during one of his private (unauthorized: the ability to open locks had come in handy) swims in the Xavier pool. Shaping the water over his eyes, nose, and mouth, he set his magic to filter oxygen out of the water. Making sure that it worked, he dived into the lake, the cold water not an impediment as he cut though it like one born to do so. Surrounded by his element, he released the restrictions on his magic, closed his eyes, and waited for the information that he would get.

In short order, his mind was filled with a detailed impression of the lake bed as well as the fish, plants, merpeople, grindylows, and the giant squid. Faint magical auras emanated from all of the latter three, and from some of the plants. There was also a powerful magical aura in the middle of the merpeople colony. Harry was sure there was an artifact down there, but as some of the merpeople around it in his senses were carrying spears and tridents, he would not tempt fate just to satisfy his curiosity.

Putting the artifact out of his mind, he relaxed and about half way between the surface and the bed, started to make circuits around the lake. Since the sun was not high in the sky as of yet, opening his eyes would not do anything for him. Relying only on his magic to guide him, he swam around the lake three times, going a little higher with each stroke. The last lap was swum on the surface. Lifting himself from the water, Harry made his way to his clothes, shedding droplets on the way. By the time he was dressed, his skin and hair were dry. Grabbing his bag, he pulled out his wand and a quick tempus declared that it was 7.15. He walked back to the castle and made his way to Ravenclaw Tower.

Answering the riddle set by the eagle on the doorknocker, he entered the common room. The circular room hummed with energy as excited first years and older early risers bustled around steps muffled by the thick star patterned midnight blue carpet which matched the star decorated domed ceiling. Blue and bronze silk wall hangings decorated the room.

The upper year students had commandeered most of the armchairs, leaving the younger ravens to gather in groups and chatter together. Several bookcases offered a good sized selection for the students. The four tables in the room hosted a number of books left by the students milling around the room. The noise level dropped as some noticed his entrance and pointed it out. His eyes swept the room and he offered a small nod.

“Good morning.”

Various greetings were offered as he made his way to the first year boy’s dorm. Opening the door he observed the chaos as Michael Corner and Terry Boots kept picking up books and putting them back, not knowing what to bring. Anthony Goldstein could be heard in the bathroom. Stephen Cornfoot and Kevin Entwhistle had been amongst those downstairs. Walking over to his four poster bed, he set his bag down and opened his trunk. Taking out his school robes and toiletries, he closed it and passed Goldstein on his way to the bathroom.

After a quick shower, Harry emerged to an empty room. He put all the textbooks in his bag before walking out.

There were only a few students still in the common room when he entered. Two in particular caught his attention as they got up and approached him. One’s dark eyes, dark hair, and olive skin showed her Indian heritage. The other’s almond shaped obsidian eyes, pale skin, and straight black hair identified her oriental heritage.

“Su Li and Padma Patil. To what do I owe the pleasure?” The two exchanged glances, then Su Li stepped forward.

“We thought that the three of us could go down to the Great Hall together,” she said, voice soft.

“Did you now?” Harry murmured, “And why is that?” She looked over at the other girl again.

“We want to be friends,” Padma declared, “We were going to ask you yesterday, but you disappeared off somewhere and no body knew where you were until you showed up for dinner.”

“Friends. That’s not a term you should bandy about lightly Ms Patil,” he said looking at her and Su cooly. “It takes time to make someone a friend.”

“Someone must take the first step though,” Su said in her soft voice, “we have done so. Will you at least give it a try?”

Harry’s lips curved slightly at the reply. “Very well then, we shall see if a friendship can be cultivated between us.” He gave them a bow before gesturing to the door. “Ladies first.” The two smiled.

“So, what can you tell me about yourselves?” he asked when they reached the hallway.

“My name is Padma Patil and I have a twin sister Parvati who is in Gryffindor. My parents own a business which sells ingredients from magical creatures to apothecaries, potion masters, wand makers and such. I like reading and my favourite colour is green.”

