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Jon, Ryan, Spencer and Brendon stood in the wings at the venue and watched Seriously Distracted perform. The were basically a cross between Paramore and Fall Out Boy and very impressive. Amy pounded away on the drums while Jack, Kristin and JJ rocked out on their guitars. And the crowd was taking a very strong liking to the band.

"They're fucking awesome, no wonder Pete signed them." Jon yelled over the guitar riffs to the others and they all just nodded. This band definitely had a talent and it was so obvious that this is when they were at their happiest. Playing music.

After the first show of the tour, which was so amazing, everyone piled onto the buses to make their overnight trek to Arizona for the next show. The buses pulled over at a gas station along the highway about an hour in to fuel up and get refreshments. The pajama clad crew walked into the convience store loudly, everyone laughing and jumping around.

"I wonder how much longer we'll have this much energy," Amy asked the group as they raided the aisles.

"I give it 2 weeks for you newbies," Spencer teased and grabbed a can of cheez whiz and some crackers.

"Sick man, cheez whiz?" Brendon gave Spencer a look like he'd grown a second head.

"I love this stuff!" Kristin screaemed and grabbed 3 cans of cheez whiz and a ton of crackers. She was actually carrying a basket.

"Why didn't I think of that?" Ryan ran over to where they baskets were and began filling up.

"It's an over night trip guys, not a 3 day trip." Jon shook his head and turned to JJ. "How is your sister not fat yet?"

"I'm telling you, it all goes to the tits and ass." She shrugged and grabbed a Starbucks frappaccino and some beef jerky. Jon gave her a strange look. "I know, weird combo, but I love them both." He nodded and proceeded to grab a 12-pack of beer.

"MMmmmmhhhh! Gas station beer!" Kristin said sarcastically. "Might want to grab more, gas station beer is only 3 point."

"Not in Vegas baby," Jon said smiling.

"I need to fucking move," Kristin joked and walked to the register with a full basket. After paying more than $50 for all her random crap, she made her way outside. Brendon was outside leaning against the side of the bus drinking some juice and just looking off to the Vegas horizon.

"It looks so beautiful from far away," Kristin said and Brendon turned to her.

"Yeah, it really is. Granted, that city is insane, but I don't think I could ever move away from there."

"I don't want to leave either. I'd never been to Vegas until yesterday and I had way too much fun."

"Really? It's so amazing and you can't possibly see everything in one day. When the tour is over I should show you around." Brendon offered, causing Kristin to smile.

"That would be awesome," she said and Ryan walked up with his arms full of bags, just like Kristin.

"They had silly string in there." Ryan said with a little kid smile.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Kristin said.

"Nope and I bought like 10 cans. I figured we could all have a can and attack each other at random."

"Hell yeah," Brendon said and began digging in Ryan's bag.

"Toss 4 in my bag, I'll give it to the others." Kristin said and Brendon proceeded to do so. "Oh man, this tour is going to get real interesting real fast."

Everyone else piled back onto the buses and soon they were back on the road. Kristin and JJ sat in the living area playing video games when JJ's phone vibrated.

"It's Jon!" She squealed excitedly.

"What's he want?" Amy asked and scooted closer to JJ. Jack seemed completely uninterested and continued to stuff his face and do whatever he was doing on his laptop.

"He said that he's bored because everyone else went to sleep. He wants to join our bus if we stop again."

"I have got the best idea. Remember the silly string that Ryan bought everyone? If we stop we'll ask Jon not to wake them and sneak on there and hose them down!" Kristin oozed with excitement.

"I fucking love this job!" Amy giggled.

"Ok, I'll tell Jon," JJ tytped furiously on her sidekick with excitement.

"Now we just need to pray for a gas stop or something. Can't give the excuse of needing to pee because we have a bathroom on here." Jack said, obviously overhearing the plot to attack the headliners.

"5 against 3 will be awesome," Amy glowered with excitement and then returned to her position on the couch and the video games resumed.

