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thirty one...

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just a few more chapters and story will end. i dont know if ill have a sequal. if fans send in requests for sequal, i'll do it.. umm..i get alot of reviews for longer i guess i'll s...

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i stared up at Frank. i couldne help but notice how beautiful he was from this angle. and strangely from this angle, he was glowing...or maybe it was just the light behind him..but whatever.

"are you going to answer my question and stop staring at me?!?" Frank asked.

i turned away quickly, probably blushing and shook my head.

i heard him walk around the couch and sit next to me.

"why not?!? you and Nicole talking is like hell freezing over. whats going on?!? was it about Gerard?!? did you guys make up some crazy plan to stop him from marrying you?!?" his questions shot out at me like missles. i didnt want to answer him.

how could i tell him that Nicole and i were related?!? how could i tell the guys that we were related?!? it was impossible.

"no worries was nothing." i told him before my phone in my pocket began ringing. i pull it out and flip it open.

on the screen it said ONE NEW TEXT.

"what the fuck is a text?!?" i ask myself outloud, forgetting that Frank is next to me.

Frank laughed. and took the phone from me.

he started pushing like a million buttons...well not really. it was more like 3 but the way he did it so fast, it was like he pushed a million. his smile faded away almost as soon as he finished looking at the screen.

"what Frank?!? whats a text?!? why are you..not laughing..smiling anymore?!?" i asked. my voice went up a pitch. and that hurt my ears.

"its from Nicole. she put...'i want him back...he was mine first. and you know it...think back to when we were 7'...what the fuck, Audrei?!? what is she talking about?!? you guys didnt even know each other when yall were 7"

fuck...shit shit...fuck...just tell him Audrei. its Frank. you gotta trust him.

i sighed. my conscience was right. what did it matter now?!? i was already fucked up in the head. since mom and dad died. they were what kept me sane. not anymore though. all i had now were friends...and the one i had been closest to betrayed me because of another girl.

"Frank...if i tell you...would you be shocked?!?"

"shocked?!? maybe...what are you gonna tell me?!? that Nicole is your sister?!?" he laughed.


he stopped laughing and looked at me like i was joking.

"seriously. she is your sister?!?"

i nodded my head slowly...he was taking it better than i thought..he was going balistic and throwing things around like i thought he would...or maybe i was just thinking that thats the way Mikey would have handled it.

"no wonder yall look so much alike. damn i feel like a dumb-ass for not knowing."

i looked at him, confused. why did it matter if we were sisters or not?!? beats me..but whatever.

"so umm..can you tell me what a text is?!?" i asked him..trying to change the subject so that i wouldnt have to talk about her.

"umm..its like email..but on the phone..." he passed me the phone and showed me the screen in which Nicoles message showed. all the letters were capital and at the end there was a mad face. >:[
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