“Su Li. I have a younger brother who will enter Hogwarts in three years. My father works in the Ministry and my mother is a Healer at Saint Mungo’s. I like learning new languages and my favourite colour is red.”

“Harry Potter. Only child and orphan. I enjoy learning magic and I like the colour blue. Pleasure to meet you both.”


Harry twitched for the second time as the defense teacher walked by.

Quirinus Quirrell was a stuttering wreck of a man who jumped whenever there was a sound, wore a purple turban that he claimed was given to him for getting rid of a zombie, and stunk of garlic. He also caused the left over energy of the Avada Kedavra curse to shift whenever he came close, had two different auras at war within his body, and made every hair on the nape of Harry’s neck stand at attention. Harry sighed and resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

One possessed teacher plus one reacting scar times one missing and presumed dead dark lord. Yes, Hogwarts is sooo safe. And me with this class three times a week. How could Dumbledore sit at the same table with him and not know that the man is possessed?

Harry spent the rest of the period in a light meditative trance pushing energy into his shields and wondering how to direct the shade’s attention away from him.

At the end of class he wasted no time hustling Su and Padma away from the DADA classroom.

“We have a break before Charms now, correct?”

“What’s the hurry?” Padma asked.

“I suppose after two hours listening to him stutter I just want to get as far from here as possible.”

“It would probably be easier to just read the book rather than listen to Professor Quirrell recite it in st-t-t-tuttering form,” Su said getting a laugh from Padma and an amused huff from Harry.

So how do I keep Voldemort occupied with Dumbledore?


It is just not my day. First the specter of an evil wizard and now this.

After a scintillating lesson of ‘swish and flick,’ they had been warned at lunch that Professor Snape was not one to be trifled with. The seventh year that had spoken to them said that his venom was generally aimed at the Gryffindors and that he left the Ravenclaws alone for the most part as long as they did their work. This piece of advice had not held true.

Harry scowled down at his cauldron. Snape had come storming into the room like some avenging angel and then had given a somewhat pretentious speech before he had set in on Harry. He had answered the questions correctly (of course), but the man still looked at him as if he were something the Potions Master had scraped off the bottom of his shoe. He then had the gall to accuse Harry of thinking that he knew everything there was to know about potions. The man had then written the instructions on the board with no explanations what so ever and expected them to just brew the thing.

And here I was actually expecting to be taught in a class. The book that explained the hows and whys of the potions ingredients wasn’t even on the supply list. If I hadn’t been interested then I would just be following the recipe.

An explosion across from him interrupted his thoughts, and he turned to see a Hufflepuff’s cauldron melting to slag on her flame. Her face was pained as she held her boil-covered hands away from her body.

“Foolish girl, the instructions say to add the porcupine quills after turning off the heat. Bones, take her to the hospital wing. You, Potter. Why did you not warn her about putting the quills in? Thought you would look even better in comparison?” Snape sneered down at Harry and Padma’s slightly off colour potion.

Huh. That’s odd. Now that he’s right beside me, I can feel foreign magic attached to him. Wonder what that is. Reviewing the information he had collected over the summer, he almost frowned when the answer presented itself.

“I was unaware that I was getting paid to ensure the safety of your students, Potions Master Snape,” Harry said in a bland tone. Padma shot him a look as he looked at Snape with his face stamped into neutrality. For the first time since the beginning of class he met Snape’s eyes.

The cold black orbs were glittering with malicious intent and his aura flared. Harry reflexively strengthened his shield to bar any interaction with him. As with Dumbledore, Snape’s magic slid off. Unlike Dumbledore however, who seemed to be projecting unconsciously, Snape, after a brief flash of shock gathered his magic and focused. He wasn’t bringing all his power to bear, but it was the difference between a hammer and a drill.

Harry, for the first time in years felt uncomfortable in the cold air as he redirected energy to where Snape’s magic was burning through his shield. Right over his eyes. A slight tightening at his temples made itself known and he bowed his head, feeling the magic dissipate as soon as he broke eye contact. The entire episode couldn’t have taken more than ten seconds.Reasserting the shield, he raised his eyes to stare at Snape’s black robed chest.

