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It was about 2 weeks into the tour and everyday was just pure entertainment for the group. There weren't anymore food fights, but plenty of pranks being pulled. Stealing someone's underwear, locking them in the teeny tiny bus bathroom, waking them with a fog horn, you know, just plenty of random things where nothing but your pride could be bruised. Panic was walking to their bus immediately after the show because they had to drive all night long to make it to the next show.

"God I am ready for bed," Spencer announced and wiped the sweat off his face with a towel. Brendon chugged the last of his beer and tossed the cup in the trash before walking onto the bus. Ryan was already in the fridge and grabbing everyone a bottle of water.

"Thanks man, I'm gonna change," Jon said as he walked to the back.

"Me too," Brendon followed.

"Me three," Ryan and Spencer said in unison. All of them where in the bunks and started to reach for their bags when JJ, Kristin, Amy and Jack ripped open the curtains to their bunks and began to spray the silly string everywhere. Panic began to wave the string away and tried to excape. SD had taken all 10 cans and were now using them against Panic. Brendon grabbed Kristin around her waist and pulled her from the bunk and dragged her towards the back room. Jon was fighting JJ and trying to spray it back at her. Ryan had managed to steal a can back from Amy and was attacking her with it and Jack and Spencer were wrestling with the last 2 cans of silly string.

"GIVE IT TO ME!" Brendon screamed playfully as he tried to pry the cans away from Kristin. She was curled in a ball on the floor and everytime he tried to pull one away, he ended up getting sprayed. He began to tickle Kristin and she squirmed like crazy.

"HELP! AMY HELP JJ HELP JACK HELP!!!!!!!!!!!" She squealed as she laughed, completely out of breath. She tried crawling away from Brendon, but he just pulled her right back and tried to pry those cans loose. "NEVER!" She screamed and soon all the cans of silly string were empty and the bus was trashed. "It hurts... it hurts," Kristin breathed out her laughter as she held her aching sides from the tickle attack. Brendon remained in his position, one arm on each side of her upper body and peering down at her.

"I will get you back," he vowed with a mischievious grin.

"Oooh! I'm scared," Kristin mocked him and he tickled her a little more. "OKAY OKAY! I'll stop!" Brendon released his grip from her side and helped her to her feet.

"I think I swallowed some of it," Jon said and stuck out his tongue in disgust.

"Well you were the retard who decided to open your mouth while I was spraying." Jessica teased Jon and he pushed her back into his bunk.

"You know Jon, this stuff is probably toxic. You should check the label." Ryan said in a very serious tone.

"What?!" Jon spazzed out and grabbed the can and began reading. "It says non-toxic asshole."

"I know, I just wanted you to make your voice all high and squeaky and freak out."

"Dick," Jon muttered under his breath and started helping Jack and Spencer clean things up. Amy had retreated to the couch in the living area, exhausted.

"Let's do that again, only next time with water balloons." Amy said breathlessly.

"And you girls have to wear white tshirts," Brendon teased and Kristin pushed him lightly. "What? I'm single. I can look."

"Well if we have to wear white tshirts, then you guys have to be shirtless. It's only fair." Kristin Shrugged and started picking up silly string.

"Fine with me," Brendon said and took a drink of water.

Kristin laid in her bunk wide awake. She always had the hardest time falling asleep on the bus. Every bump in the road would wake her up. TV didn't help her fall to sleep either. She looked at her sidekick and read the time. 'Great it's 3:30 in the morning. Why can't I just sleep!' she thought to herself. She opened her curtain slightly to see if anyone else seemed awake.

"JJ?" She whispered and received no response. "Amy?" Still nothing. "Jack?"

"Kristin go to sleep!" Jack whispered loudly and she shut her curtain in defeat. She flipped open the screen to her sidekick and sent a text to Ryan.

Kristin: hey ry, i cant sleep. u up?

Ryan: i am now. whats up?

Kristin: just bored. i cant sleep on the bus ever!

Ryan: maybe you need a little urie

Kristin: haha funny ryro.

Ryan: im sure he wouldn't mind talking to ya. he's up

Kristin: i dont have his number

Ryan: i do

Kristin: doesnt help me

Ryan: i could give it to ya

Kristin: wouldnt that be weird that i got it from someone else?

Ryan: no, you girls read too much into shit. he likes talking to you

Kristin: ok

Ryan: im serious kristin, it'd put a smile on his face

Kristin: why cant i just talk to you

Ryan: cuz i wanna sleep. plus you know you want to text him

Kristin: so

Ryan: do it. make a move 702-555-8616

Kristin: you sure?

