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Falloutamy, you are most definitely in this one!

"I CALL THIS BUNK!" Jon Walker screamed as he raced to the bunk area of the bus and threw himself, bags and all, into a bunk. The others had less enthusiasm about picking a specific bunk. They just finished a 3 week break before getting back on tour for their second US tour this year. The previous tour was nearly sold out and this was in fact already sold out. They couldn't be happier about that.

"Mine," Brendon said nonchalantly and tossed his backpack into the bunk and made his way to the fridge to see what was stocked already. Ryan pushed past him and threw his belongings in the bunk above Brendon's and Spencer took the remaining bunk. Brendon's eyes scanned the contents of the fridge. Juice, water, pop, beer, random fruits and veggies and the freezer packed full of ice cream and hot pockets. Every man's dream, hot pockets!

"Anything good in there?" Ryan said as he peered over Brendon's shoulder.

"Hot pockets," he said with a smile. "Lots of 'em."

"Bad ass," Ryan responded and walked over to check out the rest of the bus. "There's not even room for me to pee in here! I'd rather had more space to pee than more space for the fridge."

"Jesus man, there's no way anyone but you will fit," Spencer commented as he walked past and took a gander at the broom closet of a bathroom.

"Yeah my apple bottom won't fit," Brendon laughed and Ryan just rolled his eyes.

"I say we go find the opening band and meet them. Pete said they were pretty awesome and that they would keep us entertained." Jon yelled out from his bunk. "It's 3 chicks and a guy."

"Yea, they are called uh, Seriously Distracted. They sound pretty entertaining by the name." Ryan commented aloud.

"The sound like they have ADD or something," Spencer joked and the others laughed. Jon emerged from his little cave that he would inhabit for the next 4 months.

"I'm going to search for them. Who's coming?" He continued walking towards the door of the bus determined. The others shurgged and tagged along. Jon was always willing to lead the pack into trouble and the others had no problems following. They didn't have to search for very long because they heard a some loud music coming from around the corner from their bus. Another large tour bus was parked near the venue and music was booming from it. They all looked at each other entertained already, but unable to hear what song was playing. Jon marched up to the bus door and knocked.

"Yea, because they'll hear that," Ryan commented dryly, causing Jon to pound harder this time. Still no response.

"Let's just walk right on," Brendon said.

"Well there are 3 chicks on there, don't really wanna walk in on them dressing on the first day of tour."

"There's also a guy on there, they wouldn't change in front of him," Brendon said as if it should have been common sense. "Well I'm not standing out here forever, I'm going in." Brendon opened the door and began to climb the stairs to the bus with the others close behind. The music boomed through the sound system on the bus and they instantly recognized the song from way back in the day. Spice Girls Wannabe blared in their ears and they stopped dead in there tracks when they saw 3 very attractive girls dancing around like it was a slumber party, equipped with hair brush microphones and all. They weren't in pajamas though.

"Too bad they don't have pillows," Spencer commented loud enough for the girls to notice they had an audience. A very petitie brunette reached for the stereo controller and turned the music off.

"Uh, hey guys," Brendon said with a nervous wave. At this moment, he regretted his decision to walk onto the bus unannounced.

"Hey!" A busty, long haired blonde responded smiling. She tossed her 'microphone' to the couch. "Come in. I'm Kristin," she announce and shook their hands as they entered the living room area.

"I'm Jessica," the petite brunette said.

"I'm Amy," the third girl said. "JACK! PANIC IS ON OUR BUS! COME SAY HI!" She yelled to the final member of the group. A very handsome 20 something guy with black spikey hair emerged from the bunks with tattooes on his arms and shook the guys' hands.

"Hey, I'm Jack," he said smiling. "Did you guys catch them dancing like retards?"

They all laughed. "They were definitely dancing," Jon commented.

"Yea, that's what they like to do on a daily basis. I won't join them," Jack said and sat down on the couch. Kristin threw a pillow at Jack.

"You know you want to Jack, don't lie. You danced around with us last night." Kristin ratted him out.

"And you loved it!" Jessica pointed her finger at him.

"Okay okay, so it's fun when you're intoxicated."

"And when you're sober last you were last week," Amy said.

"Damn dude, they just rat you out." Brendon said and the guys laughed.

"That's what I get for being in a band with a bunch of chicks," he said ducking. He knew all well that he was about to be attacked. The girls threw whatever object wouldn't hurt to bad in his direction. Stuffed animals, pillows, dirty socks, anything really.

"Well Pete was right about them being entertaining." Ryan stated.

"Pete said that?" Kristin asked laughing. "I guess we are huh?"

"They just caught us dancing around to Spice Girls. How could that not be entertaining?"

"They haven't seen nothing yet." Amy smiled. She was right, they hadn't seen nothing yet.

"Why are we talking about them in third person, they are right here," Kristin pointed out the obvious and they all laughed.