“Are you mocking me Potter?” Snape said, voice cold.

“Are you not Severus Snape, widely acknowledged potions prodigy, youngest recorded to get his Mastery in the last four centuries?” Harry saw several eyes widen in either shock or dismay. Pureblood son and heir of Septimus Snape and Eileen Prince. You are also a known Death Eater and claimed to be a spy for the light at the end of the previous war. There was some speculation on the validity of that claim but since Dumbledore backed it up concerns died down. Well, at least now I know how to identify Death Eaters, not that it helps if they are close enough to attack me.

“Five points from Ravenclaw for not helping a fellow student, and another ten for your cheek,” he spun on his heels, robes flaring behind him, “Bottle up a sample of your potions and leave them on my desk. You will write a five foot paper on how the ingredients react in the Boil Removing potion and why you turn off the flames before adding the quills. Class dismissed.”

“What was that all about?” Su asked as they left the class. It was clear that no one had caught the magical struggle between Snape and himself, but it was this that Harry addressed when he answered.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”

The girls chattered as they walked discussing how they felt about the first day of classes. He listened with one ear, nodding in all the right places as he thought about the scene with Snape.

He was surprised when he hit the shield the first time. Obviously blocking him was not a skill that he expected me to have. I doubt he would have done anything to physically harm me in a room full of witnesses, but whatever he was trying was not done with friendly intent. Dumbledore may trust the man enough to put him in charge of people’s children, but what he did was clearly an attack on myself. He was antagonistic even before I blocked him. Whatever problems he may or my not have, he will not be allowed to get away with this.

Begging off from the girl’s offer to hang out, he made his way to Flitwick’s office on the seventh floor. His self updating copy of Hogwarts: A History contained a list of all the teachers’ offices as well as directions. Knocking on the door, he waited to here the “Enter,” that came from his Head of House.

The office, while smaller, was decorated in the blue and bronze of the Ravenclaw common room. There was one bookshelf close to Flitwick’s desk filled with books on charms. A plain dark blue carpet covered the floors, while blue and bronze curtains lay open at the windows. The professor’s desk was covered in neatly stacked papers. Flitwick himself sat behind it and gestured Harry toward the comfortable looking chair before it.

“Why Mr. Potter, I hadn’t expected anyone to come by so early in the year. I do hope you aren’t having any difficulties,” he said in his high voice.

“Good afternoon, Professor. As for my visit, well, as it is the first day of classes I suppose I wouldn’t be having difficulties per say. Just one on particular. A certain Potion’s Master to be precise.”

“Professor Snape does tend to have a rather. . . abrasive personality, but he is a very good potions master.”

“I have no doubt that he is. He seems to carry a certain distaste for me in particular though. As I never met the man before today, I am at quite a loss as to why he dislikes me so much. I lost fifteen points today. Five for a Hufflepuff blowing up her potion and ten for telling him I was not responsible for the safety of his students. I’m fairly certain he tried to do something to me with magic as well.”

“Why don’t you explain exactly what happened.”

Harry explained in great detail what happened from the moment that Snape entered the classroom up until the magical scuffle. At this point he neglected to mention the shield and merely stated that he felt some sort of pressure and a developing headache that stopped when he looked away. It was true enough in its own way.

“Are you positive the headache went away when you broke eye contact?” Flitwick asked.

A disapproving frown marred the tiny professor’s face. He had a good idea of what Snape had done and if he was right. . .

“Alright then Mr. Potter. I will bring this to the Headmaster’s attention and I’m sure this won’t happen again.”

“Thank you, Professor Flitwick. I was unsure how this situation would be handled.”

“Well, rest assured, this is exactly the sort of thing that you should talk to me about. I’m glad that you trusted me enough to come to me with it,” he said, clearly still troubled. He got off his seat and Harry rose with him. As the two exited the office, Harry headed off to the owlery, while the teacher made his way to the Headmaster’s office.