Ryan: YES

'Damn Ryan is a persistent bastard' Krist thought as she stared at Brendon's number on her phone. She wanted to chicken out because it would be too easy, just not when Ryan gave her shit for it the next day. Kristin's phone beeped.

Ryan: do it! stop thinking about it!

'Fucking Ryan' she thought as she saved the number to her phone and began to type a text and hit send.

Kristin: hey its kristin

She sat and waited patiently for a response. after a minute her phone beeped.

Brendon: hey, why are you up so late?

Kristin: can't sleep

Brendon: me either. too bad we're on separate buses or else we could play video games or something

Kristin: yeah no kidding

Brendon: how'd you get my number?

Kristin: i was texting ryan and he was being grumpy and told me to bug you since you were up

Brendon: oh cool. i've been meaning to get your number. kinda weird i didn't have it til now

Kristin sat there and stared at the message. 'What does that mean? Just because everyone on tour has practically everyone else's phone number or did he actually want my number?'

Brendon: that silly string fight was fun

Kristin: my sides still hurt bren, thanks

Brendon: your welcome and payback is coming

Kristin: oh i bet

Brendon: this tour so far has been the most fun of all the touring we've done

Kristin: really? touring with fob wasn't more entertaining?

Brendon: not this entertaining. and at least with you guys we get to hang out with females too

Kristin: true, although pete wears makeup

Brendon: i'll tell him you said that

Kristin: please do

Brendon laughed at the little table in the so-called "kitchen" on the bus. He was actually happy that Ryan had told Kristin to text him. He'd wanted to ask for her number but for some reason couldn't bring himself to do it. He was so afraid of getting hurt that he didn't even try to pursue her, despite his growing crush. Brendon and Kristin continued to text through most of the night until they finally called it quits around 6 am.

JJ shook Kristin around 9 am when they all had to get up. "WAKE UP!" She shook her until Kristin groaned. "Why are you so tired?"

"I stayed up til like, 6 talking to Brendon." Kristin rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"You what?" Amy popped her head in the bunk with JJ.

"I talked to Brendon through text last night for like, ever."

"I know you two were gonna hook up!" Amy squealed.

"What? Amy it was purely platonic. Brendon has never even flirted with me."

"Um yeah he has!" Amy and JJ said in unison.


"Hey Jack!" Amy called and Jack walked over to us with shaving cream on his face.


"Has Brendon ever flirted with Kristin?"

He thought for a second. "Well I don't know what you'd call that wrestling match they had on the bed yesterday, but I'd call it flirting. He had you pinned down and tickling you."

"See," JJ said triumphantly.

"Whatever guys," Kristin rolled out of the bunk and stumbled slightly. "Jack hurry up in there please, I need a shower to wake my ass up."

"You got it," he walked back into the coat closet bathroom to finish shaving. The girls all walked into the back room of their bus, which was a giant closet now. They all just threw their clothes into it and shared. They were rummaging through the clothes and gossiping?

"So have you and J-Dub kissed yet?" Kristin asked.

"Well, yes, last night." JJ said almost blushing.

"Details!" Amy demanded loudly causing JJ to jump slightly.

"Well it was right after our set and we walked backstage. Remember how Jon and Brendon were watching? Well when you all left with Brendon he kissed and asked me on a date for our next day off."

"AWWWW!" Both girls said in unison.

"I know, I'm so excited!" JJ gleamed and picked out her clothes. Jack knocked on the door.

"Shower's open."

"Thanks!" Kristin yelled through the door and made her way to the bathroom. JJ and Amy walked out into the living area to have breakfast with Jack before leaving the bus. They were already parked at the venue and ahead of schedule since they didn't stop at all the previous night. Ryan and Jon wandered onto their bus.

"Morning," the 3 said in unison. JJ smiled at Jon and he smiled back.

"Morning," Ryan said and sat on the couch and Jon next to him. "Since we have tomorrow off, I was thinking that we'd all go out and do something tonight. I mean hell, we're in Miami, Florida."

"That sounds like so much fun! We could go to a club or something," Amy said smiling.

"I guess, I'm not really a club person." JJ said.

"Well we could have our date tonight then Jessica if you don't want to go to the club." Jon stated in front of everyone and Jessica blushed a little.

"You guys have a date? Nice," Ryan commented and patted Jon on the back. Kristin walked out of the bathroom in a towel.

"Oh, hey guys." She said and retreated to the back.

"Bow chica wow wow!" Ryan called and Kristin gave him the finger before shutting the door to the back room.
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