The tour manager Al walked onto the bus and everyone turned to see what he wanted. "Good, looks like you all have met. We've got a catered lunch arriving in a half hour. Everyone meet in the commons for lunch and we'll get everything set up for this tour. You know, rules and shit." He said and everyone nodded before he left the bus.

"Thank GOD lunch is coming. I am so fucking hungry." Kristin said and plopped down on the couch and grabbed her belly as if in pain.

"You ate an hour ago!" Amy shook her head.

"You kidding? This bitch will eat every half hour if you let her." Jessica pointed out.

"She doesn't look like it," Brendon stated. He couldn't help but check her out. She was really really attractive. She was one of those girls that doesn't need to be done up to be pretty. She had long and straight blonde hair, a slight tan and was slender but had some major curves.

"Well neither do I, but I eat more than anyone I know," Ryan stated and sat down on the couch next to Kristin. "We can be eating buddies."

"Fuck yeah, I need a partner in crime!" She laughed and Ryan joined her. The two black holes sat on the couch anxiously waiting for lunch to arrive and the rest of the group got comfortable and everyone started to get to know each other. Ryan spotted the catering van pull into the venue.

"Food," he said and bolted up from his seat and Kristin ran after him towards their current destiny, a full stomach.

"You are so short!" Jon teased Jessica.

"Yes I am captain obvious. It's a shitty handicap, and that's why I have Jack around, to reach the things that I'm too short to get."

"Thanks JJ," Jack said and put his sunglasses on as everyone left the bus and headed for the commons area for lunch. "Kristin's going to eat everything before we get there," he stated jokingly and everyone laughed.

"Does she really eat that much?" Brendon asked.

"YES!" Amy, Jack and Jessica said in unison.

"Well it definitely doesn't show."

"It all goes to her ass and tits," Jessica said only half serious.

"I don't anyone of us are going to complain about that," Spencer smirked and elbowed Brendon. Brendon gave him a look like 'DUDE!' and pushed him lightly.

"I know I don't mind," Jack said and Jessica slapped his arm.

"She's practically your sister."

"Yeah, yeah."

When everyone arrived at the commons, Kristin and Ryan were already seated at a table laughing and stuffing their faces with sandwiches and french fries. Their plates were piled high.

"God damn, she is just like Ryan," Brendon laughed and grabbed a plate to help himself to some food. After everyone ate lunch, Al announced some ground rules for the tour. Keep pranks to a minimum, no injuring people, be where you need to be on time, always show up for sound check, never leave without proper ID for returning, no groupies please and have fun. The rules really weren't too bad, just some basics to make sure everyone is safe and has a good time. Panic returned to their bus after sound check to relax before the first show of the tour.

"Jessica is so hot. She's going to be the one to get me over Cassie, I know it. Plus, how could anything that tiny hurt me?" Jon stated as he wiped the sweat from his face with a towel.

"Something? Jon she's a person not a thing." Spencer corrected Jon and the others laughed to themselves.

"You know what I meant. But seriously, she doesn't seem like the use 'em and lose 'em type of girl."

"None of them do really. They are actually one of the cooler bands we've gotten a chance to meet. And I finally have someone to eats with at all hours of the night." Ryan leaned back against the couch and flipped the TV on.

"And she has your same freaky metabolism." Brendon stated as he opened the fridge and reached for a bottle of water. "I'm going to take a nap before the show. Wake me up in an hour," Brendon said and retreated to his top floor bunk. He took a swig of water and closed the lid tight before tossing the bottle to the side. It was decently dark in the bunk once the curtains were shut and he actually had plenty of room. Now Ryan can't use the excuse of getting the bed in the back the whole time Keltie comes to visit him on tour. Brendon let his eyelids fall and he drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile SD (Seriously Distracted) had decided to start a random gave of badmitten. They never traveled without some form of random entertainment. With each swing of the racket their game became more and more intense. The shuttlecock was flying every which direction and they had to chase after it to catch it most times.

"Son of a BITCH!" Kristin screamed out and she swung the racket with all her might and it flew into the air and Jack dove for it and just barely connected it with his racket.

"Fuck!" Jessica screamed as it rocketed towards her head and she slapped it straight down to the ground. "Trying to fucking kill me?" She laughed and shot the shuttlecock back into the air.

"Yes," he stated flatly and barely dodged Amy's racket as she dove for it. "Shit Amy!" She collided with him and they fell to the ground. Everyone burst into laughter and their fun was broken up by sound check.

"Time to actually work," Kristin laughed because what they did was not work to them. It was just as much fun as fucking around all day long. Kristin and Jessica were sisters and dreamed of having this for a career since childhood. Their dad was absolutely amazing at the guitar and taught them both. Kristin took a liking to the bass and Jessica, or her nickname JJ, loved the guitar. Both loved to sing and just listen to new music all day long. They got their big break the same way Panic did, by pestering Pete Wentz til he paid attention. And just like with Panic, it paid off.
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