Divide and conquer. Let discord prevail for Dumbledore for now. If he protects Snape, and does nothing he will gain the disapproval of Flitwick. If he does punish Snape then he loses him instead. If Flitwick discusses this with other faculty members then so much the better.

Reaching the open room filled with various owls, Harry pulled out a sheet of parchment and started writing.

Lord Voldemort and Host,

As one concerned for the future, I would like to discuss some rather sensitive information with you. There is an entire unused section of the castle on the south side of the fourth floor. I would like to meet you in the third room at 04.45 tomorrow. Should you choose not to attend I would understand, but I believe it would be in both our interests for you to do so.

A Possible Ally

Harry folded up the paper and sealed the edges with magic. He wrote Quirrell’s name on the front and told the school owl to give it to the professor when he was alone.

Dumbledore and Flitwick can have Snape for now. Voldemort is much more important.


04.20 saw Harry waiting by a false section of wall. Of the six rooms in the part of the castle, this one was the only one that had a ready made escape hatch that he could use if things did not go well. There were three passages available to confuse, if he ran. This entire section was pitch black as well. He could navigate well enough with only the magic in the castle walls to guide him, but someone else would need something to light their way. At least he hoped so. There was no telling what the dark lord was capable of.

I hope being dead and stuck inside Quirrell has diminished his powers. Otherwise, I might be at a severe disadvantage.

Harry was dressed in his sweats. He hoped to finish this meeting in time to get at least some exercise in. If not, then the way he was dressed would not rouse any suspicion as he had already established himself as an early riser.

Quirrell’s warring aura approached the door about five minutes before the designated time. The light from the lumus showed under the door before it was opened. The unwelcome --if dim-- light put spots in Harry’s vision for the several seconds it took Quirrell to find him in his shadowed corner of the room.

“Potter?” The shock on Quirrell’s face would have been funny if the situation wasn’t quite so dangerous.

“No stutter Professor?” Harry said, inching ever so slightly toward the illusion covered opening.

“No one would suspect me of anything. No one but you it seems,”Quirrell said closing the door.

“You have a very unique aura.”

“You can see that?” Quirrell asked, frowning.

“No. I can feel it though.”

“Let me speak to the boy,” a voice rasped from under Quirrell’s turban.

“But My Lord--,”

“Do it.”

The teacher reached up with his left hand and carefully unwound the purple eyesore. The need to keep the light going was hampering his progress, but Harry did not offer to make one of his own. Finally finished, Quirrell turned his back to Harry, revealing a face at the back of his head. Red eyes met green, and, remembering the lesson from the day before, Harry strengthened his shield around his eyes. A few tense moments passed but there was no magical movement from the specter.

“Harry Potter. Do you see what you have reduced me to? A parasite without a body.”

“Now, now, Lord Voldemort. We are not here to throw accusations around. Especially unfounded ones like those. I, after all, did not go to whatever secret base you were in and throw any curses at you did I?”

There was a strained silence before the specter laughed.

“Touché, Potter. You said in your letter that you wanted to discuss something with me?”

“Yes. The wizards of Britain seem to be of the opinion that I will be of a mind to sacrifice myself for their well being. I beg to differ.”

“The famed Boy-Who-Lived does not want to save his worshipers. What is the world coming to?”

“Up until little more than a month ago, I did not even know this place existed. I have been doing a lot of reading since then and I must say that I am not impressed. If it were up to me, I would never have set foot in Hogwarts. Supposedly the most secure structure in Magical Britain.”

“If you were so against coming to Hogwarts, why are you here? A simple rejection letter would have taken care of that.”

“I did send a rejection letter. But it would appear that as the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ my attendance was assured. Whether I wanted to come or not. It was, after all, for the Greater Good.” The words were spat with such venom that Voldemort almost took a step back.

