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The show sped by and soon they all were getting ready on their respective buses for the night out in Miami. Amy and Kristin had convinced JJ to come to the club and hang out with everyone, she and Jon could have their date tomorrow and all day. Amy picked out Jessica's outfit for her.

"Are you sure?" She asked as she looked at her reflection in the tall mirror on the back of the door in the back room. Amy had dressed her in a tube top and some jeans. "I feel like it's going to fall off!"

"That's because you don't have any boobs to hold it up," Kristin teased just like she always did. They came from a line of very curvy women and Jessica seemed to get the short end of the gene in the chest department.

"Bitch," JJ glared jokingly at her sister. She looked at herself again in the mirror. "Are you guys sure?"

"YES!" They yelled in unison and continued searching for their own outfits.

"So I feel like a loser and I want to wear something to impress Brendon." Kristin said as she tossed shirts and dresses all over the place.

"Just go naked!" Jack yelled through the door.

"Fucking eavesdropper," she muttered under her breath.

"You girls decent?" Jack asked through the door.

"Yea," Amy replied and Jack walked in.

"I could help you pick something out you know. I am a man and I know what men like to see."

"I'm not going naked Jack. I want to impress him and not look like a slut."

"Yeah she doesn't want to put out the wrong vibe and scare him away. He doesn't seem like the 'slut' type." Amy said complete with air quotes.

"I know that!" Jack said and shook his head. He began digging through piles of clothes and pulled out a pair of jeans. "Wear these," he handed them to Kristin and she inspected them before watching him intently. He pulled out an off the shoulder gray tee. "And this with some heels, but nothing too tall so you aren't his height."

"Well that actually looks really cute! And leave your hair down and make it wavy!" Amy got really excited in like 2 seconds flat and began clapping her hands.

"Woa Aimes," Kristin laughed and turned to Jack. "Thanks."

"Anytime ladies, anytime," he said with a smile and walked out with a cocky walk. The girls all rolled their eyes and went back to getting ready.

"OOOO! Amy wear this!" Kristin pulled a really cute tank dress from the heap of clothing and handed it to her. It was a simple grey dress and so cute.

"I love this dress! I love how we can all share clothes. except JJ has a hard time with our shirts!" Amy teased and JJ tackled her with a pillow. Amy began fighting back with the first pillow in sight.

"Gees this is every man's wet dream," Kristin laughed as she got dressed.

Brendon stood in front of the mirror primping himself. He brushed the wrinkles from his button up shirt and brushed his hair to the side. Ryan walked to the bathroom doorway.

"You look fine Brendon," he said for the tenth time. "Why are you so worried about your appearance?"

"No reason," Brendon lied. Ryan's face lit up.

"You like her don't you!"

"Who?" Brendon acted confused but he knew he was caught.

"Kristin! I knew it! Dude, go for her, seriously. She was too chicken to text you last night and I had to talk her into it and dont tell...." Ryan trailed off as something moving caught his eye. Jon was wearing shades and dancing around in the back room like a fool. Brendon stepped out of the bathroom to see what Ryan was looking at.

"What the?" Was all Brendon said before they went back to their conversation.

"Make a move Brendon, that's all I'm saying." Ryan shrugged and walked towards the back. "What are you on Jon, seriously?"

"I'm high on life man," he said like a stoner.

"Yeah if you call life marijuana," Spencer teased and received a book to the head.

"You losers ready?" Amy called into the Panic bus as everyone piled on.

"Just about," Spencer yelled back and they began to file towards the front of the bus. "Amy's out to find a boyfriend tonight." He said as he checked her out.

"Damn straight! I feel like I'm the only one on tour not getting any action." She said.

"I'm not," Spencer said.

"Me either," Ryan said.

"Only because you have a girlfriend at home," Amy argued.

"I'm not," Kristin said.

"But at least you have.... well, um," Amy stammered as Kristin gave her a death look to shut her mouth. Ryan gave Brendon a look like 'see!' and Brendon just looked at Kristin, who's face was slightly pink.

"Well let's get going," Jessica said to break the awkward silence. They had a Escalade parked outside to take them all to the club and then the hotel afterwards. They all threw their overnight bags into the back and piled in. Ryan sat in front and Brendon, Spencer and Kristin sat on the first row with Amy, Jack, Jon and Jessica in the back, Amy in Jack's lap.