Much to their dismay, they never stopped for gas and they all eventually went to bed. The buses came to a halt at the next venue and Al went onto each bus and woke everyone up. The tired masses of the crew one by one left their buses for breakfast and use of the showers in the venue's dressing rooms. There was no way any of them wanted to use the bus' shower, it was way too cramped. Kristin was practically stumbling to the venue, complete with the Clandestine fruit snacks thermal and some baggy black pajama pants and JJ leaning against Jack, both of them in a tshirt and some boxer shorts. Amy was the only one who bothered to put on actual clothes. She was the first to hit the sack the night before, so she wasn't as tired.

"Oh my god I smell BACON!" Kristin squealed and began to follow her nose.

"Wow that woke you up fast," Brendon laughed at her 2 second personality change.

"Dude, it's bacon." She responded matter of factly and walked into the main area backstage and found their breakfast buffet. "Jackpot," she looked around the room as if it were Christmas. "It's so beautiful."

"I know," Ryan said with her same look and they both walked to the buffet and began to pile their plates high. Brendon absent mindedly put some breakfast food on his plate and watched Kristin and Ryan's interactions out the corner of his eye. It's not like he was jealous or anything, I mean, he barely knew her. He was intrigued by her and a little confused by her and Ryan's instant connection. He decided to sit down at Kristin and Ryan's table. Kristin was laughing hysterically at Ryan, who was trying to put the biggest bite of egg ever in his mouth.

"It'll never fit!" Kristin laughed out.

"That's what my girlfriend said," Ryan teased, causing Kristin to laugh harder.

"Whatever dude, quit lying and get back to work." Kristin demanded. She felt watched and looked over to catch Brendon's eye. "Your friend is crazy."

"Yep," Brendon sighed jokingly. "But what can you do? I just assume let him do it and laugh at him later."

"What the?" Spencer asked as he sat next to Brendon. "That bite is bigger than you Ryan."

"SHHH! I am trying to concentrate! I have to pay her 20 bucks if I can't fit it into my mouth!"

Brendon laughed really hard. "That just sounds so dirty." The entire burst into laughter, including Ryan. Amy sat down next to Ryan and gave him a confused look.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to fit this whole hunk of scrambled eggs into my mouth at once. If I can't then I owe Kristin $20."

"Oh, well that seems normal." She said sarcastically. "Just do it like this," she said and smashed the hunk into his mouth with most of it not fitting. Everyone started laughing and then Ryan took a handful of eggs and smashed it into Amy's face. All of a sudden an all out food fight broke out. JJ and Jon, being the innocent bystanders were attacked by flying egg without warning. Kristin dove under the table with her plate of bacon and continued to eat.

"Hey!" She said to Brendon, who had also retreated to the underside of the table. "Bacon?" She held a slice out to him.

"Thanks," he smiled and took it. "Ryan threw my plate at Spencer." He took a bite of bacon and continued to look into her eyes as they ate in silence while the food fight ensued.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Al yelled and everyone froze in place. Egg, bacon, potatoes and more were all over the floor, table, walls and each other. "Jesus, it's going to take forever to clean this shit up. That's it, no more buffets for you guys." He stated. It was obvious that he wanted to laugh, but he had to be the responsible one. It was a tour filled with a bunch of 21-25 year olds. "Did any of you get anything to eat before you destroyed the place?"

"We did!" Brendon yelled from under the table. Brendon crawled out and helped Kristin to her feet. They were the only ones not completely covered in food.

"I'm going to have someone make a run to McDonald's for the rest of you. And you all covered in food, clean this shit up. I'll be back." He smiled and walked out.

"Oh you know he wishes he had just as much fun as we just had." Spencer announced and began to throw random plates and cups away.

"He was practically laughing when he left," JJ said as she picked some egg from her hair.

After cleaning the room up, well, for the most part, everyone showered and made their way back to the buses. Brendon and Ryan stood in the back room of their bus getting dressed.