“Do you know what it’s like? To have years of your life rendered near moot by a meddling old man you’ve never so much have said ‘boo’ to? To have your choices destroyed with the wave of a wand, by some one who decides that you should be happy to be put on a pedestal and cater to the whims of a stagnant, useless society. To have all these people look to you as someone who would and should die to preserve their happiness, with no regard for what you want?”

Harry took a deep breath and tried to calm down. This had been eating at him more than he had thought. Voldemort was looking at him speechlessly.

“Sorry about that. The point I was trying to make, is that you razing the British Wizarding World to the ground and salting the earth would mean nothing to me.”

“My goal is actually to take over and remake it to a better standard.”

“Uh-huh. You might want to rethink your methods a bit though. Even if you manage to purge all of Britain of muggles and muggleborns, you’ll bring the attention of the other six billion people in the world to those of magical origin here. Something tells me that a nuke would wipe out the British Wizarding World in very short order. And if no one bothers to do that then your precious purebloods will breed themselves out of existence within a few generations. Hell, with or without your plan as it is this society will collapse. Your plans just mean it falls sooner rather than later.

“Either way, as long as you don’t attack me I have no reason to bother you. If you’re going to destroy Dumbledore I might even help. If nothing else I want to dance on that man’s grave.”

Voldemort looked to be trying to digest everything he had just said.

“I would have preferred if you joined me, but non interference works out just as well. I’m not exactly sure if that’s viable though.”


“The reason I had attacked your family in the first place was because of a prophecy.”

“You don’t say. As far as I’m concerned, anything to do with divination is suspect. The only reason prophesies come true is because people spend so much time making them come true. And anyway, wouldn’t any prophesy concerning you hit a dead end when you, I don’t know, died.”

“Do I look dead to you?” Voldemort snapped at him. “Besides, I don’t know the entire prophesy. I only know the first part that said that some one with the power to defeat me would be born at the end of July to parents who had defied me three times. You and the Longbottom boy fit the bill but that sniveling rat Pettigrew was one of mine and your parent’s secret keeper. So I found out your location first.

“Why aren’t you angry at me for killing your parents anyway? I would have expected some one meeting their parents’ murderer to be. . . less forgiving.”

“It has nothing to do with forgiveness. My parents were in a war. They chose a side, fought, and died for what they believed in. Being mad at you would tarnish the sacrifice they made. As for whether you’re alive or not,” an eyebrow raised pointedly at the specter possessing Quirrell’s body, “I’m sure I could put my entire being in someone else’s body too.”

:Impudent little nestling: he muttered not quite under his breath.

:If you’re going to say things like that, you want to be a bit quieter.: Harry never noticed when he slipped into the serpent tongue.

:You speak!:

Harry looked at him oddly. :Of course I speak, what have we been doing for the past: he pulled out his wand and did a tempus spell.


“Almost an entire hour.”

“You’re a Parselmouth,” seeing a small frown as Harry tried to place the term, Voldemort sighed. “It means you can talk to snakes, Potter.”

“You don’t say. That sounds interesting.”

“You’ll want to keep it to yourself though. Being a Parselmouth is just as bad as being a Slytherin as far as the public is concerned.”

Harry snorted. Another prejudice I have to keep track of.

“So, have we come to an accord? You don’t try to hurt me, I don’t stand in your way?”

“We have an accord.”

AN: that’s it for now folks. And for a few explanations: I made Snape a pureblood. There was no friendship with Lily and no crush. The enmity with James and Co. stands. He is a loyal Death Eater and a spy for V. He is not pleased with Harry both because of his father and the defeat of the dark lord.

I said already that Harry gets no special powers from the scar. His parseltongue was inherited from his mother. In fact I go by the theory that no muggleborn is truly muggleborn, they are squib born.

Just in case I haven’t made it clear, harry is a water elemental with a minor air affinity. The weather display in chapter 5 was to show this.

Next chapter: Harry deals with Snape personally. And Hermione makes an appearance.
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