"You look nice," Brendon leaned over and whispered in Kristin's ear.

"Thanks," she said and smiled at him. Everyone was talking loudly and yelling across the SUV at each other. "You look really nice too."

"Thanks," Brendon smiled back.

Within 15 minutes they pulled up to a very busy club with a long line. The building was tall and seemed packed.

"Holy cow!" Amy screamed. "This is gonna be awesome!" She grabbed Jack's arm and began jumping up and down.

"Calm down Aimes." He laughed and she stopped jumping.

"I probably should, my boobs were bouncing everywhere," she joked and fixed her dress.

Ryan walked past everyone and to the bouncer. He said a few words and everyone were instantly let inside.

"What did you say to him?" Kristin asked Ryan loudly so he could hear her over the music.

"I told him that we were famous and he said I was in some sort of disco band and let us in." He laughed and Kristin burst into laughter.

"That's awesome!" They all stopped at the first bar and ordered drinks. Kristin reached into her pocket to pull out her credit card and Brendon placed his hand on top of hers. She looked up at him.

"I got it," he smiled and ordered himself a drink and handing his card to the bartender. Jessica and Jon had retreated to a table with Spencer, Amy and Jack had hit the dancefloor and Ryan was talking on his phone and waiting for a drink.

"Thanks Bren," Kristin smiled and put her credit card away. Brendon handed Kristin her drink and took a sip of his own beer, "This place is huge! Let's look around."

"Sounds good," he said and let Kristin lead the way. She began walking through the crowd and waved to the Jon and the others at the table and motioned that they were gonna go look around. Jessica seemed slightly bored and instantly entertained once Jon opened his mouth.

It was almost 2 am and the party was still going strong. Jessica was the only one not trashed. Brendon and Kristin were giggling about absolutely nothing as Ryan pretended to dance really well. Ryan thought he was dancing well, but he was drunk. Amy and Jack were sitting at a table by themselves being that gross couple that makes out in public much to everyone's surprise. Jon and Spencer just stared at Jack and Amy.

"I didn't see that one coming," Spencer said.

"Me either and I know them so well!" Jessica squeaked.

"Well they look like they like it," Jon commented and took a sip of beer.

"Oh my god! AMY!" Kristin screamed as she turned her head and Amy ignored her. "Jesus, and she was the one complaining about not getting action and she's the first!" After about another half hour Amy and Jack were about ready to fall asleep and the others more than toasted. They piled into their Escalade and made it back to the hotel without anyone puking. Brendon stumbled with Kristin to her room.

"Tonight was so much fun," Kristin giggled as she tried to open her door with the card key.

"Yeah it was, and you are so drunk!" He made fun of Kristin who was still struggling with the door.

"It's your fault! And you are too!"

"Yeah I know," he laughed and placed his hand on hers and helped her unlock the door and open it.

"Thanks," she said nonchalantly and walked in with Brendon in tow. The opened the mini bar and each took a can of pop and some candy out. "Peanut butter M&M's are my favorite!" She giggled and ran over to her bed and jumped onto it. Brendon sat down next to her on the bed and flipped on the TV.

"What do you want to watch?" He asked as he sipped on his Coke.

"TrueTv, I love that channel. It's Forensics Friday!" She said and got comfortable with a pillow in her lap.

"I love Forensic files." Brendon said and changed the channel.

"Oh I knew you were perfect," she said and then realized the calibur of her statement. 'Damn alcohol!' She thought. Brendon tossed the remote onto the bed and scooted closer to Kristin.

"No, you're perfect," he said softly and leaned in and captured her lips. Within a minute he was leaning her back on the bed and their sodas split on the bedspread.

"Shit!" They both jumped up laughing. Kristin ran to the bathroom and grabbed some towels. They laughed at each other as they cleaned up the mess on the bed.

"Your bed is soaking wet," Brendon laughed. "Now you'll just have to stay in mine."

Kristin raised her eyebrows. "Fine, but no funny stuff mister." They cleaned the mess the best they could and walked to Brendon's room. Outside Amy's room they heard giggling and a lot of noise.

"If we were in Vegas they'd be married right now," Brendon joked and opened the door to his room.
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