"Why were you and Kristin hiding under the table?" Ryan asked as he pulled a tshirt over his head.

"Well I ducked under there after Spencer threw my plate and she did like a second later. We wanted to eat."

"Oh," Ryan said. Brendon could tell there was more to his question.


"Well, I was just wondering." But Brendon knew there was more to it. He shrugged it off and slide his shoes on before heading back out of the bus. One thing he loved to do when they had extra time on their hands was explore the venue and the area around it. It was always fun to just run around and cause a commotion. He walked through the back of the venue and onto the stage. Kristin, JJ, Jack and Jon were running around in the stands. He couldn't help but laugh because they looked like a bunch of little kids. He was so glad that Jon was feeling better. Jon and his girlfriend of forever broke up during the last tour and it nearly killed Jon. Jessica seemed like she would be good for him, that and Jon wouldn't shut up about her when he was trying to sleep.

Kristin jumped over the seats and nearly wiped out. She was laughing so hard the entire time. Brendon was attracted to her and he wanted to deny it. He's been burned a lot in the past and has remained single for a very long time because of it. Sure there had been a few girls that he thought about dating, but they always wanted something other than him. Fame, money, good press and it hurt. He didn't think that he could trust another girl, at least not now. Kristin turned and spotted Brendon on the stage.

"Hey! What are you doing?" She called to him and everyone turned around and kept hopping over the seats.

"Just watching you guys try to break your neck."

"Well come join us!" She smiled and went back to playing with the others. Brendon hopped down from the stage and ran up to join them.

"Oh my god, golf carts!" Jack yelled out and made a made dash towards them. 2 unattended golf carts sat at the edge of the seats. Kristin raced after Jack and both of them took control of a golf cart. JJ and Jon hopped onto Jack's golf cart.

"Kristin will kill me, I'm not getting on hers." JJ said and Kristin stuck her tongue out at her sister. Brendon climbed into the seat next to Kristin.

"Too bad there aren't seat belts. Better Hold on!" She said to Brendon and she backed out of the spot and raced through the area around the seats with Jack hot on her tail. The last time Brendon was involved in something like this it was Pete Wentz and he drove off of a ramp and actually broke the golf cart. They raced through the outer parts of the venue near the merchandise stands, which were being set up at the current moment. Jack took a turn down a path which lead to the backstage and Kristin parked near a water fountain.

"Want to drive?" She offered and he nodded.

"I love driving these things." Kristin lifted up to Brendon could slide over underneath her and she sat back down on the passenger side.

"I should buy one of these." She said nonchalantly as Brendon drove them towards the buses.

"I know, right?" Brendon commented and pulled up next to their buses. He turned to cart off and climbed out of it.

"Brendon! We have an interview in a half hour, hurry up and get ready." Jon called from the side of their bus.

"Oh shit, that's right." He said back to Jon and turned to Kristin. She smiled at him. "I guess I'll see ya later."

"Seeya Brendon," she said and she walked onto her bus. JJ and Amy were sitting on the couch and had been watching her from the window.

"You like Brendon, don't you?" Amy asked.

"Come on Amy, what do you think? Look at him!" JJ said sarcastically and all three girls looked out the tinted windows to check him out. He was standing outside his bus talking to Spencer and Jon. The wind blew his hair slightly in his eyes, which were now covered by some brightly colored, large sunglasses.

"Of course I like him, he's gorgeous, and Ryan said we'd be prefect together," she said and plopped down on the other couch. "I don't think he's interested though. And dating someone on tour would probably be a bad idea. Plus, he's too hot for me."

"Whatever Kristin, you've said that about most of the guys you've dated. You really underestimate your calibur."

"Yeah yeah, whatever Jessica." Kristin rolled her eyes and flipped the TV on to HGTV.

"Please not this all day again!" Amy complained.

"Hey, you have a TV in your bunk."

"So do you," Amy countered.

"What is this? Pick on Kristin day?" She joked and tossed the remote to Amy. "Pick something good."
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