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ever since i had that "talk" with Mikey, ive been beating myself up for it....why did i say that last part?!? what the fuck did i mean...i still wanted Gerard...right?!? there was no way i could want Frank...i mean, hes was just there to help me fix my problem.

i tripped over a shoe and almost fell...i got after myself for thinking to hard. i sighed and left my room...the frustrated atmosphere of my room vanished once i entered the living room. Frank was there...with Nicole?!?


"hey guys" i said as i sat next to Frank. Nicole was on his other side..they both looked at me. i must have interrupted their conversation, though from a distance they looked like they werent talking.

"hey Audrei...i havent seen you in so long" Nicole said and smirked.

once again...WHAT THE FUCK!

i faked a smile and looked at Frank. he was just staring at me.

"hey Frank, can i talk to Audrei for a second" Nicole said after awhile of me and Frank staring at each other...i dont know but when i was looking at him, it was like he was trying to tell me something, but i didnt understand...

Frank and i both looked at Nicole, a bit shocked. but Frank slowly rose up from the couch and left.

once she knew that Frank was far enough from hearing us, she spoke...

"hello...sister" she said... the way she said sister hit me like ice cold water and made me shiver.

"what do you want?!?" i asked.

"i think you know what i want, Audrei. dont act stupid please, i dont think mom would have like that...shes probably resting uneasy in her grave for all the stupid shit youve done since she and dad died."

that hurt.

"i wouldnt be talking" i shot back.

she laughed and pulled my face up so that i could look at her.

our noses almost touched. from here i could see all our similar facial features. the nose, lips, eyes...we were sisters...fraternal twins as a matter of fact....and its hard to believe how the guys never noticed...were we really that different that they couldnt tell that we were related?!?

"so are you going to give me what i want?!?" Nicole asked. the sweet smell of grape gum hit me across the face as she spoke.

"how can i give you what you want when i dont know what you want?!?" i lied. i knew what she wanted..she wanted something i knew i was starting to develop feelings for. she didnt want the thing i was starting to forget.

she threw me back and i hit my back against the couch arm.

"hes going to be mine again once Gerard marries you" she said and then left.

she just got up and left...she slammed the door when she was out the door...Frank came in after that, as if that was his cue to come back.

"so what was that all about?!?" he asked as he looked at me from behind the couch.
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